The Case of the Unreliable Narrator

on September 20, 2016

I tend to put books — and the authors who write them — on a pedestal, but the truth is that a good many are as susceptible to trends or gimmicks as your average teenager. Think vampire novels. Dystopian series. And various shades of gray. In recent years, this has given us the anti-hero and… Read More

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin is editor of The RoadRunner Press, an award-winning traditional publishing house based in the American West. An editor of newspapers, magazines, and books for more than thirty years, she has also worked on national marketing and publicity campaigns with such publishers as Simon and Schuster and St. Martin's and for a number of New York Times bestselling authors, including Robyn Carr, Sabrina Jeffries, Debbie Macomber, Linda Lael Miller, and Wendy Corsi Staub. A graduate of the Stanford University Publishing Course, Jeanne is a member of the Children's Book Council, the National Book Critics Circle, and the Oklahoma Center for the Book of the Library of Congress. She also consults with boutique publishers.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

on March 9, 2016

By T. M. Causey (Toni McGee Causey) One of the most dreaded questions a writer can field is the ‘Where do you get your ideas’ question, especially with regard to longer fiction. It’s the kind of query that has a million answers, and often the author has no real clue how they put this idea… Read More

New Books Just in Time for Spring Break . . .

on March 1, 2016

Whether you’re still young enough to get an official spring break or not, the pending arrival of spring signals a need for new books to see us through Spring Break trips and Easter vacations. Thankfully, March doesn’t disappoint. For those who missed New York Times Bestselling Author Robyn Carr’s Hidden Summit, Book 17 in her… Read More

Let’s Talk with Southern Gothic Suspense Author T.M. Causey

on January 26, 2016

QUESTION:  Welcome, T. M. Causey. Could you introduce yourself to our readers? T. M. Causey: Well, introducing oneself is always rife with danger. I say on my author website that I’m a USA Today bestselling author, a photographer, contractor, designer ninja, rabble-rouser and general crankypants. A long, long (long, really, seriously, get out your prehistoric calendars)… Read More