Controlling men…and why we love to break them.

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes. And while it’s true we are often attracted to the qualities we are missing in our own lives, it can make for an interesting and tumultuous time when navigating the path to true love. They also say, that if everyone was the same, life would be boring! But… Read More

5 Divorce in Romance

Don’t worry. I’m not going to try to convince dedicated romance readers that main characters can get divorced and the book can still be considered a romance. I am very firmly in the HEA or GTFO camp of romance. I read and write romance because of the happy endings. But divorce happens. More than 50%… Read More

7 Print or Ebooks–Your Opinion?

I received this email from a reader recently: “I don’t want the e books. I want the real books of Lyn Cote. I have trouble finding them…” So of course,  my next question is–which do you prefer reading print or ebooks? And why? The second part is the most important–important to me as an author…. Read More

A Thriller Writer’s Brush with … Kitchen Remodeling

Author Kylie Brant is on my auto-buy list, and personally I think she delights in terrifying her readers. But there was one endeavor that arguably terrified her. Please welcome the award-winning best-selling Kylie Brant to my blog. By: Kylie Brant I’ve long joked that my husband and I could never build a house together—the process would be… Read More

Putting the Pets in Space

Pets in Space 4, which released this week, is a work of love and pride for all thirteen of the authors involved. Many of us also take advantage of the forum to add in animal family members that we’ve known and loved – I’m no exception to that, and my story Heart of the Spider’s… Read More

Miss Felicity Arrives

It all began with a challenge. “Write one page,” my publisher said, “with a hook at the end.” To what purpose? I asked. We’re going to us it as a light bit of marketing for your next book, said they. Well, okay. I like challenges. I like deadlines (let’s be honest. I can’t produce without… Read More

Christmas in Winter Valley by Jodi Thomas

When I was writing CHRISTMAS IN WINTER VALLEY, I wanted to tell the story of a love story that ended before it was time.  Two people pulled apart.  Two people whose story ended long before it should have.  Both still carry the pain of the break up over a love that never died. CHRISTMAS IN… Read More

Ask Peggy How to Avoid Investment Nightmares!

Thinking about your investments can give you nightmares. Most people focus on events that impact their daily lives, giving their financial situation hardly a thought. Then, something happens—an event that makes them look at their investment decisions directly. The results can be frightening. Do you dread seeing the envelope of your 401(k) or IRA statement?… Read More

Characters — Finding the Right Match

When it comes to Romantic Suspense, one of the most import and often the hardest thing to do is to find the right match for the hero or heroine who is the primary character in the book.  In THE DECEPTION, Hawk Maddox is a former Marine, a strong, tough, sometimes reckless, chance-taker.  I needed a… Read More