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Lighthouse Magic

B00FB16H4QConsider how you would feel if suddenly you found out your father isn’t your father, your name isn’t your own, and that you were born on a small island in North Carolina.  To top that your mother is wanted for a theft that occurred when you were a baby.  Cecily has to endure all of these trials when she returns to Coree Island, North Carolina to the lighthouse and cottage she now owns.  Her mother sent her back to her heritage.

Do you remember Ryan, the brother of the heroine from SHATTERED ILLUSIONS, the first book in the Coree Island series?  Well, LIGHTHOUSE MAGIC is Ryan’s story.  Needless to say, the relationship with LaToya didn’t last and now Ryan doesn’t trust his instincts.

B00E52FDE2It was from my first camping experience that the idea for this series germinated.  Although lacking the creature comforts of a hotel room, camping can be quite fun and certainly less pricy.  Most have hot water and heated showers in cooler weather, and electrical hookups, so by no means are you roughing it.  Many have events scheduled.  The friendships gleaned from the less formal experience can last a lifetime, but don’t forget your bug spray.

Welcome to the second novel in the Coree Island series, a place of romance and adventure.  When Cecily Edmonds goes to Coree Island to clear her mother’s name of murder, the last thing she expects is to fall for a guy who’s gun shy.  But Ryan Anderson just ended a contentious divorce.  He’s not ready to settle for a woman who will one day leave the island.  But Cecily’s quest for answers makes someone nervous.  Soon danger lurks around the corner for both of them.  Can they figure out who wants them dead before it’s too late?

Do you know of anyone who discovered news about their heritage that completely rocked their world?  What did they do?  Did they embrace the new world, or were they weary?  Did the new acquaintances embrace them?

Have you ever been camping?  What age were you when you went on your first camping trip?  Did you make lifelong friends?  What do you remember most favorably about the experience?  Tell us about your camping experiences.

Please comment on any of the above questions and you will be included in a random drawing.  The prize winner will receive a copy of one of my books.  Please visit my web page at

Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch takes pride in crafting believable stories featuring African-American heroes and heroines.  The characters in her books demonstrate a strong sense of community and family support.  She firmly believes that everyday life in America (whether small town or major metropolitan city) has its own rich rewards.  She also likes telling stories that will leave today’s busy reader feeling refreshed and hopeful—not always an easy task, she says, but well worth the challenge.

Her fourteenth book, BITTERSWEET, (Dafina, July, 2006) deals with the heart, family, extended family and community.  "I really enjoyed Bittersweet... romance, comedy, mystery and intrigue...I would definitely recommend Bittersweet as a book club selection."  —Karen Monroe, Woman2Woman Book Club member.  Candice Poarch’s fifteenth book, SWEET SOUTHERN COMFORT, will be published by Kimani Press in November, 2006.

A native of Stony Creek, a small town in Southern Virginia, Candice Poarch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Virginia State University.  Formerly a computer systems manager, writing is now her full-time career. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Multicultural Romance Writers, and Washington Romance Writers, where she  served as publicity coordinator for three years and worked on market news for two years. Investing is her favorite hobby. She  particularly wishes  to teach children the value of investing, feeling that children can use these skills to help provide them with financial security and confidence in their adult lives.

Ms. Poarch is married and has three children.  She currently lives in Springfield, Virginia.

8 thoughts on “Lighthouse Magic”

  1. Avatar Kimberly Perry says:

    Absolutely cannot wait to read Lighthouse Magic!! ~ I’ve personally discovered how unearthing a deception about my heritage can “rock your world” and am anxious to read how this affected Cecily!! My beliefs about my background were shattered when my mother and I were going through my grandmother’s things after she passed (God bless her ~ I loved that woman!!) when hidden deep in a drawer I found a wedding picture of my mother . . . and a man who was not my father. Stunned, I showed it to my mom with a questioning look and my normally docile, sweet tempered mother took one look at what I handed her and threw it across the room where the glass shattered.

  2. Avatar Candice Poarch says:

    Hi Kimberly, Thanks so much for responding to my blog. What a reaction from your mother! We forget sometimes that our parents were children, teenagers, and young once. We think they lived perfect lives when in fact they made mistakes just as we have. I think hidden secrets from the past is very interesting and enlightening. Thanks again for your response.

    Warmest Regards,

  3. Avatar Christine L. says:

    My first camping experience was my 6th grade class trip to Sly Park Environmental Education Center in the Eldorado National Forest (think summer outdoor science camp condensed to a week). The next was a week-long trip to Yosemite with a group of classmates from one of my high school science classes. We never slept outside though our instructor had implied we would and even recommended purchasing mummy-style sleeping bags and bringing hand-warmers. Of course, staying in a WOB and having to trek through snow to the community bathing facilities was “roughing it” for an only child who’d never shared a bedroom or bathroom. What a memorable week. Relatively few people get to enjoy the natural wonders of Yosemite in the winter. As an older teen and in my early 20’s, I camped (with a tent and everything) with my family and our Labs at Little Grass Valley Reservoir in the vicinity of the Plumas National Forest. Playing with the dogs was definitely the highlight of those excursions. Wish I could say I’d made life-long friends during any of those outings, but they were all too brief to allow the forging any lasting bonds. I do have friends from way back when though, and most of us now prefer hotels to sleeping in the out of doors. 🙂

    1. Avatar Candice Poarch says:

      Hi Christine, Wow! Thanks for sharing your camping experiences with us. I’ve traveled through Yosemite, but we didn’t walk the trails. My son would have loved to spend a week there exploring. Your trips to the forests will bring lifetime memories. Years from now you’ll share them with your family and they’ll be in awe. Again, thanks for sharing.


  4. Avatar Charlene says:

    I was 15 when I went camping. I thought that I was very grown up, but actually I was very cold, and didn’t sleep at all!

    1. Hi Charlene, Thanks for your response. We were lucky that we camped in the summer. My son and his wife just went on a camping trip and they enjoyed it. But I don’t like the cold so if it’s not the middle of summer and if I didn’t have a warm tent heater, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience for me, either. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Avatar Mary M. says:

    I camped out with friends in college on field trips and vacations, including tents in Oaxaca, Mexico with a pit toilet. It was fun at the time but now I prefer camping out in a king size bed with a spa and pool available.
    Lighthouse Magic is another book for my TBR pile, thanks.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. When you’re young it’s great but now I also enjoy the creature comforts.


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