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by Sandra Hill

Even Vampires Get the BluesDid you see the news last week where two women made history by being the first to graduate from the Army Rangers’ special ops school?  Of the 381 men and women who started the grueling course, only 96 made it through, including the two females.

And then, not to be outdone, the Navy has announced that starting next year they might be opening up its prestigious SEALs program to women?

Well, hoo-yah!  And finally!

But, really, I’ve been featuring WEALS (Women on Earth, Land, and Sea) in my Viking Navy SEAL books for the past eleven years.  That includes my current EVEN VAMPIRES GET THE BLUES.   Talk about being ahead of the times!

In EVEN VAMPIRES GET THE BLUES, Harek Sigurdsson, a primo warrior of a different sort (a vangel, or Viking vampire angel) is forced to accompany Camille Dumaine, a WEALS soldier on a mission to fight terrorists in Nigeria.  Harek, who is the smartest of all the vangels…a regular Viking geek…doesn’t know what will be harder…fighting Boko Haram or the allure of the tempting Camille.

Harek is one of Sandra’s favorite heroes (and what’s not to like about the cover art of this book, which accurately portrays his sometimes sophisticated look, when he’s not dressed in Viking warrior attire)?  Sandra is also pleased to return, in parts of the books, to her favorite city, New Orleans, where that Cajun favorite Tante Lulu also makes an appearance.

What do you think of females in the military?  Or Viking vampire angels <g>?

For those who comment on this blog, Sandra is offering one lucky person an audio version of one of her Deadly Angels books.  For more information about her books, check out her website at or her Facebook page at Sandra Hill Author.  If you sign up for her mailing list at, you will receive an occasional newsletter and the opportunity to win lots of prizes.

As always, Sandra wishes you all laughter in your reading.

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Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill

Humor has become a hallmark of Sandra Hill's books. She started out with Vikings, tried a medieval knight, moved into the Old South, then the California gold fields, on to modern-day Manhattan, Memphis, Maine and Galveston. But the one element that has remained consistent in all her books is the laugh-out-loud humor.

Sandra's first book came out in October 1994, and since then she has published fifteen novels and had novellas in four anthologies, all through Dorchester Publishing.

Married for almost thirty years (to the same man!!!), Sandra is the mother of four sons. Living with five males (not to mention a male German Shepherd the size of a small horse) is enough to make any woman develop a sense of humor, Sandra often says. Either that, or go mad.

The most gratifying thing to Sandra has been the amazing reader response to her books. Almost 5,000 readers have taken the time to write to her over the past five years (some of them repeatedly) to tell her how much her books have touched their lives. This is the one thing Sandra never expected when she first started writing...the need for laughter in a world that is becoming increasingly stressful and sometimes downright dreary. She is only too happy to help and promises her fans that her well of humor is not about to run dry for a long, long time.

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  1. Avatar Carol L says:

    I completely agree that women should be allowed if they are capable of the job, why not ? I have 2 sons who are career Army with one in Special Forces. Who happens to be deployed right now for his 12th time. Sandra, I’m really looking forward to catching up with the series and reading this. Thank you for the chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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