2 Lyn Cote asks – Is this the right cover for my book?

Autumn’s Shadow is the second book in my “Northern Intrigue” series, set in ‘Steadfast, Wisconsin, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget.’ The other three books in the series sell well, but this title lags behind. I want to know why. I love all my books and don’t want any to… Read More

1 The Writing Life: An Introvert’s Perspective

by Denise Hunter Ah, the life of an author! Glamorous, exciting, esteem-building! Not. Never was this more to clear to me than when my husband Kevin donated two of my books to a silent auction that was being held by a local charity. I am fine with this–until he tells me we have to attend…. Read More


In the course of writing almost seventy novels, I’ve learned the importance of a character’s name.  In the weeks before I start writing, I work to choose the right names for my hero and heroine.  It’s my way of getting to know them, the way I begin to figure out their identity. I like names… Read More

2 Two in a Row!

by Linda O. Johnston This month is fairly unusual for me.  I’m fortunate enough to have had quite a few books traditionally published, with more coming up in the future.  But it’s rare that they’re published back-to-back, one each in two adjoining months. Like now. As I’ve mentioned here before, BAD TO THE BONE, my… Read More

2 Too Busy to Bother with Almacks

The Most Dangerous Duke in London is my 29th novel. It is the 23rd one set in the long Regency of the early 19th century. And once again, none of my characters go to Almack’s. I don’t know why they never do. It just never comes up. My characters have other things to keep them… Read More

What a Wonderful Mess

by Stella Cameron There will not be a quiz . . . Magna Carta, I thought.  Give ‘em something mind-broadening—and put most of them to sleep.  Then I fell asleep going over this admittedly fascinating but stultifying document.   However, reading about Magna Carta led me to thinking about the lovely place created by the American… Read More

Remember When Opium Was Legal?

by Bronwen Evans Okay, I’ll prefix that title by explaining that I write early 1800’s historical romance. Believe it or not, opium could be bought over the counter like a tonic until 1864, and was not restricted as a medicine until 1901. In the early 1800’s opium, available in many forms, became the recreation past… Read More

Tour Bus Fun

Traveling the country in a tour bus, listening to fabulous music, and living the celebrity dream sounds pretty awesome to me. In THE NANNY ARRANGEMENT, I got to live out that fantasy vicariously through my characters as Deacon’s world-famous country band, Blue, traveled the country, and his best friend/band nanny joined along for the ride…. Read More

My Perfect Day

People often ask what my writing day is like. Since I’m a workaholic, most of my writing days are long and mentally tiring. I thought it might be fun to tell you what my perfect day would be. Aside from a trip to Paris, Rome, or some other exotic location, I had a perfect day… Read More