In the Mood for a WINTRY free Mystery-Romance?

Lyn Cote here–wonder why we like to wrap up in an afghan and read a winter romance in winter? You’d think we’d want to do that when it’s hot. But then we’re reading beach romance. Go figure. Anyway if you’re in the mood for a “snowy” romance with mystery, I have just what you’re looking… Read More

Autumn Books and Comfort Food

by Ariella Moon Fall has arrived in the southern California desert! With daytime temperatures dropping 30+ degrees to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, I can finally fire up the stove and concoct one of my favorite comfort foods, butternut squash soup. You can find the recipe here. Book News Did you know Vikings believed it was… Read More

The Last Christmas on Earth

by Augustina Van Hoven We’re heading into the holiday season and in my neck of the woods there is already snow on the ground.  Besides the change in the weather, the Hallmark channels are running their Christmas movies and the stores are putting out their displays of decorations and toys.   It’s the time of year… Read More

Why I Write Military Romance

By Irish Winters Hi Everyone! I’m Irish Winters and by now you know, at least I hope you know, that I love a man in uniform. What’s not to love? Most of the time, these men are absolutely sure of themselves. They’re braver than most and they’re protective of others, inclined to run into danger… Read More

Be Proud Of Your Escapism

“People sneer at escapism, well there are those of us who need it.”—Science Fiction writer, Piers Anthony. When I tell people that I write mystery and romance novels I’m greeted by a variety of reactions. Many are impressed with my accomplishments. After all, I’ve written a dozen books and a handful of short stories, been… Read More

Can There Ever be Too Much Snow?

By Laura Marie Altom I love Christmas and I really love snow. Alas, here in Oklahoma, those two things rarely go together. In my new book, The Cowboy SEAL’s Christmas Baby, Gideon and Jane are lucky enough to share a whole lot of both! LOL! I grew up on the east coast of Lake Michigan… Read More


by Janna MacGregor The second book in my Cavensham Heiresses series, THE BRIDE WHO GOT LUCKY, released this week. The couple introduced in THE BAD LUCK BRIDE, Lady Emma Cavensham and Nicholas St. Mauer, the Earl of Somerton, both oppose marriage for entirely different but similar reasons. Aha! I hope that got your attention. Both… Read More

The Amazing Little Trick Writing Taught Me

by Kate White One of the really magical things about being an author is that when you’re in the process of writing, certain plot points sometimes seem to take shape completely out of nowhere and words spill onto the page without you being fully aware of having first formed them in your head. It’s a… Read More

#MeToo and the Huntress Moon Thrillers

by Alexandra Sokoloff I have had a lot going on this week, what with a new book in my Huntress Moon thriller series out and, oh yes – getting married! Please. Spare me. These aren’t secrets. These are facts of rape culture. These entitled, predatory men have been blatant about their misogyny and abuse, and… Read More

4 The Writing Process

by Kylie Brant Every time I finish a book I say the same thing: I want a new writing process. Is there a store for that? I’d like to trade mine in. Because my process makes me crazy. I’ve long come to terms with the fact that I’m not a plotter. I will never be a… Read More