“They don’t have chemistry.”

Four words you never want to hear from your agent when you are writing a romance. But I heard them, and it was the best thing anyone has said to me. — I spent months trying to write The Crush Collision. I knew that Jake Lexington was my main character—and I knew him through and… Read More

2 In the Dog House 

by Traci Hall During my research for In the Dog House, my contemporary romance for Entangled’s Bliss line, I fell in love myself—with funny dog videos. Cat videos. Animal videos. They are addicting, and they always made me smile or laugh. Talk about instant mood lifter. We all have so many reasons to be stressed—relationships,… Read More

My First Date

Lyn Cote here — My first date with the man I’ve been married to for MANY years began in February. We’d met at a New Year’s Eve Party and then ran into each other again and that was the moment I knew I kinda liked him.  He was a shy guy but finally he asked… Read More

Heroine Inspiration

Hi friends, Welcome to The Blog. I took a blogging hiatus in 2018 but it feels so good to be back chatting with you all. I’ll be blogging here the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Hope you’ll join me. Today is a special day! It’s release day for Deadly Isle, my first stand-alone… Read More

Keeping Your Story Your Story

Hey, all! Jennifer here. If you’re a writer, you are more than likely in a critique group or exchanging work with another writer. And if you’re not… YOU SHOULD BE!  Ha! (Half kidding) Personally, I feel I’ve grown as a writer by not only the feedback I get from other authors on my writing, but… Read More

How Gators and Wildlife Cops became a Series

By Connie Mann When I tell people I’m a licensed boat captain and work on a river in Central Florida, their first question is: “Do you ever see alligators?” The question makes me smile, because it’s a rare day that I DON’T get to show the 5th graders an alligator. (The only time they’re not… Read More

Just in time for Saint Valentine’s Day…Stinky Vinegar Valentines!

The feast of Saint Valentine of Rome was designated in the year 496. The date? February 14th, of course. About 900 years later, Saint Valentine and his feast day (already celebrated with food, drink, jousting, poetry, singing, and dancing) somehow became associated with romance, passion, and love. And so began the need to send Saint… Read More

Real Life Heroes

As a writer, I’m always looking for new story ideas.  For most writers, past experiences can be a very big help.  Have you ever survived a dangerous situation?  How did you do it? When I was first learning to snow ski, I got caught on top of Stowe Mountain, Vermont in a blizzard, after the… Read More

Ask Peggy about the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!

Forget the flowers, candy, and teddy bears. What you and your love should share this Valentine’s Day is a heart-to-heart conversation about money. Wow—what a buzzkill! Maybe, maybe not. Did you know financial discord is the leading cause of divorce, destroying relationships even worse than infidelity? To keep this from happening to you, here are… Read More


Madness does not always howl. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “Hey, is there room in your head for one more?” That tongue-in-cheek quote sits on the shelf behind the desk in my office. It always makes me smile, but it also contains a certain amount of truth… Read More