2 Friends and Fans Become Family

Being a writer is a very lonely job. We work hundreds of hours to produce a book with nobody to talk to. But it’s all worth it when a fan comes up and says they love your book. Some of my fans have become friends for life. I love it when they blog about my… Read More

5 Writing vs Re-Writing

What I love about being a writer is that no matter how long you do it, you will always be learning. And I enjoy that I get to continually learn things that help me improve my craft or open me up to things I hadn’t considered before. One thing I recently learned about myself was… Read More

5 Do you like dogs? 

Do you like dogs?  I love slipping favorite horses and other pets into my novels when it works for the story, and this new release is no exception. Read on to find out why our Schipperke Cinder became known far too well in our rural area! LETHAL PURSUIT, a Christian Romantic Suspense novel, is out… Read More

Cruising for a Setting

A setting can sometimes make or break a story, or an author trying to create a story. Settings can be a silent background member, adding ambiance and subtle support. Or settings can be larger than life, a character with their own agenda. In A Cruise Fling, my next romcom, the cruise ship setting is very… Read More

46 Sports Romance – a favorite of mine to write and read

Hello and good morning! Thanks for hanging out with me today. I love writing sports romance. To me there’s something touching about the sports player, male or female, who is used to getting pretty much anything and everything they want because of their ‘star’ status having to work for the one thing I feel all… Read More

What Do a Scientist and a Spy See in Each Other?

I had an author friend once tell me that your hero and heroine should be the absolute worst people in the world for each other. Anything less just wouldn’t be compelling enough to keep readers turning pages. My personal feeling is that’s a tad, well, overboard. But the basic idea definitely creates conflict. Which is… Read More

2 Writing What You Know When You Write Fantasy

The advice to “Write what you know” always seems to fall apart if you’re a fantasy writer like me. I don’t know how to do magic, and I’ve never been to the world in my book The Moonlight Blade, because so much of it came from my imagination. But nothing comes from nothing. There were… Read More

2 Lyn Asks: Adoption? Has it touched your life?

First, my FREE EBOOK, ONLY HER HEART, one of my clean mystery romances, will end on Thursday, March 23 at midnight. Here’s the link to look it over and grab your copy. Why not tell a friend? I ask this because it is the thread that ties together the 4 books in my brand new… Read More

10 Alien Science Fiction Romance – Yes or No?

I’m often asked what attracts me to writing science fiction romance. To me, it’s the endless possibilities, the idea that other life forms besides humans exist in the universe. Aliens who may or may not look just like us, and how many of those new species might be compatible with us. Now entice those aliens… Read More

15 Don’t Mind Me, I’m Simply Distracted…

In my newest thriller, A CRY IN THE DARK, the heroine FBI agent Violet Rainwater investigates brutal murders where the killer blinds his victims before ending their lives. But she’s also been looking into a cold case abduction—her mom’s. She’s calculated, persistent, and diligent in getting the job done whether it’s a present homicide or… Read More

3 The Future of Dystopian Fiction in a Post-Dystopian World

A lot of things have changed since I was a kid. Personal computers and the internet are the first mega-changes to spring to mind, and, indeed, they changed everything. The world is now so interconnected that it no longer feels vast, interacting with people from other countries is commonplace and even blasé, and traveling to… Read More

2 Meet-cute-Disasters

Romance readers love a good meet-cute. I bet most readers can recite their favorite meet-cute from memory. Me? I like to write what I call meet-disasters. Take that first moment of the love interests meeting and dial up the awkward. For example, in The Wedding Dilemma, the couple met when he had to rescue her… Read More