14 Hockey Jeopardy!

Thanks so much for having us here today! We are so excited to be here and to have the opportunity to talk about our sweet YA romance, IN THE PENALTY BOX! Before we get started on our post, we wanted to let you know that we are giving away a $10.00 Amazon gift card! Details… Read More

10 Crown of Bones – the Relentless Muse

Today is special to me, the birthday of Crown of Bones, book #1 in the Amassia series. To celebrate with you, I am giving away a signed copy of this YA Fantasy novel, along with some cool swag. So please, pop your name in the comments and be in it to win. The thrill of… Read More

11 What’s Your Genre?

My agent once told me it takes five books for readers to associate your name with your genre. That’s excellent, I thought. Until I took a wide look at the stories I’ve written and the ones I plan to write and quickly realized my books don’t fit into one – or even two – neatly… Read More

2 Want More Little Creede? You bet!

CiCi Cordelia’s work-in-progress, The High Society Wife, will make the fifth book in a series that originally started as an idea for a trilogy. Calling this process challenging would be an understatement, but it’s been so much fun for Cheryl Yeko and Char Chaffin, the puppeteers behind CiCi. Writing during COVID has also been a mental… Read More

7 What Feeds You?

Thank you for allowing me to be here today. It’s truly a pleasure. I have been doing a lot of introspection recently. I’m sure a good many of people are given the state of things worldwide. I’ve decided that I have to make more of an effort to see what feeds my soul and keeps… Read More

4 Christmas Stories? Read ONLY at Christmas?

As an author, this is a sentiment that I hear quite often from other authors. Usually as a statement: “I won’t promote my Christmas stories until late in the year. People don’t want them till then.” So is that correct? Personally I enjoy Christmas stories year-round. But I must confess that I do enjoy reading… Read More


Giveaway – $10 Amazon gift card It’s difficult to believe that on December 8, 2020, ESCAPING ELEVEN was released into the world. They say that your book is your baby, but like all good birth stories, the really interesting tidbits come in the backstory. When did you decide to have a baby? Why did you… Read More

9 Using Reality to Create Family in Fiction

By Abigail Owen GIVEAWAY- $15 amazon Gift Card One of my favorite things to do when writing is to take small moments—touching, funny, together moments—from my own life and use them to give my characters the same real feel. I find this particularly helpful when writing family scenes. In The Protector, the heroine, Lyndi is… Read More

Just Like Her (Neighbor)

Be Ready to Have Chills Run Down Your Spine… As an author, we regularly (at least pre-2020) had days in which odd things happen because of our profession. Yet, odd doesn’t even begin to touch the events that led to the writing of my latest novel Just Like Her, Book 1 of the True Crimes… Read More