2 Don’t Give Up Before Joy Kicks In

Do you ever wonder if you’ve chosen the right path for your life? I know, I know, a deep topic for a fun writing blog, but I’ve got an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old smack in the middle of college. What are they going to be when they grow up? Have they chosen majors that will… Read More

3 It’s my author anniversary.

Five years ago this month, my dream of becoming a published romance author was realized. At times, it feels like much longer; yet sometimes it feels like only yesterday. Isn’t time a funny concept? My hubby asks me about memories and occurrences, and I’m blown away by how much I don’t remember. Yet in the… Read More

4 Opposites Attract

The last few months in the McLean household has been nothing short of chaotic. I have found myself, in those moments when I just need to take a break, indulging in a new obsession – restocking and organizing videos on TikTok. I stumbled upon these magical little tidbits of cleanliness and ASMR perfection by chance… Read More

12 Meet Smoke, the K-9 Hero of Honor ’N’ Duty, Federal K-9 book 6

By Tee O’Fallon No author wants their heroes and heroines to be cookie cutter versions of characters in a previous book. I like to keep my characters fresh. Whether it’s different eye color, hair color, employment… The same goes for my K-9s. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve done a pretty good job of varying the… Read More

1 Why Did I Write A HEART OF STONE?

Several years ago I fell in love with a tall, good-hearted guy and he introduced me to the northwoods of Wisconsin. I found out that southern Wisconsin with its grain farms and dairy barns and pastures and large cities was nothing like the northwoods. And so I fell in love a second time. I had… Read More

7 Beauty Among Danger

Writing suspense can be challenging. As authors, we must create a story that has just the right balance between good and evil to make the story enjoyable for our readers. In AMONG THE INNOCENT, the story features a killer from the past coming after the one victim he left behind—Leah Miller. Leah was once a… Read More

4 A Morning in the Life of a Real Live Romance Author

Hey, y’all, I’m Kacy Cross, author of The Cowboy’s Sweet Redemption, a sweet, funny story about a grumpy ex-Army Captain who hires a sunshiny dog trainer to get his horrible menagerie under control. I live in north Texas and I can see Southfork Ranch from the second story window of my house. Yes, the one… Read More

2 Getting Back to Your Reading Roots

Writer’s block is not a new topic, but it’s always a relevant one. There are many things that can help out when your creative juices stop flowing: meditating, taking a walk, reading a book – the list goes on and on. Sometimes the block sticks around, which can be pretty miserable, but eventually, it does… Read More

51 Release Celebration and Giveaway!

Hi friends, Today I’m celebrating the release of 14th book—The Deadly Shallows. I’m thrilled I get to spend part of it with you. In addition to The Deadly Shallows’ release, I’m also celebrating 10 years of publishing this summer. My debut novel, Submerged, came out in May of 2012. I still can’t wrap my head… Read More

5 Researching to Write a Paranormal Romance – By Lisa Kessler

Hi everyone – It’s great to be back on the Writerspace blog! Pirate’s Protector has just hit eReaders everywhere, and this book also features my first ever mermaid heroine! I have so much fun writing this Sentinels of Savannah series because each book not only features a new immortal pirate from the Sea Dog crew,… Read More

12 There’s Just Something About Small Towns

Hey y’all! I’m Aliyah Burke and I’m honored to be here today. Thanks for joining me. I write romance—paranormal, historical, and contemporary—as well as cozy mysteries. Small towns. I love them. Love living in them. Love writing about them. Not as much of a fan of the fact everyone knows my business, but it’s still… Read More

2 The Lens of Romance

The Lord Pretender is a tale of gender, and specifically, what happens when the “glove doesn’t fit.” In the story, the misfit is the result of a body switch between a man and a woman that thrusts them unwillingly into unfamiliar genders. Many of our brothers and sisters experience a similar sense of not fitting… Read More