No Shamrock Needed to Find a Great March Read

Faith and begorra, March is the month when those with the luck of the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You’re sure to be feelin’ you’ve found your very own pot of gold and pockets full of lucky shamrocks when you take advantage of the wonderful books being released this month by Writerspace Top Shelf Authors…. Read More

What’s New in Cape Willington, Maine?

by Wanda Boyle Community Correspondent, the Cape Crier as told to B.B. Haywood Author’s Note: Cape Willington, Maine, serves as the setting and background for the Candy Holliday Murder Mystery Series. The scenic coastal village is home to blueberry farmer Candy Holliday and her father, Henry “Doc” Holiday, who run Blueberry Acres—and often work together… Read More

Inspiration is a wonderful thing…

“Whenever you are, love will find a way” The concept of time travel has always fascinated me and a few months ago I was listening to a seventies CD in the car as I travelled to a writer’s conference. I had one of those fabulous creative moments that writers long for. My recent release Hot… Read More

1 Nancy Drew Started It All

I blame Nancy Drew for my life of crime. Reading it and writing it, that is. I was ten when I borrowed The Secret of Shadow Ranch from a cousin. It was the first mystery I ever read, and I was hooked. Then, to my delight, I discovered this was only one of a long… Read More

I Can Do This One Thing Pretty Well. The Rest? Not So Much…

I was on the phone the other night with my cousin, who’s the closest thing to a sister I’ll ever have. Anticipating our upcoming trip to the Caribbean, we were both flipping through catalogs full of beach attire. In my catalog was a picture of a woman in a bikini doing a headstand on a… Read More

A Tale of Two Cities

I usually write a series set in New York City at the turn of the Twentieth Century. In CITY OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT, the new book, the 13th in the series, that makes its debut on March 4 I take my heroine to Paris (for reasons I can’t disclose in this blog without having to… Read More

Behind the Scenes with The Dirty Girls Book Club

One of the questions authors are often asked is, “Where do the ideas come from? How do you start a book?” For me, the answer is different each time. Let’s take my Dirty Girls Book Club series (Berkley Heat) for an example. The initial germ of an idea came out of my own book club,… Read More

2 Can a Book by Any Other Title Still Be as Funny?

I need your advice. I’m thinking about changing the title of my first novel. Much as I’ve always personally liked it, I have to face the facts: MRS. GOODFELLER has always had its problems. Concern #1: People seem to have trouble remembering this title, possibly because it’s not a real word or maybe because it’s… Read More


Hello, my name is Sheila Connolly and I write three ongoing mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime. In my spare time I write short stories and self-publish single-title mysteries. And suspense. And romance, with a little paranormal stuff thrown in. And I am an addict. People look at me and ask, how do you do… Read More

Dragons and Virgin Princesses

Dragons and virgin princesses. I’ve always thought the stories of maidens sacrificed to dragons most unfair. Not just the sacrifice, but that if some hero came to save them they were his prize. After all, it could be anyone! And that was the seed for my story, The Dragon and the Princess, which first appeared… Read More