2 A New Hands-Free Way to Enjoy Books!

Do you multitask: drive, clean house, garden, knit, or crochet while listening to a book or podcast? If you do and haven’t heard about Audible Plus yet, you’re in for a treat! This new monthly subscription program from Amazon is a great bargain! Not only books and podcasts, but Amazon originals, too. I was introduced… Read More

The Wild Lavender Bookshop by Jodi Thomas

THE WILD LAVENDER BOOKSHOP is my second book in the Someday Valley series, which is a spinoff of my Honey Creek series. I loved writing this book first of all because I love bookstores. When I wrote about the bookshop, it was fun to describe the people I see in bookstores and libraries everyday. And… Read More

5 New Years Goals

Happy New Year! I hope 2024 is off to a swinging start. Did you set any goals on January 1? Throughout my life I’ve had a shaky relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t love putting pressure on myself to make major changes in the dead of winter. On the other hand, setting goals and… Read More

More books! 

It’s November 2023. And I’m delighted that I have two books being published this month: my 60th and 61st traditionally published novels! One was officially published on November 7. It’s my second Alaska Untamed Mystery for Crooked Lane Books, Cry Wolf, under my first pseudonym, Lark O. Jensen. Yes, I took a pseudonym for this… Read More

Creepy or Cute—What’s Your Halloween?

My choice–Cute! So do you have a fond childhood memory of Halloween or fall in general you’d like to share? I know many people choose creepy. But I cherish happy memories of cheerful trick or treating as a child and with my children. And many people had similar memories. Here are just a few: Diane… Read More

Why I Set Ruthless Enforcer in Portland

Where you do you get your ideas? That is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked over my long career as a published author. Usually, I say everywhere and it’s true. However, when it comes to my latest release, Ruthless Enforcer, I got the idea for the setting from someplace I know very… Read More

3 Smile Like a Princess!

Have you ever had to make it through a trying situation without showing your true feelings? Well, Jane Mercer has to do that all the time—especially throughout Princess Smile, the third book in my series, Truth, Lies, and Love in Advertising. Many have asked about the title. What does Princess Smile have to do with… Read More

6 Are you counting the days until October?

Three cheers for September, because now we’re that much closer to October, when cooler weather and autumn colors (hopefully) arrive. The start of “sweater weather” makes me so happy! How about you? Are you a summer beach or an autumn person? I won’t ask you about winter—here in the Upper Midwest, winters can be just… Read More

Falling In Love With Mafia Romance

On Jan 3, 2023, I read my first mafia romance and I was hooked! Since then I have read hundreds and have a whole list of autobuy authors. What about these books is so intriguing, I keep looking for more like the first ones I read? Jayne Ann Krentz asked that question during the Writerspace… Read More

4 Burning Justice:  Behind the Scenes of a K-9 Romantic Suspense

By Tee O’Fallon At this point in my writing career, I’ve got twelve books under my belt, nine of which are K-9 romantic suspense. Each presented me with new research challenges I never expected, especially the K-9 Special Ops series. Not having any medical training, Tough Justice, the first in this series, pushed me to… Read More

2 Not something I planned to do…ever… 

by Roxanne Rustand First of all, my newest release, DEADLY VENDETTA, is up for pre-order at a bargain price!  A quick blurb: DEA Agent Zach’s troubled sister disappeared years ago. Now she’s at his door, saying her little girl witnessed a murder, and says the killers are after them both. She begs him to keep… Read More

4 Writing Inspired by Readers & Travel

Although I spend time with my writing friends several times a week, I don’t talk about my books as I’m writing them. One exception to this is HER GREEK BILLIONAIRE. I chatted with readers a ton about it before and during the process of writing it. Lysander is a Greek tycoon because readers polled in… Read More