2 Getting Back to Your Reading Roots

Writer’s block is not a new topic, but it’s always a relevant one. There are many things that can help out when your creative juices stop flowing: meditating, taking a walk, reading a book – the list goes on and on. Sometimes the block sticks around, which can be pretty miserable, but eventually, it does… Read More

51 Release Celebration and Giveaway!

Hi friends, Today I’m celebrating the release of 14th book—The Deadly Shallows. I’m thrilled I get to spend part of it with you. In addition to The Deadly Shallows’ release, I’m also celebrating 10 years of publishing this summer. My debut novel, Submerged, came out in May of 2012. I still can’t wrap my head… Read More

5 Researching to Write a Paranormal Romance – By Lisa Kessler

Hi everyone – It’s great to be back on the Writerspace blog! Pirate’s Protector has just hit eReaders everywhere, and this book also features my first ever mermaid heroine! I have so much fun writing this Sentinels of Savannah series because each book not only features a new immortal pirate from the Sea Dog crew,… Read More

12 There’s Just Something About Small Towns

Hey y’all! I’m Aliyah Burke and I’m honored to be here today. Thanks for joining me. I write romance—paranormal, historical, and contemporary—as well as cozy mysteries. Small towns. I love them. Love living in them. Love writing about them. Not as much of a fan of the fact everyone knows my business, but it’s still… Read More

2 The Lens of Romance

The Lord Pretender is a tale of gender, and specifically, what happens when the “glove doesn’t fit.” In the story, the misfit is the result of a body switch between a man and a woman that thrusts them unwillingly into unfamiliar genders. Many of our brothers and sisters experience a similar sense of not fitting… Read More

3 Sweeten up your summer with a new book, and a treat!

We are a few days shy of summer, but it has already descended here in the Upper Midwest with high humidity and temps in the mid-90’s—and right now, we have both an excessive heat warning and a tornado watch.  I’d like to go back to our cold spring, please! Do you have some plans for… Read More

10 Ireland Calling

I’ve been lucky—and blessed—enough in my life to be able to not only grow up steeped in the lore of my Irish family, but I’ve also been able to visit it often in person. In fact, I just got back after meeting another branch of my extended family there. I wish I could spend this… Read More

2 What does it take to cause people to change or heal?

That question is the basis of my story, Ominous Midsummer, which will come out on June 15. And it is not just a change in one character but in two: my heroine Jessie who suffered a traumatic event and subsequent amnesia and my hero Chad who suffered a troubled childhood. They have become best friends,… Read More

16 4 Romantic Suspense Series You Should Be Reading

  I really enjoy watching the hero and heroine solve a mystery and fight for their lives as they battle the bad guys in a romantic suspense. It’s the perfect combination of my two favorite genres—romance and mystery/thrillers. A good romantic suspense novel will make you nervous while eagerly flipping through the pages, all while… Read More

5 Roxanne Rustand asks, has your life ever changed in an instant?

Have you ever thought about how many times your life has taken an abrupt turn—for good, or for bad? A late-night phone call.  A piece of mail you didn’t expect.  A chance meeting. The unexpected loss of someone you loved.  A last-minute change of plans that led you to something very different.  Mine sure changed… Read More

1 An Interview With Stephanie Vance

Across the Aisle is my debut novel, which is why you don’t know much about me…yet. I thought I’d introduce myself through an imaginary interview. I’m a writer. We’re creative like that. Interviewer: Stephanie, tell us about Across the Aisle. Stephanie: It’s a classic enemies-to-lovers romance featuring Dallas McGrath, a female lobbyist working to succeed… Read More