Romance – The Feel Good Factor

on April 28, 2021

A synthesis (aka ‘why’) by Royaline Sing Disclaimer: I am not a professional when it comes to psychology etc. This is for fun and all opinions are my own. I practically grew up on Romance. I’m referring to Bollywood Romance movies (I like some other genre movies in Bollywood too). Even as a young child,… Read More

Royaline Sing

Royaline Sing

As my first fiction work, I've a notebook length movie script, featuring my favorite stars. I was probably ten. It hasn't seen the light of the day (And it won't). But story telling lingered. Though I have a software engineering job, the creative world teased from afar. So one day, I finally put the pen to the paper (or my fingers to the keyboard?) and started writing. Now, I write through the noise of my lovely two kids, a very supportive (but sweetly clueless) husband and a bank job where numbers rule. Born and brought up in India, I'm a huge fan of Bollywood romantic movies and the music. I also like all things Marvel! I love to travel and so many destinations are on my bucket list. Scotland, London, Agra, you get the picture. I am currently writing Historical Romances, with heroines setting their own norms and coming to toes with heroes worth loving.

Behind Set to Music

on March 17, 2021

I’m so happy to be on Writerspace discussing my new release, SET TO MUSIC, with all of you. I’m very excited and proud of this story. I hope you all love it as much as I do. When you think Contemporary Romance, Persian girls don’t come to mind. I honestly don’t know, other than the… Read More

Negeen Papehn

Negeen Papehn

Negeen Papehn was born and raised in southern California, where she currently lives with her husband and two rambunctious boys. She wasn't always a writer. A graduate of USC dental school, Negeen spends half of her week with patients and the other half in front of her laptop. In the little time she finds in between, she loves to play with her boys, go wine tasting with her friends, throw parties, and relax with her family.

Jetting Around the World in the Pages of a Book

on March 8, 2021

I grew up in a very small town in central Canada where it was winter for nine months of the year. And not Hallmark-movie-winter with delicate snow falling while characters sip hot drinks wrapped only in a thick sweater and a jaunty scarf. This was eyeballs-freeze-in-thirty-seconds winter. I don’t think I would have survived if… Read More

Alexia Adams

Alexia Adams

A former world wanderer, Alexia writes contemporary romance stories that reflect her love of exotic destinations and diverse characters and cultures. She currently lives near Vancouver, Canada with her husband and four children and dreams of a world without housework. As a flight risk mom, romance is her escape and she can often be found with her nose in a book, pretending she's somewhere else. Check out her website at and sign up for her monthly newsletter to discover your next escape.

Diversity needs to be the new normal in Romance Writing

on February 9, 2021

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was young. Being from India, over the years, I often wondered why the men and women from my country were not represented in romance books. Why was the hero not a dashing billionaire from India? Why was the heroine not a spunky, successful girl who reminded me of… Read More

Sapna Bhog

Sapna Bhog

Sapna Bhog is an author from India who writes contemporary and historical novels. As a self-proclaimed die-hard romantic, her books are filled with swoon-worthy heroes and feisty heroines who clash all the time, but do get their happy ever after. Sapna has always surrounded herself with books and when she is not writing she is reading. Originally from Dubai, she now lives in Western India with her husband, kids and a Siberian Husky. She loves to hear from readers. So do give her a shout if you've read any of her books.

The Tea Cake Connection

on December 2, 2020

When my sister and I were young, my maternal grandmother used to make tea cakes all the time.  They weren’t really sweet, but they were round, rich and buttery. Most of the time I couldn’t wait until they came out of the oven. I remember watching my grandmother as she hummed her favorite hymn while… Read More

Sean D. Young

Sean D. Young

Contemporary Romance Author Sean D. Young, a native of Gary, Indiana uses her vivid imagination to craft heartwarming and passionate love stories that deal with family, forgiveness, promise, romance and redemption. Her debut novel TOTAL BLISS was published in 2005. At an early age, Sean found that she loved words and tried to read everything she could get her hands on. She joined her first book club "Sweet Pickles" at the age of 7. Writing would come later, when she wrote short stories for her own enjoyment, then she wrote the Easter play for the youth at her church at the age of 12. Sean, a graphic/web designer loves building websites and graphics almost as much as she loves writing her stories. She loves working in her church and lives in Northwest Indiana with her family.

Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner, and Me by Shae Connor

on November 10, 2020

One of the reasons I wrote Rough and Tumble was because I’m a gymnastics fan. When I started thinking about doing a college sports romance series, gymnastics was the sport on the top of my list. I had to do some research about collegiate gymnastics, but for the sport itself, I just had to go… Read More

Shae Connor

Shae Connor

Shae Connor lives just outside Atlanta, where she's a government worker by day and writes sweet-hot romance by night. She's been making things up for as long as she can remember, but it took her a while to figure out that maybe she should try writing them down. Shae is part Jersey, part Irish, and all Southern, which explains why she never shuts up. When she's not at her laptop, she enjoys cooking, traveling, watching baseball, reading voraciously, giving and receiving hugs, and wearing tiaras. She also serves as director/editor of the Dragon Con on-site publication, the Daily Dragon.


on August 18, 2020

By Pintip Dunn I adore rom-com movies. In fact, for an all-too-brief period, my husband and I had the tradition of celebrating our dating anniversary by watching a rom-com at the theaters. (Lucky for us, our anniversary is Valentine’s Day, so there was no shortage of romantic movies!) We saw My Best Friend’s Wedding on… Read More

Pintip Dunn

Pintip Dunn

A first-generation Thai American, I grew up in a tiny town in Kansas. I went on tograduate from Harvard University, magna cum laude, with an A.B., and to receive her J.D. at Yale Law School.

I'm a two-time RITA award winner and aNew York Timesbestselling author of young adult fiction. My books have been translated into four languages, and I've been a Junior Library Guild selection and have received a starred review from Kirkus. In addition, my books have been nominated for the following awards: the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire; the Japanese Sakura Medal; the MASL Truman Award; the Tome Society It list; the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award; and a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of the Year.

I'm obsessed with penguins, and my childhood dream was to marry someone whose last name is "Gwynn" --- so that my name could be "Pin Gwynn." Alas, I got stuck with Dunn instead, but my husband and three children are worth the sacrifice.

We all visit Thailand yearly in order to stay connected with my family.

Ever Read an African-American Romance?

on January 14, 2020

Lyn Cote here—Whether you have or haven’t, I have one that any sweet romance reader would enjoy—Lean on Me (Family is Forever, Book 1) by Pat Simmons. Here’s my review: Romantic, romantic, romantic–the chemistry between Tabitha and Marcus was real. Loved it. Also loved Aunt Tweet–the lovable woman whose memories are slipping away but whose… Read More

Lyn Cote

Lyn Cote

USA Today best-selling author of over 40 romances, Lyn Cote writes award-winning contemporary and historical romance. Her brand is "Strong Women, Brave Stories." Her books feature a strong heroine, often a multi-cultural cast of characters and authentic history or contemporary life. She lives with her real life hero in a lakeside cottage in the northwoods with two fun cats. (She loves dogs too. :-)

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