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If you were to spontaneously uphaul your life, and go anywhere in the world––where would it be?

That was the question I asked myself before embarking on Tripwrecked. To paint a vivid picture, this was at the start of lockdown in Ireland during the Pandemic. I was back at home, living with my parents that I love dearly, in my childhood bedroom, looking out at the dreary weather. Where did I want to go?

Instantly, I pictured a small coastal town. The air so crisp that I could smell the salt from the sea, and hear the crashing of the waves against the shore. Warm enough that my fluffy pyjama pants had no place there, and a calm oasis away from the chaos that the world had gone to.

Then, I wondered, what would make a person leave like that? Something dramatic, clearly (because we all live for dramatics.) And oh! What’s better than finding love in this magical, seaside town? I know what’s better. The love interest being a single, protective dad who is totally smitten once the holidaymaker arrives but has no idea how to articulate that.

So he just glares.

I was off, writing like nobody’s business and head in the clouds. To a town called Canlaroy, with Aiden and Finn. Observing from a nearby bush how their relationship began and developed.

While your answer to the above question might be different, and I’ve no doubt that most people had those escapist fantasies when everything hit the fan, I hope that you can enjoy where Tripwrecked takes you.

Maybe you’re sitting at home, huddling in close under the blankets because wow fuck the cost of living crisis––especially in the middle of winter. Or you’re at work, scrolling on your phone while you really should be replying to that mountain of emails in your inbox. Or, you’re up until 4AM reading before classes like the little romance-gremlin that you are (I’ve been there.) Wherever you are, I hope that a part of you can be whisked away to the world inside this book.

And that somewhere, somehow, a fresh and delicious bánh mì is on your horizon.

To help any potential reader on this journey, I’d like to offer a free ebook copy of ‘Tripwrecked’ as a part of a giveaway.

But only if you share where you’d go––anywhere in the world?

A. Poland

A. Poland

Fueled by a worrying tea addiction (with a tattoo to prove it), A. Poland is a rom-com writer from Ireland who delights in telling stories that make you fall in love with the characters and give you that squee feeling in your chest. Three words A. would use to describe her writing are funky, silly, and spicy. Which, coincidentally, is also their dancing style. When they're not daydreaming of the next meet-cute, A. works as a video producer and a full-time dog mom to her pride and joy, Gizmo.

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  1. Rose Ward says:

    I would love to read it

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