Crafting a Series by Anya Summers

With the release this week of Lone Survivor, the first book in my all new Crescent City Kings Series, this will be the fifth series I have launched under this name. At this point, I feel like I have my process nailed down, which makes it much easier to start a new series. One of… Read More

3 Top 5 Must-Have Writing Items

Thank you so much for having me on Writerspace! Today I’m sharing a glimpse of some of routines and items I need when I start my writing day! Top 5 Must-Have Writing Items: Coffee! I don’t think I’ve ever started a writing session without a cup of coffee. It has to be fresh, hot, and… Read More

Unexpected Finds in an Amazing Location

I’m fortunate to live near Washington DC, an area filled with cultural landmarks and a wealth of knowledge about American history. But as I discovered last week, I can find history from all over the world right here. It helps that I have a friend willing to brave DC traffic and parking. Occasionally, she and… Read More

4 Taming the Billionaire Hero

My favorite story of all time is Jane Eyre.  I haven’t read the book since I was a teenager, but I’ve watched all the movies several times.  Finally, as an adult I did some analysis of why the story line appeals to me so much, and it has to do with the fact that an… Read More

5 Girl, Get Yourself a Hobby!

Hello Writerspace! It’s been a big week for me—my third young adult novel from Entangled, Stuck With You, released, and between keeping up with social media, my day job (I’m your kid’s favorite substitute teacher), and doing a little bit of celebrating, it’s been a whirlwind of activity. Now that things are quieting down a… Read More

Ask Peggy About Term or Whole Life Insurance

Have you ever heard the financial phrase, “Buy term and invest the difference?” It’s a common saying, and sometimes, it’s great advice. However, like all financial issues, the decision is a little more complicated than it might look. Let’s start by reviewing the advice. The recommendation is to purchase term life insurance rather than whole… Read More


As a passionate romance reader, I have a few favorite tropes I absolutely love.  A story trope is a common plot line. Although the plots may have common themes, no two stories are the same just as no two people…or in this case, writers are the same. If you choose to write about one of… Read More

Top Five Ways to Stay Focused on Writing

#1. Make sure to create a space where you can focus completely on writing. Sometimes, this means laying on top of a pile of unfolded laundry while your child insists you are a giant creature that his lego spaceship HAS to land on and vanquish. Think deeply about your plot and your characters while not… Read More

Why Gladiolas are Special to Me

Lyn Cote here– The photo here is meaningful to me because gladiolas in late summer bring back sweet memories of my mother. Her birthday was the first week of September. We lived at the edge of town with a farm across the road. They grew gladiolas and had a stand on the highway nearby every… Read More