Mrs. Goodfeller

by Jaycie Cash

Self Published

Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance: Romantic Suspense

June 15, 2011


Available in: e-Book

Mrs. Goodfeller
by Jaycie Cash

Despite constantly striving to fit in, Elyse Smith is the Rodney Dangerfield of Scissortail, Oklahoma. She never receives any respect . . . until she happens upon an 11-year-old magazine article about Anthony Scarpelli.

This notorious hit man entered the Witness Protection Program after testifying against his mob boss. The photo that accompanies the article shows Scarpelli is a dead ringer for Elyse’s very sweet, though inept, insurance salesman husband, Tony Smith, who moved to Scissortail about the same time Scarpelli went into hiding.

Realizing this could bring her the social power she’s always craved, Elyse manipulates events to convince the good people of Scissortail that Tony is really Scarpelli. Even though she privately scoffs at the very idea, the story races through town. Many accept the rumor as fact, but there are a few holdouts... until inexplicable disasters begin to befall those who refuse to buy insurance from Tony.

Since everyone is now afraid to snub them, Elyse and Tony soon find themselves at the pinnacle of Scissortail society. Yet, she begins to question how well she knows her own husband and decides Tony is not only a dangerous hit man, but cheating on her as well. Just when she’s convinced things couldn’t get worse, Elyse discovers her entire family is in deadly peril; Vito, the mobster Scarpelli’s testimony put away, has broken out of jail and come to town for revenge. Now, in order to survive, both she and her husband—even if he is a gangster—must discover within the heroes they’ve always been.

Jaycie Cash's Bio

Jaycie Cash is the pseudonym of a woman in the book biz who is proud to have Oklahoma roots. She is currently at work on her second book, THE SPLIT-FAMILY ROBINSON.