And More Anticipation

by Linda O. Johnston Last month I blogged here about anticipation, even including an official definition.  And part of what I was anticipating then came true! Of course, I expected it to.  I’d been waiting for the publication of my second K-9 Ranch Rescue story for Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Trained to Protect.  It was, in… Read More

Did History Class Bore You?

Lyn Cote here-History class often left out the “stuff” I find fascinating. How did events affect the people living then? History is just the story of life. I always end every historical with a Historical Note that tells the reader what was true history and what I made up within the real history. Here’s the… Read More

Do You Remember Your First Secret Crush?

by Ariella Moon October and the season of the witch are finally upon us! Here in the southern California desert, I miss crisp autumn days, cleansing rains, and swirling crimson and gold leaves. So I channel those sensations and the magic of First Love into my sweet romance series, the Teen Wytche Saga. Do you… Read More

Three Ways Fighting and Kissing are the Same

by Amber Mitchell I write fantasy romance because when I sit down at my computer screen, I like to escape. I want to be in a different world, going on bold adventures with the characters. I want to face things that terrify me in real life and I want to get swept up in the… Read More

Ask Peggy Why Walkers and Canes Don’t Come With Buckets

I knew it was going to be a long weekend when I heard water rushing in my garage. Yes, it was raining hard outside, but this sound was definitely coming from inside. I looked around without luck and finally opened the storm cellar door. Our tornado shelter had become a hot tub! No longer cool… Read More


Remember when you were told as a child, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? Sage advice. But, in a world of anonymous posts, too often forgotten. When did we lose the ability to hold our tongues? Keep a negative thought to ourselves? Instead, we seem to have adopted a pile… Read More

Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark is a novella, part of a new series set in Dallas that begins with The Conspiracy.  Chase Garrett is the mega rich owner of Maximum Security, a company whose clients cater to the Dallas elite.  The office is staffed by private detectives, bail enforcement agents, and personal security specialists.  Chase also owns… Read More

Romance with a Christmas Spirit…

…and a chance to win a Mistletoe Miracles 3 Day Vacation at Jodi Thomas’ Red River Condo! When I started my story of the Maverick Ranch for MISTLETOE MIRACLES, I wanted to begin with Griffin. I saw him as a far better man than he thinks he is and I knew by the time readers followed… Read More