6 Christina, How Could You?

How could I what? OH! How could I complicate an already complicated love situation further in my Mommy Wars series by pairing Molly and Gavin together? The answer: How could I not?  I realize that there are some complicated relationship dynamics in this series. But, here’s the thing: that’s what makes it so fun. To… Read More

7  Rain, rain, rain….and books!

After a summer of severe drought in the Midwest, “rain” isn’t  a word we take lightly. Finally, we started seeing same rainy days as August came to an end. What a joy to see the sky dark and threatening, and to hear the patter of rain on our roof.  Like today! But this means it’s… Read More

15 My Hometown

I’ve always found history interesting; it was always my favorite subject in school when I was growing up. When I’m learning about the past, I always find myself asking. What if? That was how the Heart of Colton series was born. I based my little town of Colton on my hometown of West, Mississippi. A… Read More


G’day there, Writerspace followers. I’m thrilled to be here talking about my latest romance, Playing It Safe, which is, as the title of this blog eludes to, a male/male romance. Now, after eighty something boys-kissing-girls books – 6 so far in this series alone – this is a departure for me and not one I’d… Read More

2 “Hey, Doc. You Know That Patient You Saw . . .”

An emergency physician never wants to hear those words. The next line won’t be, “He stopped by the ER today to say he’s doing well.” Instead, the inevitable bad news will ignite emotions somewhere between regret and outright terror. Sometimes the bearer of bad news won’t make the slightest effort to spare your feelings. As… Read More

25 Third Times A Charm or Three Rewrites Later…

Hello Writerspace readers! I’m so happy to be here today to share a few words about my new release from Entangled Publishing, WRITTEN FOR YOU. It’s a friends to lovers, forced proximity, small town romance that took a long time to get to The End. You see, like my screenwriting hero, Cam, I suffered from… Read More

10 “What a Powerful Fiddle You Have.”

Words. There are millions of them. They are the tools we use to create and weave together stories. As a writer, I must choose them wisely, especially when writing my historical romances. Many words were not used hundreds of years ago. For example, the word “penis” was not used for the male sexual organ until… Read More

14 Rescue bunnies will kick your butt!

When my wife and I first started collecting rescue bunnies ten years ago, I knew nothing about rabbits. Like most people, I had been acculturated to think of rabbits as living plush toys: 24/7 snugglers created to be pets for tween girls. I was surprised to discover how complex their lives were. How territorial they… Read More

11 An Unexpected London

by Hayden Stone It started with throwing imaginary chickens out of the house. The reason? Bad chicken behaviour, I told my mom, as a veteran two-year-old, wise in the way of imaginary chickens. Soon after that, I wouldn’t stop telling stories about horses. At my core, I remain a storyteller. To be honest, I have… Read More

1 The Antihero Gets His HEA

Three years ago, my dragon enforcers—a team of firefighting dragon shifters trained to hide their people’s existence—burst onto the page. In the first book, The Boss, a character was introduced who, the second he appeared, I just knew he had to have his own story. Actually, it started even sooner. I knew as soon as… Read More

New Release, New Series

It’s been a while since my last new release.  Since February 2020, in fact. I’m fortunate enough to have a lot of books out there, and although I’ve got one being published this month as well as some others coming soon, more than a year is a bit of a delay for me. Hey, am… Read More

12 Music, Please!

By Vanessa Barneveld Do you need total silence when you write or do you pump up the volume on your playlist? It wasn’t so long ago that, despite being married to a musician, there was no room in my writing cave for music. I needed rarefied conditions. The kind where, if a pin dropped on… Read More