6 Home Improvement Everywhere!

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Art imitates life.” For me the last few months have been quite the reverse of that, with my life imitating what was going on in my book world. In my April release, Sand Dollar Lane, I follow the adventures of Lucy Holmes, who is new to the beach town… Read More


The Genesis of a Spinoff Series – K-9 Special Ops By Tee O’Fallon My life has gone to the dogs. Literally! Not only do I live with two rowdy sheepdogs, but check out my writing stats… My last five published novels were K-9 stories. My next four books—including Tough Justice—will also be K-9 novels. Now,… Read More

8 Writing Enemies to Lovers When You Want Everyone to Get Along

I’ve always wanted to write an enemies to lovers story. There’s a big problem with that, my characters have a tendency to quickly fall into, “her eyes, her laugh, I’ve loved her since we first met!” which doesn’t work for an enemies beginning! Add to that my own desire for everyone to get along, and… Read More

4 Our Family Ghost Adventure!

Ever since a spooky family visit to The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR, my husband and I love a good ghost hunter show. While we didn’t see any apparitions on our trip, we did have the A/C come on multiple times when we were trying for heat. When we called maintenance, they’d fix the… Read More

6 Inside Jokes

One of my favorite things in well-developed family and friend relationships (in real life and on the page) are the little inside jokes that break tension and strengthen bonds. In my family, we have three ongoing inside jokes: The Raisin Toast song, being “Stobarted,” and the perennial favorite, singing “Happy Holiday” at inappropriate moments. The… Read More

8 Michelle McLean’s Relationship Rules

In Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke, my hero and heroine—Silas Spencer, Duke of Whittsley and Miss Arabella Bromley—enter into a marriage of convenience, complete with a set of iron-clad rules to help their fake relationship run smoothly. Now, my own relationship certainly isn’t fake – I’ve been married for almost 21 years now and… Read More

The role of women in the Victorian Era and how I threw that on its head!

The Victorian era was filled with invention, innovation and industrial marvels, and it was also a period in history where women had very clearly defined social constraints in terms of what was expected of them, and the associated customs and conventions of those expectations. These constraints did depend on what ‘class’ of society a woman… Read More


Are you a creature of habit, like me? Someone who sinks into their comfort zone, and unless given a swift kick in the patoot, will happily sit there and wallow for a while? I admit it, I’m a creature of habit. Especially when I’m busy (and let’s face it – as a full-time working mom… Read More

15 Writing Funny and Making It Work

by Miranda Liasson Greetings, Writerspace Readers! If you knew me, you’d know I’m a pretty quiet person who happens to be married to an all-out extrovert. He’s rarely cranky while I need coffee before I can formulate more than a grunt. I am The-Sky-is-Falling and his usual response to my panic and worry is to… Read More

Well, That Was Awkward!

Like most people, sometimes I do or say something awkward. In fact, I might do it more than most. Like my heroine, Lexi, in The Dating Dilemma. Like Lexi, I sometimes blurt out my inner thoughts, but what really puts me in tight spots sometimes is my ADP. I have Audio Processing Disorder mostly likely… Read More

8 Bucket List Magic

A few years back, I had the opportunity to go and see the Eagles live in concert. We had great floor seats, just far enough from the front row to not look straight up. We were adults, we could finally afford the good ones! I was ecstatic, because, you see, live music is my thing…. Read More

Top Five Ways to Pass Time in Captivity – Volume Two

By Samanthe Beck I’m so thrilled to return to the fictional town of Captivity for my latest release, PLAYING DIRTY IN ALASKA. As mentioned before, I’ve never actually been to Alaska, but I didn’t let that stop me from writing a series! In this story, my heroine, bush pilot Bridget Shanahan, is a Captivity native,… Read More