Lyn Cote Asks-Is God an Author?

I think He is. And a very good one. Just think of all the movies made of his “memorable” stories–Samson and Delilah (could a man be that dumb?–evidently–yes), The Ten Commandments (will we ever forget the parting of the Red Sea or the angel of death?), and what about Queen Esther? It seems to me… Read More

Absinthe frappés, anyone?

As almost everyone in 21st century America knows, a frappé is a delicious drink made with coffee and ice, which is often topped with bubbly foam. What you might not know is that New Orleanians have been enjoying frappés—often flavored with liqueurs like crème de menthe, crème de noyaux, or vermouth—since the 1850’s. (And if… Read More

Chocolate and the Craft of Writing – Brownies and Bridge Scenes

After releasing the third book in the Matchmaker Café series, Falling in Love with Emma, about a French baker who wonders if she will ever get out of the friend-zone with the man who owns a fish market, it seemed appropriate to write a food-themed blog that combines chocolate and the craft of writing. Chocolate because it’s mentioned in every book… Read More

Multiplicity and Milestones

by Linda O. Johnston Writing in multiple genres. I’ve blogged about that here before, and now it’s on my mind again enough for me to create another blog post about it. Why? Because I’ll be attending the Romance Writers of America Conference in Denver later this month. The focus there? I’m sure you know: romance…. Read More

Ask Peggy Why You Should Treat Your Writing Like a Business

Peggy Doviak, Ph.D., CFP® Hi, my name is Peggy Doviak, I’m a personal finance author, and I want to help you prosper! Each month, I’m going to blog about financial topics that writers need to understand. And this month it’s a biggie—treating your writing like a business rather than a hobby. Whether you have a… Read More


by Mary J. Williams I thought a lot about my blog this month, and quite frankly, my mind went blank. I’m tired. Tired of rude, often nasty, shouting politicians. Tired of social media drama. Tired of the latest celebrity and their non-problem, problems. I don’t want to write another few paragraphs about forgiveness or self-awareness…. Read More

1 Four Books Later

by Amy Lane So, I remember my first book—Vulnerable. It was self-pubbed at the time, the editing was embarrassing as hell, and it didn’t have a traditional happy ending. And some friends of mine read it and said, “So, when’s the next one?” I pointed to my head and said, “It’s all up here!”  Because… Read More

1 Reinventing Laura

It’s safe to say that I’ve reinvented myself several times in this lifetime. Doesn’t everyone? Years ago it was me, the college girl, reinventing myself to become the music teacher. Then it was me the exhausted music teacher reinventing myself into the ice cream store entrepreneur. Then, somehow, the bright-eyed entrepreneur faded into the cashier… Read More

1 What I did on my Between-Books Vacation

You’ll notice my blog this month is a variation on a famous back-to-school essay theme.  While I can’t personally recall ever being asked to pen a “What I did on my Summer Vacation” essay during my school career, I hear it’s a common academic request.  And I would have loved this topic! No one enjoys… Read More