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Ten Great Things about Montana

Rebecca Zanettiby Rebecca Zanetti

A big thank you to my Writerspace friends for having me over today to celebrate the release of OVER THE TOP, my contemporary Brazen featuring a wild cowboy and a whole bunch of meddling townspeople who want him to find love with the girl next door. OVER THE TOP is set in the fictional county of Maverick in Montana, and since I’ve been to Montana more times that I can count, I thought it’d be fun to list the ten best things about Montana here today.

  1. Montana has cowboys. Really, how can this not be listed right off the bat?  Sexy men in boots who battle both nature and wild animals?    Cowboys.
  1. It’s Big Sky Country. I mean, that’s what it is actually called!  The sky is blue and huge (or white/gray and huge in the winter), and it goes on and on.  You haven’t seen a star-filled sky until you’ve sat near a river in Montana under a summer night.
  1. It has rapids in its rivers. You want to feel a wild rush?  Go river rafting in Montana early season, and you’ll feel alive in a oh my goodness I don’t want to drown type of way.
  1. It has antique stores in the middle of nowhere. You know what isn’t in the middle of nowhere?    People.  So you can find the absolute best deals on some amazing antiques off the beaten path in Montana.
  1. It has Glacier National Park. If you want to see beautiful country, water, and mountains, go to Glacier.  There are more than 700 trails to hike, of you’re so inclined.
  1. It has mountains…lots and lots and lots of beautiful mountains. If you’re a photographer or just appreciate nature, you need to see those high peaks.  It’s amazing how small you feel when looking at those.
  1. It has wildlife. Tons and tons of wildlife live in Montana…from bears to moose to turkeys…head on over there and take a look.  Not everybody sees mountain goats during this lifetime.
  1. It has huckleberries. Now, I’m fairly certain there are more huckleberry bushes in Idaho, but Montana does have its fair share.  Huckleberries are like blueberries but are more purple and a lot sweeter.  They’re blueberry’s much cooler cousin, you know.
  1. It has cowboy poets. This is really a thing, folks.  Very awesome cowboys who are also poets…and some are truly amazing.
  1. It has ghost towns. Seriously…go to a real ghost town in the middle of nowhere for a wild adventure.  Start with Garnet, Virginia City or Bannack.

Well, that’s my top ten list for why Montana is just awesome.  I hope you enjoy OVER THE TOP!

Over the TopOVER THE TOP
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release date: 7/21/15

Dawn Freeze had a huge crush on Hawk Rain for years, and the entire town knows it. It’s understandable―the man is total hotness. That tall, lean body. Intense dark eyes. And always one foot out the door. Now he’s on leave for exactly one week. And this time, he’s made it crystal clear that he only wants one thing. Her.

Hawk’s been fighting his attraction to Dawn for as long as he can remember. She’s his best friend’s little sister, and that means hands-off. Except now she’s all grown up, and her sweet sexiness is exactly what he craves. But just as Hawk allows himself one mindblowingly intense night with Dawn, he learns that everyone he loves is in danger. Especially her.

And the only way to protect Dawn is to push her away…

OVER THE TOP can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has published over twenty-five dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and contemporary romances, and her books have appeared multiple times on several of the bestseller lists. She has received a Publisher Weekly Starred Review for Wicked Edge, Romantic Times Reviewer Choice Nominations for Forgotten Sins and Sweet Revenge, and RT Top Picks for several of her novels. She believes strongly in luck, karma, and working her butt off...and she thinks one of the best things about being an author, unlike the lawyer she used to be, is that she can let the crazy out. Rebecca attended Pepperdine University, earning a bachelor's degree in Journalism with a Political Science emphasis. While there she worked as the Editor-in-Chief of The Graphic newspaper, was a member of the Pi Phi Sorority, and an intern for President Reagan, who still gave 3-5 speeches a week, even though he was no longer president. After college, Rebecca worked as an art curator and a Senate aide before heading to law school, where she received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho. She married Tony Zanetti in the middle of her second year of law school and became pregnant with their first child during the third year. She graduated law school, gave birth three weeks later, and took the Bar Exam three weeks after that. All she remembers about the bar exam is that it was so quiet in the testing room, she thought about taking a quick nap. But she continued on, passed the bar and became a lawyer. She worked for a large firm, then a small firm, then the county while also teaching legal classes at her local community college. Now she writes romances about vampires, cowboys, and soldiers. Her current series are: The Scorpius Syndrome, The Realm Enforcers, the Dark Protectors, the Sin Brothers, and Blood Brothers. Follow Rebecca: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Newsletter

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