Authors, Cats, & the Chairvonian Wars (aka Tweet Inspiration)

Don’t get any cats.  Just don’t.  Get some goldfish instead.  Or guppies.  Guppies are very quiet and peaceful.  They float, wiggle their fins, open and shut their mouths, and in general are colorful but restful creatures.  They’re not as much fun to Tweet about, but… Well, okay, 1 or 2 cats might be okay.  But… Read More

This Cuckoo’s Calling “Ka-Ching”

The minute I heard the news report, I knew. The fix was on. You probably did too. Some booksellers have told me they laughed out loud when they heard. Then rubbed their hands together with glee and immediately put in an order for more (or in many cases their first) copies of The Cuckoo’s Calling… Read More

1 Why We Fall for Rock Stars!

Oh rockstars, I do love you so. The tattoos alone are drool-worthy. The fact that you can control tens of thousands of screaming fans with your voice and guitar? Yeah. That too. *fans self* If you’ve ever been to a concert and watched a sexy lead singer do his thing, there may have been a… Read More

First Kiss…

As a writer, I love the first kiss in a story.  I love planning it and writing it.  The first kiss can set the tone for a book’s sensual level.  It also kick-starts the push and pull of the romance.  I’ve written quick ones, long ones, hot ones, and sweet ones.  If you love romance,… Read More


Thanks to Writerspace for inviting me to blog today! There’s a new perfume out called Paper Passion that supposedly replicates the aroma of a freshly printed book.  At $98/ounce, it could be the answer to anyone who complains about an ebook’s lack of scent.  I envision cross promotion any day now.  Going on a trip? … Read More

July 2013 Releases Will Light Up Your Sky

It’s time to declare your independence from boredom: read, read, read. If you’re looking for a firecracker of a story this month, check out one of the July 2013 releases from Writerspace Top Shelf Authors. These include stories like . . . The Newcomer (Thunder Point Novel #2) by Robyn Carr Mass Market Paperback Released… Read More

Recipe for Love

When I took a break from my Recipe for Love series of culinary romances to write the small-town Sanctuary Island series under the name Lily Everett, I knew I’d miss some things about the foodie focus I’d spent six books cultivating. But I thought at least it would be a relief not to have to… Read More

11 Enough Testosterone to fuel an Aircraft Carrier

I’ve got a slew of high-octane heroes for you—nine Navy SEALs in my seven-book Navy SEALs Series and three government agents in my Counterterrorist Taskforce Series. That’s enough testosterone to fuel an aircraft carrier. They come in all shapes and sizes with various temperaments and talents. I love these guys! Meet my latest three heroes:… Read More

Royal Brides and Royal Babies…

You gotta love ’em. They’re calling Princess Katherine’s baby the $380 million baby bump because the upcoming birth of the heir to the throne is predicted by economists to generate at least that much revenue in the UK alone.  Harlequin Presents readers aren’t going to be surprised.  They’ve loved royals in their romance for years…. Read More


I recently read an article about a woman who’d climbed Mt. Everest.  Her mantra before and during this amazing feat:  “Eat the elephant one bite at a time.”  I didn’t really pay much attention to it at first, at least not until later in the morning when I sat down in front of a blinking… Read More