5 Out in the Stands

By Shae Connor I’ll admit up front: I’m not particularly a softball fan. I mean, I have nothing against softball, and I’ve watched games here and there, but my attention’s mostly focused in a slightly different direction. I’m a huge baseball fan. And I got it from my mother. My mom grew up in south… Read More

1 Top Five Ways to Pass Time in Captivity

By Samanthe Beck No, I haven’t been incarcerated (lately), or captured by Vikings, (despite my best efforts). But I am the world’s foremost expert on passing time in captivity, so long as we’re speaking of the fictional town of Captivity, Alaska, which I invented as the setting of my latest release, WILD IN CAPTIVITY. Now,… Read More

6 Diversity in Historical Romance

Hello! I’m Tina Gabrielle and I write adventurous historical romance featuring feisty ladies and bold heroes. I’m excited to be with Writerspace to celebrate my new historical release, ONE NIGHT WITH AN EARL, the first book in my Daring Ladies series. I’ve always wanted to write a diverse historical romance and “One Night with an… Read More

3 Why I’d Love to Fall in Love in Another Galaxy…

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about writing is I get to travel to faraway places. I used to travel a lot when I was younger, but now I’ve settled down on an almond farm in the remote mountains of southern Spain. I share the farm with a lot of animals (and my husband)… Read More

1 A Playlist for Of Trust & Heart

As with every other story that I come up with, making a soundtrack for it is a fundamental part of the process. But for OF TRUST AND HEART this was even more important because, since the book takes place in the 1920s, where music was such a huge focus on the time, it needed to… Read More

How do writers create a world for readers to step into?

When I started writing DINNER ON PRIMROSE HILL I did what I always do in my mind. I build a plot much like a carpenter builds a house. I begin with the foundation, the facts, the time period, the weather, the location, the history. How do writers create a world for readers to step into? For… Read More


My Best Ideas…. People often ask me how I come up with the idea for my story, or for specific scenes. Many times, they grow from real life experiences. An event occurs, and a specific moment from that event plants a seed.  For example, my neighborhood is host to bands of wild horses every year;… Read More

5 All the Single Ladies

by Natasha Moore Best friends. Good friends. Old friends. New friends. We all need friends. Some of my favorite romance series have revolved around a group of women who have drawn together, offering help, support, and possibly alcoholic fortification for each other when life has thrown things their way. Since I’m what is now considered… Read More

16 So, I did a thing…

So, I did a thing… Isn’t that how it always starts when someone does something they weren’t really sure of at first but did it anyway and now are so glad they did? Yeah, that’s me. Let me explain. I’ve been a published romance author four years now, and yes, I’m one of those writers… Read More

1 How the ‘Year of ‘No’ Transformed my Entire Career

Starting a career as an author with that first finished manuscript is probably the most exciting and terrifying journey an aspiring writer can embark on. The uncertainty of finding an agent, finding the right publisher, finding reviewers and finding readers is daunting and can be slightly overwhelming. But after that first book does all those… Read More


If you know me you probably know by now that I write psychic romantic suspense under three different names:  Jayne Ann Krentz for contemporaries, Amanda Quick for historicals and Jayne Castle for my futuristic stories. Things were going swell until I realized the horrifying truth.  The dust bunnies had taken control of my Jayne Castle… Read More

4 Behind the Scenes of Serve ’N’ Protect

By Tee O’Fallon Serve ’N’ Protect is my eighth published romantic suspense and the first one for which I can’t take full credit for devising the plot. This was a true collaborative effort between me, my editor, and my publisher. For this story, my publisher said: “Hey, Tee. We’d like you to do something a… Read More