posted on May 20, 2014 by Jaycie Cash

Forget Raindrops on Roses, What REALLY Rates as Your Favorite Things?

Happiness concept.Now that I’m older than dirt, I’ve come to some startling conclusions, or perhaps I should say realizations, about myself.

At the top of the list, due to its importance, is the fact that I never truly wanted most of the things I’ve pursued the hardest in my life.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it.

Still, it’s time to fess up to myself—and the rest of the world—that I’ve made a lot of assumptions in my life as to what would make me happy. Hand-in-hand with this is my long-held belief that pursuing publicly acknowledged areas of success would result in my enjoying life.

I’ve gotta say, that hasn’t necessarily proven to be the case.

At least not for me. I can’t speak for everyone.

I think the biggest lesson for us all is that we each have our own unique desires and hot buttons. Our main job in life is figuring out what those are for us and honoring them, and ourselves, by acting accordingly.

I wanna learn what all of you want. really, really want out of life. If you’ve taken the time and effort to suss this out, please fill us in.

Also, what do you most enjoy in life? Lately for me it’s drifting off to sleep in a cool bedroom with both the air conditioner and a ceiling fan running, while wrapped in a blanket and reading a fabulous book.


That’s what works for me. What spells a good time for you?



4 thoughts on “Forget Raindrops on Roses, What REALLY Rates as Your Favorite Things?”

  1. Avatar kate faaborg says:

    I enjoy spending time with my family. As a working mother it was something I felt I would have more time to do when I got other things done. Now I know the ‘other thing’s can wait. Family is what life IS about.

  2. With the kids grown and out of the house, I have found that I really enjoy spending time with my husband. Both our work schedules and other activities really limit the time we can spend together, so going out on our date nights once a week gives us our alone time where we can sit and just relax together.

  3. Avatar Jennifer Essad says:

    I’ve found that my garden brings smiles and satisfaction for my efforts

  4. Avatar Connie Saunders says:

    For the first time in almost 46 years, I have the opportunity to sleep in most days of the week. No alarm clocks! I also have the liberty of working in my yard and garden all day if I want and I love getting the dirt under my fingernails. Simple things but they do make me happy!

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