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A Kiss So Deadly Coming Soon in E-book

by Candice Poarch

A Kiss So Deadly

Happy New Year!!!  I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and are embracing the New Year with renewed energy, new goals and expectations.

Most kids can’t wait to leave home and stretch their wings.  Often it’s decades later before they wonder what was so bad about home in the first place.  In “going home” themes, many protagonists return due to a change in circumstances or because a loved one needs help.

A Kiss So Deadly features a “going home” story, but the last thing Leah Gray wants is to revisit a life that had been anything but nurturing and loving.  She is filled with painful memories of an outcast childhood. She vowed never to return home, but reluctantly she does to fulfill a promise she made to a dying friend.

Leah has made a success of her life in New York.  She expects to spend a peaceful month on the Outer Banks, but she’s suddenly in danger.  With the help of the Jason Barrett who’s renting the cottage next door, she has to figure out if someone from her past is out to get her or if trouble followed her from New York.  But she soon wonders if her attractive neighbor is all he appears to be.

A Kiss So Deadly is the 4th title in the Fifty Gone Wild series.  The first three titles are Christmas Gone Wild, Slippery Slope, and Secrets in the Sand.

How difficult is it to return to your hometown after years of absence?  Do you think the past is as good or as bad as you thought it was?  People change and grow, and the changes in town are jarring.  Now that your old friends have developed a new life, is it easy to blend back into your old life?

Please comment on any of the above questions and you will be included in a random drawing.  The prize winner will receive either a Kindle or Nook e-book copy of a book in the Fifty Gone Wild series.  Please visit my web page at


Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch

Candice Poarch takes pride in crafting believable stories featuring African-American heroes and heroines.  The characters in her books demonstrate a strong sense of community and family support.  She firmly believes that everyday life in America (whether small town or major metropolitan city) has its own rich rewards.  She also likes telling stories that will leave today’s busy reader feeling refreshed and hopeful—not always an easy task, she says, but well worth the challenge.

Her fourteenth book, BITTERSWEET, (Dafina, July, 2006) deals with the heart, family, extended family and community.  "I really enjoyed Bittersweet... romance, comedy, mystery and intrigue...I would definitely recommend Bittersweet as a book club selection."  —Karen Monroe, Woman2Woman Book Club member.  Candice Poarch’s fifteenth book, SWEET SOUTHERN COMFORT, will be published by Kimani Press in November, 2006.

A native of Stony Creek, a small town in Southern Virginia, Candice Poarch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Virginia State University.  Formerly a computer systems manager, writing is now her full-time career. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Multicultural Romance Writers, and Washington Romance Writers, where she  served as publicity coordinator for three years and worked on market news for two years. Investing is her favorite hobby. She  particularly wishes  to teach children the value of investing, feeling that children can use these skills to help provide them with financial security and confidence in their adult lives.

Ms. Poarch is married and has three children.  She currently lives in Springfield, Virginia.

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  1. Avatar Sarah says:

    I would love to read this!

    1. Avatar Candice Poarch says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for the comment.

      Candice Poarch

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