1 What Makes a Heroine ‘True To The Times’?

What makes a character true to their time? Does he or she adhere to a certain moral code or strictly stated socially acceptable behaviors? And who deems those behaviors acceptable: the society in which that character lives, or our interruption, as readers, of what that society would have thought of such behavior? As we consider… Read More

6 “It’s Die Hard…with romance…”

I’ll admit it, Die Hard has long been my favorite movie. Some might say this is a strange choice for a romance writer—but then, some might say I’m a strange romance writer generally…yeah, moving on! I’ve loved Die Hard ever since I first saw it in the cinema as a teen. I loved the wise-cracking… Read More

2 An Author’s Real Life Haunted House

Happy Autumn! I’m thrilled to be here on Writerspace! Cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and spooky stories make October my favorite month. I am Heather McCollum, mom of three dramatic kids, wife of one Highlander, kicker of ovarian cancer’s arse, and author of Scottish Historical romance. Since it is close to the spookiest day of the… Read More

Building Families

In my new release Most Ardently, an LGBT+ retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, our story centers on the Benitez family – a working-class, close-knit bunch that often drive each other completely insane. One of my main struggles while writing was keeping them recognizable as a modern-day version of the Bennet family, while still… Read More


As a novelist, I’m used to plotting. And not just stories. I also plot how to let the world know about them. I plot my life, as much as possible. And more. So here I am now, at Writerspace, posting this blog about plotting. That’s largely to let the world know about my latest upcoming… Read More

4 Heroes with Disabilities

Hello! I’m Tina Gabrielle and I write adventurous historical romance featuring feisty ladies and bold heroes. I’m excited to be with Writerspace to celebrate my new historical release, HOW TO CAPTURE A DUKE, the third book in my Raven Club series. All my books are standalone reads. Did you know Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James… Read More

Controlling men…and why we love to break them.

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes. And while it’s true we are often attracted to the qualities we are missing in our own lives, it can make for an interesting and tumultuous time when navigating the path to true love. They also say, that if everyone was the same, life would be boring! But… Read More

5 Divorce in Romance

Don’t worry. I’m not going to try to convince dedicated romance readers that main characters can get divorced and the book can still be considered a romance. I am very firmly in the HEA or GTFO camp of romance. I read and write romance because of the happy endings. But divorce happens. More than 50%… Read More

7 Print or Ebooks–Your Opinion?

I received this email from a reader recently: “I don’t want the e books. I want the real books of Lyn Cote. I have trouble finding them…” So of course,  my next question is–which do you prefer reading print or ebooks? And why? The second part is the most important–important to me as an author…. Read More