4 Mythbusting: Six Facts about Scotland in 1504

Hi everyone! For my latest erotic historical romance, Scandalous Passions, I researched late medieval Scotland for two months before I began writing (and include a bibliography at the end of the book.) Today I’m going to talk about six aspects of life in this era that are often misrepresented. Yes, there was both regular and… Read More

1 Finding Creativity by Magan Vernon, author of Heired Lines

Hey y’all, I felt like given the state of…well…everything, this might be a timely post. I guess I should start out saying that I had written over forty stories and when my editor asked for a new one about a couple in England I was stumped. I had no mojo or idea what to write… Read More

Need Something New to Read?

A lot of us are at home more than we expected. I do hope and pray our lives will go back to normal in the coming weeks and months. But I’ve been reading more than usual. How about you? Did you know that reading fiction topped the study of ways to de-stress? Well, it did!… Read More

Write What You Know and Then Some

As a writer, I’ve always been intrigued by topics above my pay grade. The more complicated, the more I seem drawn to a subject. Which can be problematic 1) because of the amount of research required, and 2) because often editors and agents lament, “Don’t make the plot too complicated.” In my late twenties, I… Read More

59 Romance is Everywhere…Even at the Asylum

Giveaway noted at the end After twenty-one years, two months, and twenty-one days of marriage, my husband had finally had enough. He hauled me off to an asylum. I’m not even going to pretend I didn’t want to go. In fact, I would say it was entirely my idea, which is not to say he… Read More

7 It’s Zero Hour: Will he help her or leave her again?

ZERO HOUR (Heroes Rising, Book #2) They are always heroes, whatever the situation. My love affair with SEALs began I think with the movie about them, but then I watched the series on television every time it was shown. And of course, now we have SEAL Team, to which I am addicted. How can you… Read More

13 3 Secrets to Building Big Worlds

A lot of people think world building is only for fantasy and sci-fi writers. But in reality, world building is important for every writer. If you don’t do it well, the failure is more obvious in Sci-fi and fantasy, but whatever you write, you the world of your story to be so engaging and textured… Read More


Most of us have an idea of who that perfect someone is. The guy or girl who is exactly right for us. But sometimes does it seem like there’s something irristible about the person you know is all wrong for you? It’s a thing. Science agrees and everything. Opposites do attract. But do they last?… Read More

3 A Pinch of True History and A Guaranteed Happily-Ever-After

I love history, especially British history, which is why I write historical romance. While most accurate accounts of the past do not include happy endings with wars, murders, famine, and plagues, a happy ending is essential in the romance genre. Therefore, Scottish historical romance is the perfect place for me to immerse myself. When I… Read More