The role of women in the Victorian Era and how I threw that on its head!

The Victorian era was filled with invention, innovation and industrial marvels, and it was also a period in history where women had very clearly defined social constraints in terms of what was expected of them, and the associated customs and conventions of those expectations. These constraints did depend on what ‘class’ of society a woman… Read More


Are you a creature of habit, like me? Someone who sinks into their comfort zone, and unless given a swift kick in the patoot, will happily sit there and wallow for a while? I admit it, I’m a creature of habit. Especially when I’m busy (and let’s face it – as a full-time working mom… Read More

15 Writing Funny and Making It Work

by Miranda Liasson Greetings, Writerspace Readers! If you knew me, you’d know I’m a pretty quiet person who happens to be married to an all-out extrovert. He’s rarely cranky while I need coffee before I can formulate more than a grunt. I am The-Sky-is-Falling and his usual response to my panic and worry is to… Read More

Well, That Was Awkward!

Like most people, sometimes I do or say something awkward. In fact, I might do it more than most. Like my heroine, Lexi, in The Dating Dilemma. Like Lexi, I sometimes blurt out my inner thoughts, but what really puts me in tight spots sometimes is my ADP. I have Audio Processing Disorder mostly likely… Read More

8 Bucket List Magic

A few years back, I had the opportunity to go and see the Eagles live in concert. We had great floor seats, just far enough from the front row to not look straight up. We were adults, we could finally afford the good ones! I was ecstatic, because, you see, live music is my thing…. Read More

Top Five Ways to Pass Time in Captivity – Volume Two

By Samanthe Beck I’m so thrilled to return to the fictional town of Captivity for my latest release, PLAYING DIRTY IN ALASKA. As mentioned before, I’ve never actually been to Alaska, but I didn’t let that stop me from writing a series! In this story, my heroine, bush pilot Bridget Shanahan, is a Captivity native,… Read More

2 What is it about opposites attract?

Hi everyone – It’s great to be back on the Writerspace Blog! My new book, Pirate’s Paradox, is a paranormal romance set on the high seas as a crew of immortal pirates are led by a psychic into the middle of Atlantis to find the Orichalcum Key and save the city of Savannah from being… Read More

5 A New Twist on an Old Tale: The Power of Tropes

by Liana LeFey When writing Tempting the Vicar (Jan 2022) and its “twin” The Devil’s Own (June 2021), I didn’t set out to retell an old story. I didn’t even realize I’d been influenced by two tales my mother read to me when I was young. But after I finished drafting The Devil’s Own, I… Read More


So says the mysterious narrator of the prologue to my new thriller, ANGELS FALLING, which launches January 10, 2022. The ritualistic murder of a Catholic archbishop scrambles the lives of Pete Sullivan, an ex-seminarian criminal profiler; Gabriel Valentine, a renegade priest cult leader; and Maria Santos, the former nun they both desired, now a forensic… Read More

What story were you born to write?

Every aspiring author has a unique story that they’re destined to tell. Think about it: nobody else in the world has your brain, your ideas, and your life experiences. When I began plotting The Helheim Princess, I knew right away that this was the story I was born to write. It combines everything I love—women… Read More

7 DO THE THING – How Motivation Stops You in Your Tracks

My writing journey was thirty-two years in the making. When I was eight years-old, I wrote my very first short story. It was about evil winged knights who plagued a kingdom. I don’t remember the details of the story itself, but I do remember it was the start of something that would last for the… Read More

6 Introducing Unraveling Eleven: The Notorious Middle Child

On November 16, 2021, Unraveling Eleven will be released into the world. You might be wondering: what’s that? Well, it’s a book, first of all. More specifically, a YA dystopian romance with crossover appeal into the adult market. Also, it’s the second book in the Eleven Trilogy. That’s right—trilogy. The first book, Escaping Eleven, was… Read More