Death by dancing…what a way to go!

One of the joys of writing historical mysteries is the research. I love it! And as I write the sequel to my award-winning FANNY NEWCOMB AND THE IRISH CHANNEL RIPPER, I’m still on the hunt for unsavory snippets about barroom brawls, riverboat rivalries, and Canal Street cutthroats in Gilded Age New Orleans. In addition, I’m… Read More

Braving New Orleans’s Psychic Undertow

I confess. When I began writing the Teen Wytche Saga, my series of Young Adult sweet romances, my research consisted largely of eavesdropping on my daughter and her friends while I drove them to school. But as Brilliant Beautiful Daughter grew up, my novels and my inquiries became more complex. For example, researching SPELL FOR… Read More


by Maria Geraci Whether you go the beach, the lake, the mountains, or just hang around the house, the long lazy days of summer are a perfect time to catch up on your reading. And there’s no better reading than a good juicy beach read. What makes a good summer read? Well, it depends on… Read More

8 The Texas Mystique

by Kat Martin Since my new book, BEYOND CONTROL–Josh Cain and Victoria Bradford’s story–is set in Texas, I thought it might be fun to talk about one of my favorite places. There is something special about Texas.  My husband and I lived in Houston for a couple of months one summer and it was a… Read More

Why We Love Fairytales

By Leslie Hachtel The definition of fairytales is:  stories denoting the magical, idealized, or extremely happy. So different from most of our daily lives. Life is definitely getting harder. The news is more terrible everyday: children are killing children, Mother Nature is angry and more and more people are suffering. Sometimes just getting through the… Read More


by Alexis Morgan I love the sense of anticipation that happens every time I pick up a new romance to read or sit down at my computer to begin a new story. Yes, part of that is knowing I’m setting off on a new adventure, but what really draws me to reading and writing romances… Read More

Why I Love Second Chance at Love Romances

by Caridad Pineiro First of all, thanks to my Writerspace friends for letting me visit today to chat about WHAT HAPPENS IN SUMMER (June 5, 2018), my new release in the At the Shore Contemporary Romance series! Writers are readers too and one of my favorite kinds of stories to read is a second chance… Read More


by Mary J. Williams As human beings, one of the greatest gifts we were given is the power to choose the course of our actions. In simple terms, when you leave the house, do you turn right, or left? Your choice. Your free will. The same ability to decide which way to turn applies in… Read More

A Little Time At The Beach

Everyone loves the beach.  Though I live in Montana, I’m fortune to spend my winters at the beach in sunny California.  My writing space looks out on a boat channel that leads to the harbor so I watch the tide go up and down several times a day. A bicycle-ride away, a sandy beach slopes… Read More

Finding Her Tribe: Dinah of Seneca

My story is about a woman who wants a home and a family. Because, while Warriors of Seneca includes science fiction and fantasy concepts and while I placed Romans and Vikings into the same universe (because it’s fun), and while there are some intense scenes of battle in the tale, at the center of this… Read More