Not Wanted: Women on Crusade

on May 2, 2013

The early Crusades, from 1095 to 1291, were holy wars fought to ensure safe passage for Christian pilgrims to religious places in the east. At first, the pilgrimages weren’t deliberately exclusive of women, but with the men off fighting for God, who better to protect the castle? Wives, mothers and sisters were encouraged to show… Read More

Traci Hall

Traci Hall

My name is Traci Hall and I love to write. Now that my kids are in college (yikes!) I figured I’d have more time to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, but that’s not the case at all. I still find myself fighting for writing time. I am a barista at Starbucks — an excellent company to work for if you need a flexible schedule — and I market, promote and edit, which takes more time than writing the book.

I’m an active member of the Florida Romance Writers, as well as a previous President of the organization. I write Medieval Paranormal Romances, Young Adult Paranormal, Coming of Age YA and Non-Fiction. Telling stories is something that makes me happy down to my toes. I detested being a teenager, since I wasn’t very good at it, so writing stories that have mostly happy endings is a great way to restructure my past!

Cool stuff to know: I am an award winning author. I’ve been interviewed on radio, web radio, web tv and fox and friends. I’ve been included in a ’fifty great writer’s you should be reading’ anthology, and I’ve been in a few magazines. I love teaching workshops, online or in person, so feel free to contact me @ .