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Shattered Illusions

shatteredillusionsMy children were in elementary school the first time I stayed in a campground.  It was with a group of writers held at a member’s mountain vacation house.  My sister and I knew nothing about pitching a tent and as we pulled out the instructions to ours, some of the other attendees told us to forget the directions and in minutes demonstrated how easily a tent could be assembled.

I was a little leery about camping because I like creature comforts but, to my surprise, we all enjoyed the weekend.  Most of all we enjoyed the companionship of the other attendees.  We all shared food, and we barbecued.  It wasn’t a writer’s retreat but more a gathering for the sole purpose of having fun.  It was my first time making s’mores or cooking over an open fire.  Although there were just a few kids, my children enjoyed the experience, as well.  Luckily we didn’t have problems with bugs.

Once a retired teacher told me that as a single mother she couldn’t afford to stay in hotels when she took her children on vacations.  During the summers she and her sons traveled all over the country.  They stayed in campgrounds and made lasting friendships.

It was from my venture that the idea for this story germinated.  Although we didn’t have all the creature comforts of a hotel room, camping can be quite fun and certainly less pricy.  Most have hot water for showers, so by no means are you roughing it.  Many have events scheduled.  The friendships gleaned from the less formal experience can last a lifetime, but don’t forget your bug spray.


Welcome to Coree Island, a place of romance and adventure.  Businesswoman Delcia Adams is good at taking care of guests in her North Carolina campground and when Carter Matthews arrives for a three month stay, he’s looking for more than a vacation.  He needs to find out what happened to his brother.

Delcia would like to know, too, because he’s the father of her child and he disappeared after proposing to her.

Together they face danger and unexpectedly fall for each other in their search for the truth.

Have you ever been camping?  What age were you when you went on your first camping trip?  Have you made lifelong friends from your camping trips?  What do you remember most favorably about the experience?  Tell us about your camping experiences.

Please comment on any of the above questions and you will be included in a random drawing.  The prize winner will receive a copy of one of my books.  Please visit my web page at


Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch takes pride in crafting believable stories featuring African-American heroes and heroines.  The characters in her books demonstrate a strong sense of community and family support.  She firmly believes that everyday life in America (whether small town or major metropolitan city) has its own rich rewards.  She also likes telling stories that will leave today’s busy reader feeling refreshed and hopeful—not always an easy task, she says, but well worth the challenge.

Her fourteenth book, BITTERSWEET, (Dafina, July, 2006) deals with the heart, family, extended family and community.  "I really enjoyed Bittersweet... romance, comedy, mystery and intrigue...I would definitely recommend Bittersweet as a book club selection."  —Karen Monroe, Woman2Woman Book Club member.  Candice Poarch’s fifteenth book, SWEET SOUTHERN COMFORT, will be published by Kimani Press in November, 2006.

A native of Stony Creek, a small town in Southern Virginia, Candice Poarch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Virginia State University.  Formerly a computer systems manager, writing is now her full-time career. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Multicultural Romance Writers, and Washington Romance Writers, where she  served as publicity coordinator for three years and worked on market news for two years. Investing is her favorite hobby. She  particularly wishes  to teach children the value of investing, feeling that children can use these skills to help provide them with financial security and confidence in their adult lives.

Ms. Poarch is married and has three children.  She currently lives in Springfield, Virginia.

4 thoughts on “Shattered Illusions”

  1. Avatar Brenda Rumsey says:

    Alas, I didn’t go camping until in my 20’s when I was training to be a Cub Scout Leader. The temperature was 35 degrees that night….brrrr. But loved the clear night sky with more stars than I have ever seen. Now my teenage grandsons go on Squatch Watch with their church youth group and love camping out. Congrats on your book. It sounds like a must read.

    1. Avatar Candice Poarch says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for your response. I don’t like cold weather so 35 will be daunting for me. I bet your children love camping.
      Thanks again for your response.

  2. I first went camping when I was about 10 or 11 and I absolutely loved it! Fishing, swimming in a lake, and sleeping in a tent were awesome as a kid. Now, there are bugs and snakes and poison ivy and a hard ground to sleep on. I’m good with just the memories. The book sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I don’t like snakes and bugs either. Good thing I didn’t see a snake when I was camping.


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