He’s here! Carponti and Nicole have finally arrived!  Here’s some awesome reviews of I’ll BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! Advanced Reviews “Grab this book as soon as it is released! “Man dress”—I won’t spoil it, but it will give you hope, laughter and tears!” Romancing Rakes “Buy it. Read it. Have lots of Kleenex on hand. Scott’s… Read More

Wild Child Inspiration: Crazy Stupid Love

It’s funny how time in the publishing world works. I have a book that I’m about to start that won’t be out for a year. My book WILD CHILD out last Tuesday, was finished a year ago. And the idea came together nearly a year before that. In fact, I was thinking about how that… Read More

November 2013 Releases Offer Reasons for Giving Thanks

It’s that special month when all of our thoughts are supposed to center around giving thanks. Luckily, some of the Top Shelf Authors from Writerspace have made that easier by offering November releases sure to give readers yet another reason for counting blessings and being filled with gratitude. Released this month for your reading pleasure:… Read More

130 A Work-In-Progress

“Revision is a very physical process, best done by hand, much like decoupage.”                                                                         –me, 3:00 p.m. I’ve never understood writers who work in offices. Or studies. Or ateliers, or at coffee shops. How do they keep from exploding all over the place, like this? This is the what revisions look like. True revisions. This is… Read More

2 Today is Highland Seer’s Release Day!

I’m excited to announce that the second book in my Highland Talents series, Highland Seer, releases today!  I’m hosting a release day party on on Facebook from 10am-8pm CDT.  Click on the link to join the fun!  There are contests, sneak peeks, and prizes!  http://ow.ly/pXI7x   Highland Seer tells the story of Donal MacNabb and Ellie… Read More

Rules of the Ghouls (or, Ghouls Rule!)

It’s Halloween! Let’s talk ghosts. Not too long ago, I received an email from another author about to start work on a story that involves ghosts. She was asking for help establishing the parameters of the supernatural world. In other words, she asked, what are the rules of writing about ghosts? There aren’t any. I… Read More

3 Striking Distance gets a SEAL of Approval

A couple of years ago, a newspaper reporter asked me why romance readers love Navy SEALs. A part of me wanted to laugh and say, “Are you kidding?” Isn’t the answer obvious? I knew I wouldn’t score points with her if I made her feel like she’d just asked me a stupid question, so I… Read More

33 Your Price was Right!

In last week’s blog I mentioned a friend of mine was getting ready to try self-publishing a couple of eBooks and was wondering what she should charge for them. Since I wasn’t sure what advice to give her, I turned to the wonderful Writerspace community for advice. You came through like the champs you are!… Read More


Dear Writers and Readers, Of course I’ve got Halloween on my brain right now.  As a mystery author it’s practically my favorite holiday!  I think it all started when I was a kid – I adored spooky costumes, always took the dare to sneak into the cemetery at night, and shivered over the carved pumpkins… Read More

8 Lighthouse Magic

Consider how you would feel if suddenly you found out your father isn’t your father, your name isn’t your own, and that you were born on a small island in North Carolina.  To top that your mother is wanted for a theft that occurred when you were a baby.  Cecily has to endure all of… Read More