By Pintip Dunn I adore rom-com movies. In fact, for an all-too-brief period, my husband and I had the tradition of celebrating our dating anniversary by watching a rom-com at the theaters. (Lucky for us, our anniversary is Valentine’s Day, so there was no shortage of romantic movies!) We saw My Best Friend’s Wedding on… Read More


By Sawyer North My first literary love was science fiction. When I was a kid, virtually every sci-fi novel was written by men with a few exceptions: Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Andre Norton, etc. However, women writers were barely tolerated in the space. James Triptree Jr. (Alice Sheldon) saw her sales crash when… Read More

3 In the Mood for Fun?

We’ve been very serious during this pandemic and turbulent time in our nation and world. So I decided let’s think of something fun! Will you relate a FUNNY SUMMER memory or an endearing one? Let’s share a feel-good moment in time. I’ll go first: When I was about eight years old, my parents took us… Read More

10 Grow a Little Love

In The Roommate Problem, the hero, August, is a floriculturist. August likes to grow flowers, he enjoys eating healthy, whole foods. Mo is the exact opposite. She hasn’t met a deep-fried cheese covered dish she hasn’t liked. Their taste in food isn’t the only thing they don’t have in common. August is an introverted neat… Read More

Long Summer at Home

Since I’m housebound like the rest of the country, and unable to make my usual summer treks to see friends and attend various conferences, I thought I would wistfully talk about my summer plans. Fortunately, my home state of Montana is one of the nicest places in the world to spend the summer.  Mountains so… Read More

4 The language of ROARING

If there is one thing that gives a world some color in a book, it’s the use of expressions. A world’s terminology, vocabulary, nomenclature—even its cursing!—can create a vivid setting that pulls in a reader. In all my fantasies I try my best to weave in language that feels unique and organic to that world…. Read More

11 A Rose by any Other Name

I love roses. Most flowers, actually. Looking back, I probably could’ve made being a florist a career. My favorite of all flowers is the hybrid tea rose. I like to cut them and bring them into the house, let their fragrance fill each room. I guess it stems (no pun intended) from when my dad… Read More

A Character’s Voice

Hearing a character’s voice in your head is one of the strangest parts of writing.  Each voice is distinct, unique to that person in some way.  How does it happen? That is a question I have yet to satisfactorily answer. A novel is constructed by using different tools, description, narrative, setting, and dialog among them. … Read More

7 Do Enemies Make the Best Lovers?

We all have our favorite romance tropes, those hooks that make us one-click a book without even reading the back cover copy. (For me, they’re second chance, forbidden romance, and opposites attract.) And then there are the ones we pretty much stay away from. (For me, it’s been secret baby, love triangles, and…enemies to lovers.)… Read More

2 The Reality of my Fictional Worlds

The birth of a child is beautiful and special and life changing, but sometimes things don’t go as expected. You’ve heard the phrase about counting to see if your baby has all ten fingers and toes, but what if they don’t? And what about the number of chromosomes? The morning my first child was born—almost… Read More