When I started out to write “The Christmas Gift,” I quickly realized that setting a story during the mad rush of the holidays takes more than “verbally” tossing in a few strands of tinsel and calling it good. It’s also more than piping in Christmas carols wherever my hero and heroine happen to be in… Read More

Giving Thanks for Family Feuds

It’s the official time of year for two things: Feeling thankful for our many blessings Gearing up for the annual family Thanksgiving feuds What does your family fight over? Does your aunt think nobody else’s stuffing is worth eating, but no one else will eat more than a bite of hers? Does grandpa scrape all… Read More

The Surrender Trilogy

 “Don’t stand there and act like you are in any way accountable for my life. You don’t know the first thing about my life outside of this hotel. You couldn’t even cope with me spending one night in a shelter. What about all the nights I slept under a bridge, or on a bench? I… Read More

Where a Witch Belongs

When you’ve gone your whole life feeling like you’re different, it wouldn’t seem that having your dear aunt Lucy spring the news that you’re a hereditary hedgewitch would be a good way to start fitting in. However, for Katie Lightfoot, the main character of my Magical Bakery Mysteries, that’s exactly how she began to learn where, and… Read More

When the Power Grid Goes Down…

Guest blog post by Shoshanna Evers  I’ve thought a lot about what would happen to my family, my friends—everyone out there— if the power grid that supports America goes down, and the lights just never come back on. It could be from an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), a solar flare, or even a cyber attack like… Read More


Every reader has his or her own list of pet peeves when it comes to books. You know what I mean — those literary and stylistic conventions that make you grit your teeth when you read them. I’ve got a list that probably looks a lot like yours. In the top ten would be the… Read More

2 The Dark and Dangerous Hero

Is there anything better, hotter or more intriguing than a sexy, brilliant and tortured hero? A man or a male, if you’re reading paranormal, who’s been deeply and irrevocably hurt by his family, a woman or another in his para clan? Lord, I don’t think so. I love them dangerous and lusty – undecided about kissing… Read More

12 Writing About Sisters

I don’t have a sister, but I have two daughters who are two years apart.  So, when the relationship between Meg and Caroline Rossi became a focal point in my new book, Unexpectedly Yours, I didn’t have to look far for material. Meg and Caroline’s relationship is difficult on some days and wonderful on others,… Read More

8 What Does the Muse Say?

Writerspace is really all about the reader. So in thinking about this blog, I considered the parts of a book readers don’t often get to see.  Back story is what comes to mind.  Often, the work of the muse ends up being the most interesting part of publication. Of course, while it’s happening, the author… Read More

Does Time Ever Really Expand?

I’m not sure which so-called genius first claimed that time both expands and contracts, but if he was in front of me right now, I’d beg to differ. Very, very loudly. I refer to this individual as “he” because it’s hard to imagine any woman being that silly. We all know that—at least for us—time… Read More