House Cleaning for Writers

I’m sure most of you have heard of Spring Cleaning. That time of the year when you give your house some extra love and attention. When you hope against all odds that the dust doesn’t show up again for at least a month. When you make yourself, and the microwave, a promise to always put… Read More

6 When Inspiration Takes A Hike… Take A Hike!

By Tara Kingston  As a child, I loved to write stories. I was the girl in school who always kept a freshly sharpened pencil ready to put to use in my trusty notebook. Whether the teacher declared it creative writing time in class or my thoughts wandered away from long division, I loved writing about… Read More

The first woman writer….was a spy

My blog today, features the first woman to make her living by the pen. Aphra Behn, was born, somewhere around the 1640 and we know  she died, in 1689. While her life wasn’t long she led an adventurous life by any standard. She was a spy for Charles the II for England, she was a… Read More

More than just chemistry.

You’ve read that sizzle. That heart-pounding moment you know two characters have it, that undeniable pull that keeps them coming back to each other. It’s the moment I love in a romance book, and if I’m being honest, I thought was 100% fictional. Until it happened to me. You read that right. It was Christmas… Read More

My Top 5 Book Boyfriends by Maggie Mae Gallagher

With my upcoming release, The Fixer Upper, I have been thinking a lot about my favorite book boyfriends. Not just because I adore them, but why I feel that way about each of them. What is it about the hero that strikes my fancy and makes me yearn for them to step out of the… Read More

The “What Ifs” of Writing Sci-fi Romance

One of the most interesting ways to find story ideas is to ask the question “What if…?” And when writing sci-fi romance, the number of “what ifs” multiplies. Once you leave the contemporary world and planet earth behind, there’s no end to the “what ifs” that can happen. The who, when, where, why options become… Read More

Will You Help Me Choose 2 New Cover Models?

Yes, I need your help once again choosing  2 cover models. I am going to update two of my book covers (one is below) and need reader feedback. Both stories are Christmas novellas and I need two models. One story is more serious than the other but both include a romance and mystery. Ready? I… Read More

Oh. My. Look What Happened…

My mom and dad read every book I write during the proofing stages. My dad is a great proofer, and I can judge from my mom’s reaction if the general population will like the book. I’ve written some pretty sexy books, but my parents are the best, and super cool. I mean, I’ve sent them… Read More

How the Authors Behind Cathryn Marr Became Writing Partners

One of the first questions we’re asked is how we became writing partners. This is our story and we love sharing it with you! One Morning in Minnesota… Dawn woke up not feeling well and as the day went on had more and more trouble walking. To make a somewhat long story short, Dawn ended… Read More

Ten Things I Love in a Romance

For years, I had a list of ten elements that I loved in a romance. I was reading back over it recently and realized that a few of those elements have changed for me. Many have stayed the same. I love a great setting. A bit of suspense is always fun. But while I was… Read More