9 New Release

This month sees the release of my latest book, Colton First Responder, a Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel.  It’s my second in the vast, long-running Colton HRS series. Colton First Responder is my first release of 2020, and perhaps the only one, although I’m also writing a couple other non-Colton HRS books.  Unlike a lot of authors these days, I’m… Read More

14 Why I Love Writing the Future

SELECTED, book one in my new teen series, is set in a fictional near future and the story has suspenseful elements, a slight dystopian feel, and a love story. I loved playing around in the near future, like, say skip ahead twenty years and decide what would happen. I knew tech would be different, more… Read More

12 How a Real Estate Ad Inspired the Dry Creek Ranch Series

By Stacy Finz I had to look at the listing a few times to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood. It was exactly what I’d been searching for all these years in a little game I used to play where I pretended that I could afford a second home. In my fantasy it would be a… Read More

8 New Year, New You?

by Dawn Altieri Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? To lose weight, to eat better, to stop smoking, to generally be a better person? To spend less time falling down internet rabbit holes and actually get some writing done? Okay, maybe that last one is just mine. And if you do make them, how long… Read More


I have an author friend with a creative muse named “Boris.” When brainstorming together we often invoke the WWBD question. She is a talented author and a good friend, so the existence of Boris is an accepted given in our interactions. What she doesn’t know (shh, don’t tell her) is that every time she mentions… Read More

3 Why I love sci-fi romance…

Malfunction, book one in my Dark Desires Origins series, is a combination of science fiction, paranormal and romance. The series takes place five hundred years in the future after a fleet of ships, carrying the last of humanity, flee from a dying Earth in search of a new home. What most of the fleet don’t… Read More

5 Creating Characters Is for Everyone

A lot of times readers and friends ask me if it’s hard to get the inspirations for my stories. Usually, it’s not. Hard is to find the time and mindset to write them. Almost anyone, for instance, can create a character or made-up person. It’s fun, and it helps us navigate whatever issues we’re facing…. Read More

14 The Importance of Hobbies

Hobbies are wonderful things. They help us relax, let us blow off steam, teach us new skills, and allow us to try something fun while meeting new people. I have a lot of hobbies I enjoy; reading, scrapbooking, crocheting, playing music. Most of those are solitary hobbies, though and I wanted to try something out… Read More

41 Putting the Character in Character

By Donnell Ann Bell One of the hardest things for me to do as a writer is to create characters. Some authors have told me, “Oh, my character came to me fully formed.” Others say, “Oh, I do character interviews to find out what makes him/her/them tick.” Me? I ask my characters, “Who are you?”… Read More

Ever Read an African-American Romance?

Lyn Cote here—Whether you have or haven’t, I have one that any sweet romance reader would enjoy—Lean on Me (Family is Forever, Book 1) by Pat Simmons. Here’s my review: Romantic, romantic, romantic–the chemistry between Tabitha and Marcus was real. Loved it. Also loved Aunt Tweet–the lovable woman whose memories are slipping away but whose… Read More