How to Reinvent Yourself in One Easy Step

on November 16, 2018

My latest release, What Were You Thinking, Paige Taylor? is about a city girl who buys a bookstore in a small beach town in order to makeover her life, using a self help book to guide her. It’s something I’ve wanted to write about for a long time because the whole idea of reinvention fascinates… Read More

Amanda Ashby

Amanda Ashby

Amanda Ashby was born in Australia but now lives in New Zealand where she writes romance, young adult and middle grade books. She also works in a library, owns far too many vintage tablecloths and likes to delight her family by constantly rearranging the furniture. She has a degree in English and Journalism from the University of Queensland and is married with two children. Her debut book was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award, and her first young adult book was listed by the New York Public Library's Stuff for the Teen Age. Because she's mysterious she also writes middle grade books under the name, Catherine Holt and hopes that all this writing won't interfere with her Netflix schedule.

Holiday Traditions

on November 13, 2018

by Jennifer Hoopes For some of us, the Christmas holiday is full of traditions and memories, possibly both good and bad, and while writing The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby, and more recently getting ready for its release, I couldn’t help but relive some of my favorite things about Christmas growing up. With my dad’s passing in… Read More

The Most Beautiful Girl I Never Knew

on November 12, 2018

by Robert Tate Miller Her name was Jamie Heckman, and she was the prettiest girl at Flat Rock Junior High. But, where “pretty” often opens doors to teenage popularity, Jamie was scarcely a blip on our school’s social radar screen. She had few friends, and I wasn’t among them. The year was 1976, and I… Read More

Why I love Beauty and the Beast

on November 2, 2018

by Stefanie London. Growing up my favourite Disney movie wasn’t Beauty and the Beast. It was certainly top five, but I was a die-hard Little Mermaid gal. I wanted to have Ariel’s signature red hair, and I loved shiny things like she did. I was fascinating with anything “underwater” like reefs and sharks and colourful… Read More

Are you ready for the Whole Series? Er…I mean WORLD series? by Kathy Lyons

on October 8, 2018

Hello! October is here and that means the WORLD SERIES! It also means Hard and Fast, book 3 in my Locker Room Diaries series is here! It’s a baseball romance series, and Hard and Fast is my favorite of the whole series. Guess why… Catchers are hot, hot, hot. Especially when they squat down and… Read More

Romance with a Christmas Spirit…

on September 25, 2018

…and a chance to win a Mistletoe Miracles 3 Day Vacation at Jodi Thomas’ Red River Condo! When I started my story of the Maverick Ranch for MISTLETOE MIRACLES, I wanted to begin with Griffin. I saw him as a far better man than he thinks he is and I knew by the time readers followed… Read More

The Contemporary Cowboy

on September 20, 2018

I love writing contemporary cowboy romances. Why? Because growing up, I was a contemporary cowgirl. I’m a city girl now, but recently I spent time with a friend of my mother’s, Janet, and her son, Bill. These are my horse people from my past. Janet is 92, a retired school teacher. When she got older… Read More

The Glory of Sprawl

on August 9, 2018

By Amy Lane I am not a very tidy writer. I’m not talking about my desk—although that would send shivers down your spine—and I’m not talking about individual books, because I’m pretty good at wrapping up loose ends. No—I’m talking about character sprawl. That saying, “Every character is a hero in his own story,” is… Read More

August 26 is National Dog Day

on August 7, 2018

I’m guessing many of you reading this have a dog. Or maybe you’re planning on getting a dog in the near future. This post is for everyone who loves dogs. National Dog Day was created for two reasons. The first is to honor dogs. This special day is our chance to recognize the importance of… Read More