1 Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner, and Me by Shae Connor

One of the reasons I wrote Rough and Tumble was because I’m a gymnastics fan. When I started thinking about doing a college sports romance series, gymnastics was the sport on the top of my list. I had to do some research about collegiate gymnastics, but for the sport itself, I just had to go… Read More

1 How writing plus-size characters has helped me embrace my body

Body image is something that has always been a challenging topic for me. I was always very athletic and active, studying multiple forms of dance, from ballet to jazz to tap to hip hop. I played softball and took part in track and field activities at my school. But I also developed very quickly and… Read More

8 Dominant, protective cowboys – what’s not to love?

Have you ever had a life-altering experience? Mine took place when I survived a three-car accident as a young newlywed. Unable to return to a full-time job after months in the hospital, I found myself bored to tears sitting at home. Then my aunt handed me a romance novel and my love affair with books… Read More

2 Halloween Romance by the Monster

It’s almost Halloween, y’all. True, this year, many fewer kids will probably be trick-or-treating. Even so, this remains one of my favorite holidays. As a paranormal romance author, how could I not love a holiday where the imagination gets to come out and play? Ghosts and ghouls, vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies, demons, and more… Supernatural… Read More


Fall is always my favorite season. I love the colors and the cool days. Now, in this time of silence with no one to talk to and nowhere to go, I love the fall even more. I spend my days in fiction both writing and reading and to my surprise I’ve become more creative. I… Read More

9 Do You Believe in Curses?

What gives you the heebie jeebies? Humans are amazing creatures in so many ways. We imagine futures, remember and ruminate over the past, and create dramas that may or may not be going on around us. The human mind can come up with both fantastic and horror-filled ideas. This is why things like scary stories… Read More

Not Another Cover Model Contest?

Yes, sorry. I, Lyn Cote, need your help with yet another cover model for a new book, titled Uncertain Spring. If you didn’t read my blog, “Can a Grandmother Be a Heroine in a Romance?” perhaps you’d like to click here to read about the story line. This is in my Northern Shore Intrigue series,… Read More

2 Newsflash — She’s a TV Junkie

I have a secret. I binge watch tv. I very seldom share my television watching habits with friends and family, knowing that many of my friends view binging on tv programs or watching a day of movies as a waste of time. Also, there is the…” Nothing is worth watching on tv anymore. It’s all… Read More