Music and why I can’t write without it

Thank you so much for having me! I’m so excited to be here today talking about my latest release Ember of Night and how much music influences my writing! I know every writer is different, some of my friends need absolute silence when working while other’s need music blasting in their headphones. Some like to… Read More

9 Keeping Love Real with a Steal, plus a Giveaway!

I’ve known my husband for twenty years and we’ve been married for fourteen. There isn’t much we don’t know about each other, so when we’re out and about or out to dinner (or back in the days when we could be out to dinner!) or waiting for something, we try to figure out how we’d… Read More

2 Amish Country Might be the Coolest Setting Ever

Hi there, Writerspace readers! Since this is my second book set in Amish Country, I’ve been asked this question a number of times: As an author who has resided in California and Texas and written contemporary romances, what drew you to the Amish genre? So, it all goes back to my sister. She moved from… Read More

Romance – The Feel Good Factor

A synthesis (aka ‘why’) by Royaline Sing Disclaimer: I am not a professional when it comes to psychology etc. This is for fun and all opinions are my own. I practically grew up on Romance. I’m referring to Bollywood Romance movies (I like some other genre movies in Bollywood too). Even as a young child,… Read More

12 When Life is a Hot Mess – Collage

By Heather McCollum These days with social media, readers are able to peek into the worlds of their favorite authors. What you might discover is that we rarely have a place to write uninterrupted. I often dream of living alone in a tiny house in the forest with my dog, sipping chai tea lattes and… Read More

17 Emergency, Emergency!

Excerpt from DEAD ALREADY by Mike Krentz (Young Dr. Zack Winston, a US Navy flight surgeon, met his true love, aviator Noelle Robinson, while serving with a carrier air wing based in Japan. Their torrid affair culminated in a rushed marriage that enabled them to deploy together on USS Kitty Hawk, albeit in separate male… Read More

2 #SayLess

Hi, y’all! My name is Anne Harper and I write small-town, romantic comedies filled with shenanigans, romance, and sweet tea. Most notably, the Accidentally Viral series! The first book in the series, Fake It Till You Make It, was inspired by a very embarrassing email I almost sent to my editor on accident. That uh-oh… Read More

Looking for “pure reading pleasure?” 

Didn’t want you to miss these rare limited time offers. Two of my books are on sale right now for 99 cents.  Spring’s Storm, Clean Romance Mystery Thea’s cute new neighbor turns her small town—and her heart—upside down. “pure reading pleasure, loved each minute of it…hard book to put down” “Lyn Cote has such a… Read More


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jodi Thomas, comes Picnic in Someday Valley, the next novel in her romantic, heartwarming contemporary series set in Honey Creek, Texas—a little town nestled in the rolling hills bordering the Brazos River, where family bonds and legends run deep, and friendship and love (and gossip!) are… Read More

The Allure of the Amish

I’m so happy to be here at Writerspace sharing Pine Creek Courtship, my debut Amish romance with you. For many years I wrote young adult romance. I loved the sweet innocence of falling in love for the first time. I wrote over a dozen novels in the genre and enjoyed every bit of my time… Read More

Holding Out For a Heroine

Do you love butt-kicking heroines? Is your reading pile stacked with books featuring covers of weapon-wielding women ready to do battle for all that is right and good in the world? Or maybe it’s the type of heroine with a quieter agency. Who know what they want out of life and in a man and… Read More