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Tango In Argentina

I visited Argentina twice and fell in love with Buenos Aires, the Paris of Latin America. The city owes its reputation to its wealth of beautiful Belle Epoque buildings, architectural landmarks built in the early decades of the 20th century: the Plaza de Mayo and its Obelisco, La Recoleta Cemetery, Café Tortoni where you can watch a good tango show, and the Caminito old district where the tango started.

But nothing beats watching and learning the Tango in Argentina.

The authentic tango that we saw in Buenos Aires was very different than what you’ve watched in the movies.

A proper Buenos Aires tango show tells a passionate story that is experienced by the dancers and expressed in every move of this romantic dance. The movements are complex. The man signals to his partner with subtle cues that they’ve practiced religiously.

Plaza de Mayo: Formed in 1884, the Plaza de Mayo is the place where Argentines gather in vehement protest or jubilant celebration. The center of the plaza is decorated by the Pirámide de Mayo, a white obelisk (El Obelisco) built to mark the first anniversary of independence from Spain and a grand statue of independence hero General Belgrano as well as towering palm trees and soothing fountains.

La Recoleta Cemetery: Argentine aristocrats were known to sell all their worldly possessions to pay for a spot in the country’s most exclusive cemetery, a maze of splendid mausoleums and dramatic crypts where the country’s most controversial figures sleep (including the most famous, Eva Perón).

Café Tortoni: The legendary fin de siècle café, modeled on the Parisian coffeehouses of the 19th century, has been a meeting point for artists and intellectuals since it opened in 1858 and still hosts regular jazz and tango nights.

Caminito: A well-known pedestrian-only street in Buenos Aires, it’s famous for its brightly colored houses built from scrap metal and painted with leftovers from the shipyards. The street is also known for being the birthplace of tango, which originated here in the late 19th century.

In this picture, my husband is learning the ABC of tango.

Two of my books have scenes set in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A romantic comedy, BETWEEN BABIES AND GIRLFRIENDS, The Senator’s Family Series, book 7.  (You can find it here on Amazon.)  Abandoned baby twins, an almost fiancée, and his mother in town insist on Dr. Brian Dutton’s attention.

To complicate things, his former girlfriend, a hot Argentinean beauty, arrives with her family to attend her brother’s wedding in Miami. Carla, the daughter of the Governor of Buenos Aires is more than happy to play the nanny to the twins, live in Brian’s condo and sleep in his bed, thus renewing their passionate affair.

When her father insists she should marry his partner’s son, Carla plots a whole scenario to be in Brian’s arms and have her official fiancé pleasantly occupied with someone else. But things don’t work the way she plans, and Brian is about to lose the love of his life.

A romantic comedy, LAST CHANCE PLANS, Love Plans Series, book 10. (Here on Amazon.)

At twenty, Rick Lambert ran away from the US to escape the accusations hurled at him. Fifteen years later, he returns to settle in Fort Lauderdale. His mother agrees to live with him and take care of his two sons who have been raised by nannies and boarding schools.

Flight attendant, Madison Howell loves nothing more than her job. During a flight from Dubai to Miami, she meets the authoritative businessman and his mother. The sweet old lady befriends her, and Rick doesn’t hide his attraction. When his children come home, Madison finds herself entangled with the Lamberts way too often. As she helps the young boys adapt to their new life, she falls in love with their gorgeous father, but she’s not sure she really knows Rick, her charming lover. A loving son and dedicated father but also a womanizer and tough businessman with a hidden past.

When people from long-ago cross his path, secrets are revealed, threatening to ruin their romance. Now mature and powerful, Rick confronts his enemies to clear his name, but will it cost him the woman he loves?


A tango scene from “LAST CHANCE PLANS, set in a tango restaurant in Buenos Aires:

“You want to show me a special step for my love?” Rick chuckled. “That’d be great. Show me, por favor, Ofelia.”

Placing his hand low on her back, the professional dancer leaned backward and had him bring his bent knee between her legs. “Empujas contra ella.”

“I push against her. Wow. She might not like that.”

His dancer laughed. “Una mujer enamorada ama.”

“A woman in love would love it. Hmm … Maybe. Or she may kick me out forever.”

“Wait.” Ofelia called the man dancing with Madison. “Carlos …” She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed Madison toward Rick. “Look and do the same.”

Rick held Madison as they showed him, bending her backward and leaning over her. Her flowery perfume enveloped him and numbed his restrain. His emotions and desire in a riot, he covered her mouth in a fiery kiss. Hoping she wouldn’t punch him to hell and back, he followed his mentors’ demonstration, and squeezed his knee between her legs.

Madison’s eyes opened wide, narrowed, opened again and closed, her moan stifled by his kiss.

What a move! She’d melted in his arms, and he was all hard. The music stopped, and they straightened with effort.

Buna?” Ofelia smiled at Madison, her eyebrows arched suggestively.

Rick glanced at his friend. “She asks if you’re okay?”

“Wow … Hmm.” Was she saving her tongue-lashing for when they reached the hotel?

Ofelia chuckled, and Carlos gave him a card with a website address. “For music on laptop. Go home happy. Practice.”


I’m always looking for some new ARC readers for any or all of my series. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me at [email protected]

Mona Risk

Mona Risk

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