1 A care and feeding guide for the romance author in your life

So, Ingrid has asked me to step in and offer a few points from a romance spouse’s perspective, a care and feeding guide for the romance author in your life, if you will. Quite literally care and feeding at times, as anyone who’s lived in the same house with an author on deadline can tell… Read More

1 What I Saw on Christmas Morning…

Lyn Cote here~ My husband and I moved to the northwoods of WI in the early 2000’s. On the first Christmas morning I witnessed something called sublimation. Not psychologically but in chemistry. Here’s what I mean. I was standing at the kitchen window and looked out and I saw what looked like snow but special… Read More

4 My Top Five TV/Movie Kisses

Giveaway: $10.00 Amazon Gift Card We all wait for that moment. The two characters eyes meet, wordless communication is exchanged. One cups the other’s face as both lean in and lips meet. Cue the sighs. Below is my personal Top 5 TV/Movie Kisses, but before that, let me share Tabby and Eli’s first kiss from… Read More

1 Christmas Mayhem

Christmas Crazy is a real element of the season at our house. I used to think that it was just a one-time thing, but turns out, nope. That’s just life around here! I got started with the online shopping early, knowing we had a short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But family stayed over Thanksgiving… Read More

2 Witty Banter & the Strong, Silent Hero

I have a confession to make. My husband can be hard to read when it comes to emotions. I mean, he’ll tell me if I ask. But in general, he tends to be a “keep it to myself” kind of guy. Now, luckily, he’s also super easy going. Very little bothers him. But when he… Read More

1 Murder Most Ladylike

This month I’m celebrating the release of an omnibus collection of the first three Julia Grey novels in digital—THE LADY JULIA GREY MYSTERY COLLECTION VOL. 1. While I have moved on to another Victorian series (hello, Veronica Speedwell!) the Julia books will always have a special place in my heart for being my very first… Read More

13 The Road to Happily-Ever-After

By Cookie O’Gorman Hi everyone! I have a book coming out this week called ADORKABLE, and I’m so very excited!  My nerves are basically shot through with anxiety, but the pure joy is there, too.  There’s also a sense of disbelief mixed in with all of the other emotions. To be honest, I just can’t… Read More

Slowing Down

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and all the outdoorsy things that I like to indulge in—kayaking, bike riding, hiking. There’s so much fun to be had! But when summer whispers its way into fall, there’s a lot to be said for slowing down a bit, too. I love the colors of the Pacific… Read More

2 How I Stand Up To Cancer By Writing Romance Books…

May 2017. The sterile room, the grim faces, the stretching aching silence. An hour later I was walking out of hospital a very different woman to the one I was previously… Cancer. It’s the hangover that never goes away. It’s the nausea at the end of the evening, and the headache in the morning that… Read More

2 The Charm and Challenge of Time Travel Romances

I’m time travel romance author Angela Quarles and I’m excited to be here on Writerspace today. The first book in my new time travel series is out this week from Entangled Publishing, and I thought it would be fun to talk about the genre itself. Some love it; some hate it. Where do you fall?… Read More