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by Sandra Hill

The Angel Wore FangsYears ago, a wise editor told me that readers like to learn something from books.  And, no, she wasn’t talking about non-fiction books, or even novels with specific themes, like cancer, or divorce, or child abuse, or whatever.  She was referring to romance novels.

In the context of her remark, we were talking about one of my Cajun novels, in which a secondary character had a collection of antique Roseville pottery (which I also happen to collect).  I had asked whether it was too much info for the romance reader.  And, no, it wasn’t an info dump, as many writers are fond of doing.  (We can’t help showing off our research.)  She meant that here and there, almost incidentally, readers like learning something new, even in their romance novels.

So, that got me thinking.  First about other authors.

–I love Diane Gabaldon’s Outlander series, especially the later ones where Claire is living in 1700s America and has to do things, like make soap, treat a wound, or cook over an open fire.

–Robyn Carr’s  WILDEST DREAMS (a Thunder Point book) taught me lots about professional triathetes in an unobtrusive, interesting way.

–Suzanne Brockmann’s TROUBLESHOOTER series gave me a first look a few years back into Navy SEALs, and I’ve loved reading about those special warriors ever since.

–Elin Hilderbrand’s novels about Nantucket make me want to move there.  Her settings are almost like characters in her wonderful books.

–Tami Hoag’s old novel, LUCKY’S LADY, gives a great picture of Louisiana bayou life.

–Kristin Higgins has many books written in the setting of a New York state winery.  Can’t help but develop a thirst and learn a little bit about wines.

–FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!  Okay, I couldn’t miss that one.  You know what we learned in that book.

And then there are my books:

–I’ve written more than forty books about Vikings, Cajuns, Navy SEALs.  My readers have to have gleaned some info about their various cultures.  In fact, I’ve been immensely pleased to see in the VIKINGS series on the History Channel that I’ve gotten lots of details just right.

–THE RED-HOT CAJUN teaches a lot about the environmental disasters affecting the Louisiana bayou ecosystem via its hero Rene LeDeux, an environmental activist.

–My JINX series is about treasure hunting, and one of the books in the series, PEARL JINX is about cave exploring and Amish living.

–SNOW ON THE BAYOU…Mardi Gras masks.

–THE VERY VIRILE VIKING…wine making in California.

–KISS OF TEMPTATION, one of my Deadly Angels books, a view into Angola Prison.


So, do you like learning the occasional facts in your romance novels?  Can you think of some examples?

Which brings us to my latest book, which just came out this week, THE ANGEL WORE FANGS, another Deadly Angels book.  In this novel, vangel Cnut Sigurdsson and acclaimed pastry chef Andrea Stewart are accidentally thrown back in time, for a short period, to the tenth century Norselands.  Readers will learn there how Andrea manages to make cream-filled donuts and sourdough bread in rudimentary conditions at a time and place where only unleavened bread is available.  There will also be some lessons about the threat ISIS is to the world today.  And like all my Viking and Deadly Angels books, there is that tantalizing Viking S-Spot, not to be confused with the modern G-Spot.  Laughter and sizzle guaranteed.

For more information about the endearing but clueless Cnut, who sports a Ragnor Lothbrok hairstyle (Enough said!), check out my website at or my Facebook page at Sandra Hill Author.

As always, wishing you smiles in your reading.

THE ANGEL WORE FANGS can be purchased in mass market paperback or eBook format for/from:

Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill

Humor has become a hallmark of Sandra Hill's books. She started out with Vikings, tried a medieval knight, moved into the Old South, then the California gold fields, on to modern-day Manhattan, Memphis, Maine and Galveston. But the one element that has remained consistent in all her books is the laugh-out-loud humor.

Sandra's first book came out in October 1994, and since then she has published fifteen novels and had novellas in four anthologies, all through Dorchester Publishing.

Married for almost thirty years (to the same man!!!), Sandra is the mother of four sons. Living with five males (not to mention a male German Shepherd the size of a small horse) is enough to make any woman develop a sense of humor, Sandra often says. Either that, or go mad.

The most gratifying thing to Sandra has been the amazing reader response to her books. Almost 5,000 readers have taken the time to write to her over the past five years (some of them repeatedly) to tell her how much her books have touched their lives. This is the one thing Sandra never expected when she first started writing...the need for laughter in a world that is becoming increasingly stressful and sometimes downright dreary. She is only too happy to help and promises her fans that her well of humor is not about to run dry for a long, long time.

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  1. For many years, romance novels tackled some really tough subjects that male writers never considered writing. Aging parents, mental illness, the cost of love, the balancing act of career and family.

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