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Have You Heard About Mookies?

Discover “Mookies,” a delightful cross between cookies and muffins. These heart-healthy treats have all the ingredients of a yummy oatmeal breakfast in a to-go form. It is not only perfect for a morning boost but also doubles as a convenient snack for family gatherings and spontaneous social events.

A few years back, I decided to go gluten-free. One of the happy accidents that resulted from my recipe experiments was a sort of cookie. They baked best in a muffin tin, so I called them Mookies. I have since discovered others use the same name for similar bakery goods.
I treat myself to a fresh batch of six almost every morning.

They taste better than a bowl of cereal. I can also spread out my breakfast bowl of oatmeal to include a couple Mookies for a late-morning snack. This recipe makes six Mookies and has about the same ingredients as a hearty bowl of hot oatmeal.

1 egg
1 pinch of baking soda
1 small mashed banana (or about a five-inch piece of a larger one)
1/4 cup Australian Instant Coconut Oatmeal (or the equivalent of quick-cooking oatmeal)
1/4 cup Old Fashioned oats
1 Tbsp Grape Nuts cereal (I want the extra fiber to knock down cholesterol)
1-2 Tbsp chopped pecans
(1-2 Tbsp raisins, craisins, or chopped dried fruit optional)

Mash the banana in a bowl. Add the egg and a pinch of baking soda. Blend. Add the other ingredients and mix.
Grease or spray oil into each of the six muffin tins. Portion the lumpy batter into these. Put the tray into a preheated toaster oven/air fryer at 355 degrees for 18 to 20 minutes. Take the pan out and let cool for at least five minutes. Run a plastic knife or spatula around the cooled ‘mookies’ to loosen them. Dump or pry out with the spatula.
(INFO: The Red Farm Australian oatmeal I use has a small amount of sugar and coconut. In a pinch, you can use a packet of instant, flavored oatmeal. If your batter is soupy and not semi-firm, add more old-fashioned oats.)

Note: I got a cute little tool with another appliance that is perfect for this. It looks like a plastic knife with the tip ground off to make it flat, not rounded. It works great for running around the edges before prying them out of the pan.

This recipe can be totally sugar-free if you use plain instant or quick-cooking oatmeal. It’s also gluten-free, and very heart-healthy!

If you double the recipe and bake in a twelve-cup tin, you can make your own snacks for you, the family, and last-minute ‘bring something to share’ events.

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Dani Haviland

Dani Haviland

I write books, publish multi-author box sets, grow roses and other plants popular here in Oregon, and am a hardworking volunteer. Oh, and spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren. So much for being retired... I first started writing because the idea of 'What would happen if I fell into a story like Outlander' wouldn't stop haunting me. The only way to quiet that noise was to write. Naked in the Winter Wind was the result. I found out later, I was not alone. Many of my author friends said the same thing: writing was the only way to quiet those noisy Muses! I kept writing The Fairies Saga series. A year or so later, I published my stories with Chill Out! Books. Soon thereafter, some of my friends and I got together. We created a collection of some of our older titles (backlist books) with the same theme, created a fun preface for the title (Unforgettable) and called it a box set by The Authors' Billboard. That series has nearly 30 titles now. When we put together new Christmas stories, we made USA Today Bestsellers' List with our effort: twice! Now six years later, I've published one hundred multi-author box sets with Chill Out! Books. The Fairies Saga series is still growing, I created three other series (sharing a few TFS characters), and wrote a bunch of single, stand-alone stories, too! My non-set titles are available to 'binge-listen to' on Audible Plus as audiobooks here. Yeah, those muses are noisy still.

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