The Sublime Joy of the Epistolary Romance by Kilby Blades

on September 26, 2022

Well, here we are in the modern age. Forget Love in the Time of Cholera. Love in the time of Tinder has arrived. Suddenly we have dating profiles; we’re swiping left, and sliding into people’s DM’s. It’s efficient. But is it right? Love was once a drawn-out affair–an endeavor that found us hopeful. It made… Read More

Kilby Blades

Kilby Blades

Kilby Blades is a USA Today Bestselling author of Romance and Women's Fiction. Her debut novel, Snapdragon, was a HOLT Medallion finalist, a Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize Semi-Finalist, and an IPPY Award medalist. Kilby was honored with an RSJ Emma Award for Best Debut Author in 2018, and has been lauded by critics for "easing feminism and equality into her novels" (IndieReader) and "writing characters who complement each other like a fine wine does a good meal" (Publishers Weekly).

During her fifteen year career as a digital marketing executive, she moonlighted as a journalist, freelanced as a food, wine and travel writer and lived it up as an entertainment columnist. She has lived in five countries, visited more than twenty-five, and spends part of her year in her happy place in the Andes Mountains.

Kilby is a feminist, an oenophile, a cinephile, a social-justice fighter, and above all else, a glutton for a good story.

Family Bonds

on September 12, 2022

By: Negeen Papehn I’m so happy to be on Writerspace again, discussing my newest release, Guarding Her Heart, with all of you. I fell in love with this sister duo the minute I put them on the page, and so it felt fitting to give little sister Niloo, her own story to tell. I’m hoping… Read More

Negeen Papehn

Negeen Papehn

Negeen Papehn was born and raised in southern California, where she currently lives with her husband and two rambunctious boys. She wasn't always a writer. A graduate of USC dental school, Negeen spends half of her week with patients and the other half in front of her laptop. In the little time she finds in between, she loves to play with her boys, go wine tasting with her friends, throw parties, and relax with her family.

“Mind if I lift your kilt?”

on August 22, 2022

Where a Writer Finds Her Inspiration Thank you so much for having me here on Writerspace today! I’m Heather McCollum, mother of three overly dramatic kids, wife of one Highland hero (so I know what’s under his kilt!), ovarian cancer slayer, lover of chai lattes and dragonflies, and USA Today bestselling author of Scottish historical… Read More

Heather McCollum

Heather McCollum

Heather McCollum is an award winning, historical paranormal and YA romance writer. She earned her B.A. in Biology, much to her English professor's dismay. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood of 2009 Golden Heart finalists. The ancient magic and lush beauty of Great Britain entrances Ms. McCollum's heart and imagination every time she visits. The country's history and landscape have been a backdrop for her writing ever since her first journey across the pond. When she is not creating vibrant characters & magical adventures on the page, she is roaring her own battle cry in the war against ovarian cancer. Ms. McCollum recently slayed the cancer beast and resides with her very own Highland hero, rescued golden retriever & 3 kids in the wilds of suburbia on the mid-Atlantic coast.

Why We Love Paranormal Romance

on August 15, 2022

My name is N.J. Walters and I confess I’m a sucker for a brooding antihero, especially if he has paranormal origins. Apparently, I’m not the only one, as paranormal romance continues to be a popular genre with readers. People have been fascinated by the paranormal since the dawn of time. From scary stories shared around… Read More

N. J. Walters

N. J. Walters

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks---all vie for her attention. It's a tough life, but someone's got to live it

Meet Smoke, the K-9 Hero of Honor ’N’ Duty, Federal K-9 book 6

on July 20, 2022

By Tee O’Fallon No author wants their heroes and heroines to be cookie cutter versions of characters in a previous book. I like to keep my characters fresh. Whether it’s different eye color, hair color, employment… The same goes for my K-9s. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve done a pretty good job of varying the… Read More

Tee O

Tee O'Fallon

Tee O’Fallon is the author of the K-9 Special Ops, Federal K-9, and NYPD Blue & Gold Series. Tee spent twenty-three years as a federal agent conducting complex, long- and short-term criminal investigations, including undercover operations, across many agencies at the federal level, and multi-state investigations as a police investigator. It felt only natural to combine her hands-on experience in the field with her love of romantic suspense. Tee has lived in New York State most of her life with a five-year stop in Colorado. When not writing, she enjoys cooking, gardening, chocolate, lychee martinis, and all creatures canine.

Researching to Write a Paranormal Romance – By Lisa Kessler

on June 24, 2022

Hi everyone – It’s great to be back on the Writerspace blog! Pirate’s Protector has just hit eReaders everywhere, and this book also features my first ever mermaid heroine! I have so much fun writing this Sentinels of Savannah series because each book not only features a new immortal pirate from the Sea Dog crew,… Read More

Lisa Kessler

Lisa Kessler

Lisa Kessler is an Amazon Best Selling and award winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror as well as the Romance Through the Ages Award for Best Paranormal and Best First Book. Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award. When she's not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, performing with the San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego.

