9 Creatures to Torture with Romance

My most recent series of books is Brimstone Inc. Loosely set in the dragon shifter world of my Fire’s Edge and Inferno Rising series, these novellas give me the chance to show other paranormal creatures within the world, most of whom only get a fly by mention in the dragon shifter books. But I could… Read More

4 What’s Up With Rose?

I saw the tweet sometime in between books two and three in my Accidental Love series. A reader wanted to know: “What’s up with Rose?” It was a good question. In the first book in the series, Wrong Bed, Right Roommate, Rose talks a big talk like she’s happy with her boyfriend, Jason. But her… Read More

6 The Anxiety of Releasing a Book

I have a confession to make. While I love writing books, I live in terror of them being released. I struggle to promote my own work and if I ever meet a fan, I usually close my eyes and try and conjure up a portal to a different world. Anywhere would do. For the longest… Read More

3 Help me choose a cover model!

I need feedback so I can choose another cover model for a new book. I hope to have 5 new books out this year—a new 3 book romantic suspense series, a Christmas novella, and another historical novel. So let’s get started. Please view the 3 models on my website and tell me which on evokes… Read More

1 Ask Peggy How to Whisper Sweet Nothings About Money

Valentine’s Day brings thoughts of flowers, chocolate hearts, and candlelit dinners. You probably aren’t thinking about budgets and investment portfolios! However, money issues are a leading cause of relationship stress. As a result, good communication skills about finances may not seem romantic, but they help you create a solid foundation for your life together. Here… Read More

10 Men Don’t Read Romance

“Men Don’t Read Romance, and That’s Fine.” The first part of that statement is generally true. I have a problem with the second part. Before digging into the latter, though, we must address a core question: Why don’t men read romance? My mother was a prolific reader of romance novels. She averaged perhaps a novel… Read More

7 Have you had your Carpe Diem moment yet?

I remember the first time I encountered the phrase Carpe Diem, or for those non-Latin speaking folks, Seize the Day, was way back in and around 1989 when the movie Dead Poets Society hit the big screen. I was, well, a lot younger back then, still playing with my Barbies and Polly Pocket, still dreaming… Read More

6 7 Books That Impacted My Life

I am a book nerd (I like big books and I cannot lie-now I have that song running through my head) anyway…and I read in so many different genres. I have a shelf reserved for what I call my keeper books. These are the ones that impacted me in some way like with a life… Read More

2 Wild Nights by Katherine Garbera

I’m always excited when I have a new book out especially in February. I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate the strong loving relationships we have in our lives and to celebrate romance and love. I’m one of those people who loves getting mail and send a lot of hand written notes to my… Read More

9 New Release

This month sees the release of my latest book, Colton First Responder, a Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel.  It’s my second in the vast, long-running Colton HRS series. Colton First Responder is my first release of 2020, and perhaps the only one, although I’m also writing a couple other non-Colton HRS books.  Unlike a lot of authors these days, I’m… Read More