Writing Sex…and talking about it

on October 28, 2019

“I’m good at the naughty bits,” says my agent. It’s true. I love writing sex scenes. But initially I found talking about it publicly more difficult. Yesterday, I was sitting in a hotel hot tub and my sister mentioned to the couple sitting near us that I was an author. Which inevitably led to questions… Read More

Kate Allure

Kate Allure

Kate Allure writes erotic romance novels that celebrate sensuality, sexual exploration and, of course, true love. She has two books out with Sourcebooks (PLAYING DOCTOR and LAWYER UP) about real women meeting handsome professional men as they go about their everyday lives---and the fun they have behind closed doors! She also contributes naughty novellas to Marina Adair's St. Helena Vineyards Kindle World. Kate's career as an author of steamy novels is the culmination of being a storyteller her entire life, writing plays, stories, and dance librettos throughout her childhood and later for community theater and dance companies combined with non-fiction writing while working for American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet. Beyond writing, Kate's passions include traveling and exploring all things sensual with her loving husband.