Tomorrow We Will Know: A Novel of Imperial Constantinople 1453

by Sandra Worth

Walter Books

Historical Romance: Medieval

February 27, 2023

Available in: Paperback, e-Book

Tomorrow We Will Know: A Novel of Imperial Constantinople 1453
by Sandra Worth

An alluring beauty. A gallant emperor. The admirable military hero who answered his call. Here, drawn from history, is the love affair that brought down Rome!

Zoe, the duke's daughter, seems to have everything she could possibly want: royal birth, beauty, youth, a bright future and - at long last - Prince Constantine, whom she has adored since childhood. But these are perilous times. A powerful sultan wants to rule the world and dreams of conquering Rome. Prince Constantine, now Emperor of Rome, stands alone against his forces, vastly outnumbered and deserted by those who should be allies. His only consolation is Zoe, who has become his inspiration and secretly his empress.

Zoe understands the compelling reason why their marriage must be kept secret, but the secrecy weighs heavily on her. Rejected by her mother at birth for reasons unknown, and reviled as a whore by her peers, she feels an outcast among the nobility. Yet she must find strength in herself not only to endure what she must, but to give of her strength to Constantine.

Just as all seems lost, a princely hero famed for his military brilliance and valor brings desperately needed help. With the great warrior Justiniani to lead them, they win every battle until Rome stands on the verge of total victory. Only one last battle and they will save the empire! But Justiniani, the man who can have any woman he wants, has fallen in love with Zoe, the secret empress of Rome, the only woman he cannot have. And now, in the last moments of the last battle, he faces an impossible decision, one that could cost him -- and Zoe, Constantine, and Rome - everything.

"A stunningly detailed historical epic" about the last days of Rome with romance, suspense, and breathtaking bravery. "I was spellbound."- Amazon Vine Voice Wendy J. Dunn

"An incredible historical novel ... A timeless tale of love and sacrifice... A heart-wrenching testament to Worth's storytelling prowess." ---The Historical Fiction Company

[A} love story for the ages, sweeping and unforgettable." --- RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books

Sandra Worth's Bio

Sandra Worth is an award-winning internationally published author of six historical novels on the Wars of the Roses chronicling the demise of the Plantagenet dynasty and rise of the Tudors, three with the Penguin Publishing Group U.S.A. Her historical articles have appeared in Ricardian magazines and journals. After a ten-year absence from the book world filled initially with research trips to Greece and Turkey and later with grave illness in the family, she is back with Tomorrow We Will Know: A Novel of Imperial Constantinople 1453, her seventh book and first foray into the Europe-Ottoman conflict. She holds an honors B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto and has won a bouquet of coveted book awards and prizes for her work. Sandra is aware that her degree has little to do with historical fiction but after a brief stint in the financial field, she embraced her childhood passion of writing with renewed dedication, because storytelling is so much more fun. For more information about Sandra's awards, click here.