8 Lighthouse Magic

Consider how you would feel if suddenly you found out your father isn’t your father, your name isn’t your own, and that you were born on a small island in North Carolina.  To top that your mother is wanted for a theft that occurred when you were a baby.  Cecily has to endure all of… Read More

Keeping Fiction Real: Where Do You Draw the Line?

If there’s one thing that drives me nuts in movies and television shows, it’s a sloppy portrayal of police procedure. This isn’t helped by being married to a cop who snorts and mutters at every inaccuracy…if I miss something, he’s sure to point it out to me. So believe me when I say that writing… Read More

57 What’s Your Price?

I have a friend who’s getting ready to try the great experiment . . . she’s going to self -publish an eBook or two. Her question to me has been how much she should charge for it. My answer has been a resounding “Uhhhhhh, I dunno.” So I’ve come to you, dear Writerspace friends, to… Read More

Starting Over

Readers frequently ask: how do you start over with a new book or series? How do you go from one thing to another without losing track of where you are? The answer is easy, and complex. As we create a new book or series, it takes months to get to know our characters. By the… Read More

6 Time Traveling with Amanda Carmack

The Elizabethan age has been a (nearly!) lifelong obsession for me!  It started one weekend when I was about seven or eight.  I was staying with my grandma, who loved old movies, and Anne of the Thousand Days came on TV.  I was totally fascinated by the fiery, take-no-crap Anne (and her great clothes!), and… Read More

5 Sometimes it’s good to be sent to The Naughty Corner

Hi, I’m Jasmine Haynes, author of classy erotic romance. Thanks so much for having me on Writerspace! My latest release, The Naughty Corner, takes readers back to the same fun, flirty world of single parenting, principals, teachers, moms, dads, poor students, and discipline problems that I introduced in The Principal’s Office. The only problem? I… Read More


Hi, all! Please tell me you haven’t put your beach bag away yet. I want you to join me in Pass-a-Grille for the holidays with CHRISTMAS AT THE BEACH, A Ten Beach Road Novella. It’s my first novella and my first e-original, and I had a great time reuniting Madeline, Avery and Nicole, to say… Read More

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, So Jaycie is Snoring

Seriously, is anything more relaxing than a long, steady autumn rain? If so, I’ve never encountered it. Here it is, October 14, Columbus Day, and all I’ve wanted to do all day is take a nap as I listen to the rainfall. Unlike some folks I don’t officially have the day off from work [I’m… Read More


When the four of us set out to create Charlie, the matchmaking Jack Russell Terrier in THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATCHMAKER, we drew partly from our own experiences with animals that have melted our hearts. Our pets may only be in our lives for a few years, but the bond they create is strong and ever-lasting. Today,… Read More

Highland Fling

My current book, In the Heart of the Highlander, is set in Scotland, but I regret to say it’s not in the bare-chested, plaid-wearing, sword-wielding era so beloved of romance cover artists and readers. I like a bare chest as well as anyone, and “dinna fash yerself” is just fine. But my characters inhabit an… Read More