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Candice Poarch’s Summer Read is Available!

Candice Poarch’s Summer Read
Secrets in the Sand (e-book)
Available Now

SECRETS-IN-THE-SAND200One of the fascinating things about writing is the opportunity to create unique characters. Secrets in the Sand is a nod for women who aren’t afraid to take on traditional “male” jobs and household tasks. Enter Nicole Curtis, a woman who’s right in the thick of sledge hammers and cement trucks. This is where I conceived the idea for creating a character who, due to circumstances—i.e. two divorces and a couple of children in tow—wants a nice home for her children, but buying new on a single income is impossible. My heroine buys fixer-uppers and learns to renovate them herself through courses at the home improvement stores, the Internet, and trial and error. She definitely has the “can do” attitude. Now the children are grown and when the opportunity to buy the beach house of her dreams presents itself, its run-down condition is a chance to fix it the way she wants it to be.

slippery slopeI don’t find anything charming about repairing leaking pipes and cutting grass, but sometimes we have to pull up our sleeves and get the job done.

Secrets in the Sand is the 3rd title in the “Fifty Gone Wild” series. The first two titles are Christmas Gone Wild and Slippery Slope.

Two-time divorcee Kristin Mayer moved to Wet Sands, North Carolina, to be near her sister. Her fixer-upper comes as a bargain due to an eight year old murder that stifles sales. But Kristin packs heat and she’s fine with a bygone crime.

Chase Holloman is intent on protecting his grown daughter who as a child was accused of murdering their neighbor.

christmas gone wildMeeting Kristin rocks Chase’s world. Yet as Kristin plows through her house renovation, she finds mysteries deepening with each uncovered wall.

The bodies pile up and long-suppressed secrets come to life, forcing Chase and Kristin to reassess their lives. Can they clear Chase’s daughter and remove the obstacles between them and find real love?

How handy are you around the house? Would you consider tackling a renovation? The theme of the books in this series is long lost dreams. What long-ago dreams did you put on the sidelines when life got in the way?

Please comment on any of the above questions and you will be included in a random drawing. The prize winner will receive either a Kindle or Nook e-book copy of the first title in the series. Please visit my web page at

Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch takes pride in crafting believable stories featuring African-American heroes and heroines.  The characters in her books demonstrate a strong sense of community and family support.  She firmly believes that everyday life in America (whether small town or major metropolitan city) has its own rich rewards.  She also likes telling stories that will leave today’s busy reader feeling refreshed and hopeful—not always an easy task, she says, but well worth the challenge.

Her fourteenth book, BITTERSWEET, (Dafina, July, 2006) deals with the heart, family, extended family and community.  "I really enjoyed Bittersweet... romance, comedy, mystery and intrigue...I would definitely recommend Bittersweet as a book club selection."  —Karen Monroe, Woman2Woman Book Club member.  Candice Poarch’s fifteenth book, SWEET SOUTHERN COMFORT, will be published by Kimani Press in November, 2006.

A native of Stony Creek, a small town in Southern Virginia, Candice Poarch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Virginia State University.  Formerly a computer systems manager, writing is now her full-time career. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Multicultural Romance Writers, and Washington Romance Writers, where she  served as publicity coordinator for three years and worked on market news for two years. Investing is her favorite hobby. She  particularly wishes  to teach children the value of investing, feeling that children can use these skills to help provide them with financial security and confidence in their adult lives.

Ms. Poarch is married and has three children.  She currently lives in Springfield, Virginia.

2 thoughts on “Candice Poarch’s Summer Read is Available!”

  1. I’m one of those women who loves to do home improvements. I enjoy repairing walls, painting and finishing. When a job is done, the instant gratification is wonderful.

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Thank you for your response. I am in awe of women who enjoy doing their own renovations, however I am not one of them. I painted my house once years ago and hope to never have to do it again. Shirley is a fellow author who writes wonderful novels. Thanks again for your response.


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