There’s Just Something About Small Towns

on June 23, 2022

Hey y’all! I’m Aliyah Burke and I’m honored to be here today. Thanks for joining me. I write romance—paranormal, historical, and contemporary—as well as cozy mysteries. Small towns. I love them. Love living in them. Love writing about them. Not as much of a fan of the fact everyone knows my business, but it’s still… Read More

Aliyah Burke

Aliyah Burke

Aliyah Burke is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached here. She is married to a career military man. They are owned by three Borzoi, and a DSH cat. She spends her days sharing time between work, writing, and dog training, showing, and racing.

An Interview With Stephanie Vance

on May 10, 2022

Across the Aisle is my debut novel, which is why you don’t know much about me…yet. I thought I’d introduce myself through an imaginary interview. I’m a writer. We’re creative like that. Interviewer: Stephanie, tell us about Across the Aisle. Stephanie: It’s a classic enemies-to-lovers romance featuring Dallas McGrath, a female lobbyist working to succeed… Read More

Stephanie Vance

Stephanie Vance

By day Stephanie Vance is a DC-based grassroots consultant known as the "Advocacy Guru" (a title she made up). She's written several non-fiction books on how to be an effective advocate. By night, though, she writes romance comedies set here in DC--like Across the Aisle. Believe it or not, romance is alive and well in our in the nation's capital. People from opposite sides of the political spectrum date all the time. The true trouble arises when cat people date dog people. That's when the sparks fly.

Writing Enemies to Lovers When You Want Everyone to Get Along

on March 28, 2022

I’ve always wanted to write an enemies to lovers story. There’s a big problem with that, my characters have a tendency to quickly fall into, “her eyes, her laugh, I’ve loved her since we first met!” which doesn’t work for an enemies beginning! Add to that my own desire for everyone to get along, and… Read More

Laura Brown

Laura Brown

Laura Brown lives in Massachusetts with her quirky abnormal family. Her husband's put up with her since high school, her young son keeps her on her toes, and her two cats think they deserve more scratches. Hearing loss is a big part of who she is, from her own hard of hearing ears, to the characters she creates.

The role of women in the Victorian Era and how I threw that on its head!

on February 14, 2022

The Victorian era was filled with invention, innovation and industrial marvels, and it was also a period in history where women had very clearly defined social constraints in terms of what was expected of them, and the associated customs and conventions of those expectations. These constraints did depend on what ‘class’ of society a woman… Read More

Maddison Michaels

Maddison Michaels

Indoctrinated into a world of dashing rogues and feisty heroines when she was fourteen years old, Maddison Michaels is a prolific reader and writer of romantic suspense and historical fiction. She gets her daily dose of suspense from working as a police officer, prosecuting real-life villains in the Courts of Australia. A member of the RWA and RWA Australia, Maddison is as passionate about her writing as she is about her other two loves: her family and her cups of tea. Luckily, she gets a healthy dash of romance married to her wonderful husband, and her exercise regime is kept on track by her six-year-old daughter, who ensures Maddison is kept very busy chasing her around. Maddison's debut novel The Devilish Duke is her way of time traveling back to Victorian London to experience a cornucopia of intrigue, romance, and debauchery all from the comfort of her living room!

Well, That Was Awkward!

on January 25, 2022

Like most people, sometimes I do or say something awkward. In fact, I might do it more than most. Like my heroine, Lexi, in The Dating Dilemma. Like Lexi, I sometimes blurt out my inner thoughts, but what really puts me in tight spots sometimes is my ADP. I have Audio Processing Disorder mostly likely… Read More

Mariah Ankenman

Mariah Ankenman

Bestselling author Mariah Ankenman lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her two rambunctious daughters and loving husband who provides ample inspiration for her heart-stopping heroes. Her books have been nominated for the prestigious RWA Golden Heart and CRW Stiletto awards. Whether she's writing hometown heroes or sexy supernaturals, Mariah loves to lose herself in a world of words. Her favorite thing about writing is when she can make someone's day a little brighter with one of her books.

Top Five Ways to Pass Time in Captivity – Volume Two

on January 19, 2022

By Samanthe Beck I’m so thrilled to return to the fictional town of Captivity for my latest release, PLAYING DIRTY IN ALASKA. As mentioned before, I’ve never actually been to Alaska, but I didn’t let that stop me from writing a series! In this story, my heroine, bush pilot Bridget Shanahan, is a Captivity native,… Read More

Samanthe Beck

Samanthe Beck

Wine lover, sleep fanatic, and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy contemporary romance novels, Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California, with her long-suffering but extremely adorable husband and their turbo-son, Hud. Throw in a furry ninja named Kitty and Bebe the trash talking Chihuahua and you get the whole, chaotic picture. When not clinging to sanity by her fingernails or dreaming up fun,fan-your-cheeks sexy ways to get her characters to happily-ever-afters, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with Ambien.