Easter Musings … and New April Books

on April 8, 2015

This Easter was my first one ever away from home—or I should say away from my mother’s Easter breakfast, egg hunt, and afternoon feast of lamb and twice-baked potatoes.  (What can I say the woman knows how to hide an egg and season a Brussels sprout.) I’m no spring chick, and I wasn’t sure how… Read More

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin is editor of The RoadRunner Press, an award-winning traditional publishing house based in the American West. An editor of newspapers, magazines, and books for more than thirty years, she has also worked on national marketing and publicity campaigns with such publishers as Simon and Schuster and St. Martin's and for a number of New York Times bestselling authors, including Robyn Carr, Sabrina Jeffries, Debbie Macomber, Linda Lael Miller, and Wendy Corsi Staub. A graduate of the Stanford University Publishing Course, Jeanne is a member of the Children's Book Council, the National Book Critics Circle, and the Oklahoma Center for the Book of the Library of Congress. She also consults with boutique publishers.

Writing Quirks

on February 11, 2015

Hi everybody!  I hope you’re having a fantastic February and that Cupid is ready to zing you with an arrow any day.  I’m busy gearing up for the TOTAL SURRENDER release on March 31st, which is the fourth book in the Sin Brother series and features the brilliant brother, Jory Dean.  Somebody asked me the other… Read More

Five Fun Characteristics of an Author

on May 19, 2014

I just returned from the RT Convention in New Orleans, and my brain hasn’t quite kicked back into gear yet.  But I was mulling over some fun things on the plane yesterday, so I thought I’d share five characteristics of a writer with you today. 1.  Homeland Security is probably monitoring our internet use.  Seriously. … Read More

Let a Great Book be Your Valentine

on February 11, 2014

Roses are red, violets are blue, chances are great there’s a terrific new book being released this February just right for you! Just glance below to see the list of fantastic reads awaiting you this month, all written by Writerspace Top Shelf authors. Walking on Air “A Valance Family Novel” By Catherine Anderson Mass Market… Read More

Good Villains make Great Stories

on December 3, 2013

My husband and I just spent a fabulous week by the ocean with four other couples.  We ate guacamole, played way too much pool volleyball, goofed off on the beach and generally relaxed.  The trip home was smooth until we reached Terminal 5 at LAX, and a car accident occurred outside.  All chaos broke out… Read More