The Caged Viking

Viking Navy SEALs Book 8

by Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill Books

Paranormal Romance: Time Travel

June 22, 2021

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

The Caged Viking
by Sandra Hill


Kirstin Magnusson is haunted by dreams of a fierce Viking warrior in a cage, being tortured and humiliated by his Saxon captors. Is it a fantasy, or a cry for help? But she’s a no-nonsense college professor, not a Navy SEAL like her brothers or a Norse fighting man, like her father once was. What can she do to help? Call on her academic training, of course, and form a plan.…


Once called Hauk the Handsome, Hauk Thorsson is far from it these days, having lived in a filthy Saxon cage for over six months. All because he allowed grief over the death of his son to distract him. However, Hauk has a plan to escape soon and join the approaching army of Sweyn Forkbeard…until that lackbrain woman arrives and causes nothing but trouble.


All right, it depends on the definition of “ever after.” And mayhap it wasn’t the best idea for Hauk to kidnap Kirstin, but she’d said she needed time; so, he was just doing what she wanted, sort of.

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Sandra Hill's Bio

Humor has become a hallmark of Sandra Hill's books. She started out with Vikings, tried a medieval knight, moved into the Old South, then the California gold fields, on to modern-day Manhattan, Memphis, Maine and Galveston. But the one element that has remained consistent in all her books is the laugh-out-loud humor.

Sandra's first book came out in October 1994, and since then she has published fifteen novels and had novellas in four anthologies, all through Dorchester Publishing.

Married for almost thirty years (to the same man!!!), Sandra is the mother of four sons. Living with five males (not to mention a male German Shepherd the size of a small horse) is enough to make any woman develop a sense of humor, Sandra often says. Either that, or go mad.

The most gratifying thing to Sandra has been the amazing reader response to her books. Almost 5,000 readers have taken the time to write to her over the past five years (some of them repeatedly) to tell her how much her books have touched their lives. This is the one thing Sandra never expected when she first started writing...the need for laughter in a world that is becoming increasingly stressful and sometimes downright dreary. She is only too happy to help and promises her fans that her well of humor is not about to run dry for a long, long time.