The Long and Bumpy Road to Pistol Rock, Texas

As a reader and writer, I enjoy finding out the behind the scenes tid bits of how a book came about. Why did the author choose the setting, time, and the characters? DO y’all wanna get the inside scoop on all things PRETTY RECKLESS? There’ll be feisty Texas women, hot bullheaded cowboys, and so many… Read More

Where are Your Light Bulbs Shining?

One of my favorite things in the world is to brainstorm. Whether by myself or as part of a group I love to come up with ideas. It can be for anything: marketing plans, titles for projects, plots for my books, whatever. I simply find the process of thinking up something workable, catchy . …. Read More

Men in Chaps

I live in the wild northwest, where cowboys exist.  Heck.  They do more than exist.  They work hard, dealing with powerful animals and a deadly Mother Nature.  Hats are worn to protect their faces from wind, sun, and cold…and boots are worn to protect their feet from hoofs, rocks, and crevices. Not for fashion. There’s… Read More

2 Naughty or Nice: Writing a “Sweet” Love Scene

In June 2013, Harlequin began publishing original content for its new, clean romance line, Harlequin Heartwarming. While this line does not contain faith-based elements, it would earn a G to PG rating because the emphasis is on creating a deep, tender, clean romance that would be appropriate to share with your daughter. As I’d been… Read More

1 Wielding Procrastination as a Weapon

I was going to talk about procrastination as a weapon—like Thor’s Mjölnir!–but that sounds like a LOT of effort, doesn’t it? Maybe I should just call it a tool—although even that word makes me want to go take a nap. Writers, at least some of us, are fond friends with procrastination. It’s the pal that… Read More


In my new book BETTING THE RAINBOW released April 1, 2014, I first walked into a place I’d never been in my mind.  A little lake, too small to be a community, just three houses tucked away in the trees.  One a cabin leased by Ronny Logan who simply wants to be alone to grieve…. Read More

2 To Bite or Not to Bite…

With my latest release, SEX & THE SINGLE VAMP, I ventured into the paranormal romance for the first time.  I usually write contemporary adult romance but this opportunity was too good to pass up. First, it would give me the chance to stretch myself professionally and to use aspects of my craft in new ways…. Read More

6 An Easy Sell for Cookie Sales

State pride forces me to note a momentous achievement: Katie Francis, a Girl Scout from Oklahoma, not only sold the most cookies of any GS in the nation this year, she also broke a 30-year record in the process. Previously, the largest amount sold by a single scout was 18,000 boxes. Elizabeth Brinton, home state… Read More

10 Our Lip Syncs Raneth Over

A friend of mine just turned 60. Since her daughter’s 30th birthday was around the same time they decided to have one huge, honking combo theme party: a lip sync contest. The birthday girls assured us via their invitation that they wanted to be entertained. Every attendee was asked to participate. Our performances were the… Read More