6 An Easy Sell for Cookie Sales

State pride forces me to note a momentous achievement: Katie Francis, a Girl Scout from Oklahoma, not only sold the most cookies of any GS in the nation this year, she also broke a 30-year record in the process. Previously, the largest amount sold by a single scout was 18,000 boxes. Elizabeth Brinton, home state… Read More

10 Our Lip Syncs Raneth Over

A friend of mine just turned 60. Since her daughter’s 30th birthday was around the same time they decided to have one huge, honking combo theme party: a lip sync contest. The birthday girls assured us via their invitation that they wanted to be entertained. Every attendee was asked to participate. Our performances were the… Read More

6 THE THRUST – when a battle must be waged

It’s release day for THE THRUST, Book 3 in the Pulse Trilogy! **Comment on the excerpt to enter to win an ebook of THE PULSE, Book 1 in the Pulse Trilogy!** If you haven’t read the first two books, THE PULSE and THE ESCAPE, I recommend reading them first, to get the most out of… Read More

8 Cover reveal for Rare Find!

Update – Zita is the winner from the draw! Thanks everyone! 🙂 Hi everyone, I’m happy to be here today and show you my new cover. RARE FIND is book 6 of my Psychic Vision series. This is Ronin and Tabitha’s story – both mentioned in book 5, KNOCK, KNOCK….    The ever popular character Stefan… Read More

1 Why I Write About Soldiers Coming Home From War

I never set out on a mission to write the Coming Home books. From the beginning, they were stories I wanted to tell, I just didn’t know how to tell them. I wanted to write about soldiers – active duty soldiers who were still soldiers – who were facing everything the war and the army… Read More

The Fantasy Behind Between the Sheets

We are extremely attracted to the idea of living out your fantasies…and we think most people are, too. After all, many sports fans pay substantial sums to play ball with the pros at fantasy camps. Adrenaline junkies have been known to fly in a MiG jet fighter at a top speed of 2,400 mph, get… Read More

10 Springing Forward Leaves Us More than Sleepy

Well, a study I read today proves it: Daylight Savings Time (DST) is dangerous.  I just knew it, didn’t you? Anything that shortens my time to sleep simply can’t be good. Msn.com had an article based on a 2009 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology that looked at workplace injuries from 1983 to… Read More

10 Lightning round with Donna Thorland!

Favorite literary heroine? Philippa Somerville Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires True Blood or Vampire Diaries? I’m a TV writer. If I answer that question, I may well ace myself out of my next job. The Notebook or Pretty Woman? Pretty Woman Best way to spend Saturday night? At home watching a movie Best way to spend… Read More

Thank God for Heartache

Do you know what I did last night? I read until two in the morning. This is not unusual for me, there’s nothing I love more than getting caught up in the pages of a good book and being unable to put it down. However last night was different. While the reading was compelling; I… Read More