2 Write Scared

Steven Pressfield in the book, The War of Art, says, “Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we… Read More

4 Send in the Clowns

I love my mother, but that woman has some serious shoes to fill. Big, squeaky, oversized shoes. Oh, did I mention my mother used to be a professional clown? No? Well, put on those red noses, everyone, because no matter how weird you think your family is, I’m about to share with you the life… Read More

So what’s on your kindle?

Summer reading used to mean going to the library and signing up for the summer reading program. At least it did for me–how about you? What are you reading now? (And you don’t have to say one of my books . I want to know what other authors you always buy or check out at… Read More

Ask Peggy How to Pay for Education Costs

Can you believe how quickly the summer is coming to an end? It seems like just last week, my family and I were watching 4th of July fireworks, and making homemade ice cream! Now, back to school activities are top priority in everyone’s mind. Here in Norman, OK, heading back to school reminds us that OU… Read More

1 Adapt, overcome, and never give up…

I began writing 12 years ago when a friend asked me to edit a book she’d been working on. In my attempt to help my friend, I learned two very important things about myself: a.) I have absolutely no editorial skill. And b.) I love to tell stories. That’s how I discovered my love for… Read More

Writing Advice from YA Author Shannon Greenland

I’m always curious to read the advice of other authors, both unpublished and published. I’ve had several books out now and have garnered my own briefcase full of things I have learned not only myself, but also by observing others. And so I thought I’d share…. In no particular order: Write what you want to… Read More


To be a writer, you’ve got to have a muse. Everyone knows this. It’s the magical and all-powerful MUSE that does the work, inspires you, and makes it all happen. You know the muse is with you because it starts as a tingling sensation in your lower back. A flare of electricity that then travels… Read More

7 Old People, New Talk

I often write characters who are either immortal or who live a much longer lifetime than a human. I also read a ton of books with similar set ups. Every so often I run across a review or a comment pointing out how a five-hundred-year-old person speaks like a twenty-five year old in the current… Read More

Story Ideas

I’ve always been a plot-oriented writer.  People ask me how I come up with ideas for my novels and the truth is, I don’t really know. Prior to the release of my first hardcover novel, THE CONSPIRACY,I wrote a very short digital story–AFTER THE SUNRISE, just published on Amazon–mostly because I woke up on a… Read More