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A New Hands-Free Way to Enjoy Books!

Do you multitask: drive, clean house, garden, knit, or crochet while listening to a book or podcast?

If you do and haven’t heard about Audible Plus yet, you’re in for a treat!

This new monthly subscription program from Amazon is a great bargain! Not only books and podcasts, but Amazon originals, too.

I was introduced to Audible Plus when Kindle Direct Publishing invited me to join Amazon’s beta program for it using their Virtual Voices. I jumped in with both feet. Now over half my catalog of single titles is available to listen to for one low monthly fee. Oh, and the first month is free so it’s a great time to catch up on The Haviland Universe of stories.

I produced/directed every one of the titles I uploaded. When needed, I added a pause or corrected the pronunciation of words read by my personally selected Virtual Voice narrator. I felt that some of my stories sounded best when narrated by a man. The guy I chose has a rich voice, sort of a cross between Sidney Poitier and James Earl Jones. Perfect for my sports-themed stories, Arlie Undercover series, and That Twin Thing.

An English woman’s voice sounded better for my time travel books, The Fairies Saga series. I also used it for a couple of RomComs and Triplets: Three Aren’t One.

If you’d rather buy and keep an audiobook, many times you can buy the corresponding ebook for only $1.99 when you do.

#FREE on February 29th only, then on sale with the special low price of 99 cents for the month of March is my cozy mystery, Heaven and Heartbreak. This book is also available to listen to for free with your Audible Plus subscription. Housing dilemmas, mystery and murder all brought to life with the hearty voice of Number Five. Check both the ebook and audiobook for ‘take me away’ entertainment. This cozy mystery is also peppered with giggles and gafs, cute kids and couples. It’s the sixth of eight books in the Arlie Undercover series.

If you’d rather read the whole series as an ebook, buy Arlie and Company. Or read or listen to the series for free with your Kindle Unlimited and Audible Plus subscriptions. I know I make use of both plans and highly recommend them.

Enjoy the action and adventures of that lovable Alaskan undercover cop and his surprise family and ‘helpful’ friends of the Arlie Undercover world, with crossovers from The Fairies Saga series and That Twin Thing, all part of The Haviland Universe.

One reader who comments will win one of my ebooks or audiobooks!

Thanks for tuning in!

Dani Haviland

Dani Haviland

Dani Haviland

I write books, publish multi-author box sets, grow roses and other plants popular here in Oregon, and am a hardworking volunteer. Oh, and spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren. So much for being retired... I first started writing because the idea of 'What would happen if I fell into a story like Outlander' wouldn't stop haunting me. The only way to quiet that noise was to write. Naked in the Winter Wind was the result. I found out later, I was not alone. Many of my author friends said the same thing: writing was the only way to quiet those noisy Muses! I kept writing The Fairies Saga series. A year or so later, I published my stories with Chill Out! Books. Soon thereafter, some of my friends and I got together. We created a collection of some of our older titles (backlist books) with the same theme, created a fun preface for the title (Unforgettable) and called it a box set by The Authors' Billboard. That series has nearly 30 titles now. When we put together new Christmas stories, we made USA Today Bestsellers' List with our effort: twice! Now six years later, I've published one hundred multi-author box sets with Chill Out! Books. The Fairies Saga series is still growing, I created three other series (sharing a few TFS characters), and wrote a bunch of single, stand-alone stories, too! My non-set titles are available to 'binge-listen to' on Audible Plus as audiobooks here. Yeah, those muses are noisy still.

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2 thoughts on “A New Hands-Free Way to Enjoy Books!”

  1. Colleen C. says:

    Never listened to audio books… I like going at my own pace… rereading sections if I want… placing myself fully into the story…

    1. Collen, these books are also available as ebooks and many in print form, too. I try to have all my books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited so readers get a bargain, reading as many as they want (and rereading) for one low monthly cost. Thanks for your remark!

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