posted on June 18, 2014 by Shirley Hailstock

Shhh! It’s a Secret

LIES AND LIARS BOX SET-FINALFather’s Day was just a few days ago.  Who keeps secrets better – men or women?  What kind of secret-person are you?  Can you keep a secret?  When you get one, are you dying to share it?  Just have to tell someone?  Impart news that someone else doesn’t know?

Suppose you can’t?  Telling could put your family’s life in danger and get you killed.  This is Brooke Johnson’s dilemma when her ex-husband re-enters her life.  In Under the Sheets, Book One in the Lies and Liars series, Brooke never expected to see her husband again, let alone have him fall in love with her a second time.  She’d been whisked into Witness Protection five years earlier.  Circumstances involving the life of their child, forces her hand and she must reveal his identity, thereby bringing danger back into their lives.

White Diamonds covers up secrets that go to the highest office in the nation.  Book Two pits Sandra Rutledge against Jr. Senator Wyatt Randolph in a quest to determine the purpose of fifteen diamonds that were never intended to garnish the neck of a beautiful woman.  That secret could change the balance of power, but the more important one for Sandra is her attraction to the man who may be involved.  Could you keep that secret?

Find out what Brooke Johnson knows and what Sandra Rutledge finds out in the Lies and Liars boxed set.

 Enough action and adventure for any man.

Enough romance for any woman.


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Shirley Hailstock

Shirley Hailstock

Shirley Hailstock began her writing life as a lover of reading. She likes nothing better than to find a quiet corner where she can get lost in a book, explore new worlds and visit places she never expected to see. As an author, she can not only visit those places, but she can be the heroine of her own stories. The author of thirty novels and novellas, including her electronic editions, Shirley has received numerous awards, including the Waldenbooks Bestselling Romance Award and Romantic Times Magazine’s Career Achievement Award. Shirley’s books have appeared on Blackboard, Essence Magazine and Library Journal Best Seller Lists. She is a past president of Romance Writers of America.

2 thoughts on “Shhh! It’s a Secret”

  1. Avatar Candice Poarch says:

    I love your books, Shirley. I definitely think women keep better secrets, although men think they are better at keeping them. Men gossip more than women when they’re together.

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