Dani Haviland


I write books, publish multi-author box sets, grow roses and other plants popular here in Oregon, and am a hardworking volunteer. Oh, and spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren. So much for being retired...

I first started writing because the idea of 'What would happen if I fell into a story like Outlander' wouldn't stop haunting me. The only way to quiet that noise was to write. Naked in the Winter Wind was the result. I found out later, I was not alone. Many of my author friends said the same thing: writing was the only way to quiet those noisy Muses!

I kept writing The Fairies Saga series. A year or so later, I published my stories with Chill Out! Books. Soon thereafter, some of my friends and I got together. We created a collection of some of our older titles (backlist books) with the same theme, created a fun preface for the title (Unforgettable) and called it a box set by The Authors' Billboard. That series has nearly 30 titles now. When we put together new Christmas stories, we made USA Today Bestsellers' List with our effort: twice!

Now six years later, I've published one hundred multi-author box sets with Chill Out! Books. The Fairies Saga series is still growing, I created three other series (sharing a few TFS characters), and wrote a bunch of single, stand-alone stories, too! My non-set titles are available to 'binge-listen to' on Audible Plus as audiobooks here. Yeah, those muses are noisy still.