Giveaway – $10 Amazon gift card It’s difficult to believe that on December 8, 2020, ESCAPING ELEVEN was released into the world. They say that your book is your baby, but like all good birth stories, the really interesting tidbits come in the backstory. When did you decide to have a baby? Why did you… Read More

9 Using Reality to Create Family in Fiction

By Abigail Owen GIVEAWAY- $15 amazon Gift Card One of my favorite things to do when writing is to take small moments—touching, funny, together moments—from my own life and use them to give my characters the same real feel. I find this particularly helpful when writing family scenes. In The Protector, the heroine, Lyndi is… Read More

Just Like Her (Neighbor)

Be Ready to Have Chills Run Down Your Spine… As an author, we regularly (at least pre-2020) had days in which odd things happen because of our profession. Yet, odd doesn’t even begin to touch the events that led to the writing of my latest novel Just Like Her, Book 1 of the True Crimes… Read More

8 Writing in the Time of Coronavirus

All the way back in October, a million weeks ago, a writer friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was already working on her 2021 planner. I commented that I was still trying to get a handle on organizing 2020. She responded with a sad face. But I wasn’t kidding, and I wasn’t looking… Read More

2 Fur Babies

We all love our fur babies right? I’m a huge animal lover, and we sadly had to put down our beautiful Chocolate Labrador retriever, Jersey, a few years ago when she was 13. I tend to write animals into my stories as much as I can. I did a whole military series on K9 Dogs… Read More

2 The Tea Cake Connection

When my sister and I were young, my maternal grandmother used to make tea cakes all the time.  They weren’t really sweet, but they were round, rich and buttery. Most of the time I couldn’t wait until they came out of the oven. I remember watching my grandmother as she hummed her favorite hymn while… Read More

Modern Royals, Modern Problems

There’s no denying that life in the digital age has its advantages—online shopping, video chats with loved ones (looking at you 2020), and let’s not forget the endless supply of cat memes to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. But all this technology and instant access to information isn’t without its price. Just ask… Read More

A Dog’s Tale

How do you make a romantic story even better? You add in a dog. Reading about a couple finding their way to their happily ever after with a furry friend by their side is an added bonus. Many authors weave canines into their stories as a way of softening a character who may come off… Read More

3 The Supporting Cast

My Dark Desires series takes place in the distant future where man has fled to the stars. It’s a mixture of science fiction, paranormal, and romance and it follows the adventures, romantic and otherwise, of the crew of the spaceship, the Blood Hunter. It’s always been my favorite series to write, mainly because absolutely anything… Read More

The Thorns of Success by Harmony Williams

In July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, I wrote the first drafts of three books back to back. It was the first time since I’d lost the function of my wrists that I’d been able to accomplish a feat of that magnitude. It felt incredible. The obsession with my books, always thinking about… Read More