5 What If?

by Chris Jayne All fiction writers ask themselves this question a thousand times in every book.  In fact, the conflict for any book should be able to be summarized in a “what if” question.  The genre is irrelevant. From John Grisham’s “The Firm” (What if a new associate at a law firm discovered that the… Read More

4 Where I Grab Ideas For Romantic Comedy Writing

by Brooke Williams One of the questions I hear a lot as a romantic comedy author is, “where do you get your ideas?” It’s a good question, really, but it’s not something I can answer in just a few words. And, as an author, it’s much easier for me to write about the answer than… Read More


By: Julia Payton While stumbling through a friend’s Netflix and then DVD collection, I was recently introduced to the world of anime. Since it’s never come to my notice before, I was surprised and much intrigued that anime has not only versions appropriate for youngsters, but for the adult set, too. There are various kinds,… Read More

10 Calgon Take Me Away

By Julie Seedorf We live in in a topsy-turvy world these days. It’s easy to get flipped upside down just by turning on the news or reading our news feed each morning. For my husband and I it meant hunkering down, staying in and figuring out our routine so we don’t kill each other by… Read More

11 What makes a book a keeper for me?

Like a lot of authors,I’ve been an avid reader since I was a young girl. Reading now is an activity that sits in this strange spot half-way between work and pleasure. I read for enjoyment, but I also read to keep my creative well full while I’m working on a project. Over the years I’ve… Read More

Revolutionary Reflections

Travel feels like something that’s so out of reach these days. While spending most of my time at home the past few months, one thing that has helped to get me through each day is reflecting on my trip to Paris. Over two weeks, I trekked through as many sites and museums as my legs… Read More


My hot-off-the-presses new release, Tempting The Prince, is sort of about living in the moment. Now, I know that is trendy. I, myself, meditate and post inspirational quotes on my Instagram page (go follow it! @christibarth) about how all we have is now, so you have to embrace even being stuck in quarantine and choose… Read More

8 A Beginner’s Guide to Diversity and Equity

Have you ever imagined the perfect world with peace? No violence, no politics, and no racism. Sadly, it doesn’t exist. But we can always make our world a better place to live. The phrase, “we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them is real. Not just for men, but for us as… Read More


By Pintip Dunn I adore rom-com movies. In fact, for an all-too-brief period, my husband and I had the tradition of celebrating our dating anniversary by watching a rom-com at the theaters. (Lucky for us, our anniversary is Valentine’s Day, so there was no shortage of romantic movies!) We saw My Best Friend’s Wedding on… Read More


By Sawyer North My first literary love was science fiction. When I was a kid, virtually every sci-fi novel was written by men with a few exceptions: Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Andre Norton, etc. However, women writers were barely tolerated in the space. James Triptree Jr. (Alice Sheldon) saw her sales crash when… Read More