by Mary J. Williams Kind of a broad subject, I know. But don’t worry, I plan to narrow the field. All the possibilities. Have you ever noticed as we grow older our world begins to narrow? As children, we dream. Big dreams. Often impossible, but we don’t know the difference—or care. One of the first… Read More


I love to travel.  I was fortunate to marry a man who also enjoys seeing the world. Though it is difficult to choose my ten favorite cities, Paris would be city #1. There is no more romantic place on earth.  Charming streets, a beautiful language, and fabulous food. City #2 is Rome.  Roman palaces and… Read More

The Right Wrong Turn

by Rebecca Barrett Sometimes the best things happen when you’re in search of something else. My very dear friend has a notoriously bad sense of direction. It is legend in our inner circle. When in doubt, she always turns left. To add insult to injury, she always insists on her chosen course, knowing and acknowledging… Read More

In Between Again

by Linda O. Johnston It’s April now.  I’ve mentioned here before that I have four books being released this year.  The first was last month, Second Chance Soldier, the first in my new Harlequin Romantic Suspense miniseries K-9 Ranch Rescue. The second will be next month, Pick and Chews, the fourth book in my Barkery… Read More

Discovering My Characters

People often ask me which character is me in a book.  I always say,  “Them all.” In MORNINGS ON MAIN, I was a young woman driving through town looking for a place to stop for a few months.  Looking for a piece of her life that was missing.  She traveled light from town to town,… Read More

Seven absolutely criminal mystery conventions

I’m back from a very-fun-and-very-exhausting Left Coast Crime mystery con in Sparks, Nevada. Although I’ve attended lots of mystery cons as a reader and fan, this was my first time as a published author. So now I get to introduce myself as “Mystery Author, Reader, and Fan.” WHOO-HOO! Left Coast Crime had something for everyone…a… Read More


by Catherine Mann If you’ve frequented my Facebook page, you’ve undoubtedly seen many photos of cute dogs and puppies! I’ve volunteered in animal rescue for decades, and I weave dogs into my stories whenever possible. In my April Harlequin Desire, THE LOVE CHILD, the heroine has a service dog, a subject matter I wanted to… Read More

Dissecting family drama series romance

I’ve long been drawn to the alchemy of family. It’s where the emotional action is in life, and in fiction. When writing a romance series, grounding the series in family drama provides a rich and dynamic cohesive element in which romance readers become deeply invested. They care greatly about what happens to the family over… Read More

2 A Nod to the Scientists

by Barbara Longley The sad news of Stephen Hawking’s recent passing made me think of my father, who was also a scientist. Dad had a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, and he was also a philosopher and a weaver of stories. I was close to my father, and we often sat at the dinner table long after… Read More