9 Do You Finish Every Book You Start?

Lyn Cote here. Every month I ask a question in my newsletter and here because I want to know what readers are thinking. As an author, I write far from readers and I like to know what they are thinking. So what’s my question for June, you may ask? Here it is: Do you always… Read More

10 Writing in Harrowing Times

A gif of a Dumpster fire would be pretty fitting image for my life the last several months. Like many writers, I tried to wedge in writing time during a pandemic. Then several family emergencies and a medical procedure/recovery happened. Writing in hospital rooms is actually not to be recommended, LOL. It was a surreal… Read More

7 Top Three Most Asked Author Questions…

Thank you for joining me as I celebrate the release of SMALL TOWN, BIG SECRETS – book 2 of my TRINITY RIVER novels. For a little fun, I decided to talk about the three most frequently asked questions I get as a sweet, romance writer. I’m often asked about my favorite romantic comedies. I believe… Read More

27 Winners and Losers

In my new release, A Scot to Wed, Mistress Katie Sterling arrives at the MacDuff castle with a faded piece of parchment that she has been told all  her life proved her family had been cheated out of the castle inheritance many years ago. Laird Evan MacNeil, the new clan laird via the rules of… Read More

13 It’s All About the Bread

I was living in Los Angeles during the Covid-19 epidemic. For some reason, Los Angeles County decided they were going to extend quarantine longer than everyone else in the country. On the other hand, other California counties were beginning the slow roll out to opening. Even as an essential employee required to be in an… Read More

Five Things to Know Before Reading Carolina Breeze

By Denise Hunter Carolina Breeze is the 2nd book in the Bluebell Inn series. Although this series is best read in succession, you’ll have no trouble following each storyline if you read them as stand-alones. However, you may enjoy getting to know the characters more fully by reading each novel, starting with Lake Season. Carolina… Read More

21 I Can’t Help Falling in Love

Hello and thank you for having me on the blog today! So excited to be here. So I as a writer I have a bad habit of falling in love with the characters I write. LOL. There’s something about creating a character. Whether it’s the hero or heroine or even the villain, a lot goes… Read More

1 The exploration of the sense of self in Fractures

Our sense of self is based on the ways in which we think about ourselves, as well as the way we view ourselves, the traits that make us, us, and what beliefs and purpose we think we have in this world and life. Therefore, we can say our sense of self, who we are as… Read More

5 How A Scaredy Cat Wrote A Romantic Thriller

I have a confession to make. I’m a big chicken. I’m the girl who checks the doors three times before bed to make sure they’re locked and made my husband get an alarm system because the golf club by my bed when he was away for work just wasn’t enough. I’ve never liked scary movies,… Read More