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Funny Signs

cerealFunny signs. It’s like I’m naturally drawn to them!

On occasion I’m the only one who laughs…okay, often times I’m the only one who laughs. Can I help I’m the only one in my family with a good sense of humor?

My husband normally keeps walking and I’ll occasionally catch him shaking his head. My girls (8 & 5) just stare at me like I’ve lost my mind. I have, but still, I’d like someone to be on my team!

tryonThe plunger sign? Oh, mercy. I don’t know how long I stood laughing at that one. Tears, people. I had tears coming down my face!

The other pictures I’ve seen online, so I snagged them.

I’m not sure why signs always capture my attention. Usually grammar always stands out like a sore thumb…occupational hazard. I guess when I see a sign that’s funny, I like to give kudos to the department who opted to be funny and original – like the plunger people at schoolMenards.

A local gas station was under construction during 9/11 and like many other businesses during that time they put up a God Bless America sign. HOWEVER, this particular business also wanted people to know they were still open during construction so their sign read: GOD BLESS AMERICA WE HAVE GAS

totameacowboyI wish I was kidding…I’m not. I also wish I had taken a picture, but I didn’t.

Anyway, I’d love to hear of some odd signs you’ve seen! Do signs capture your attention like mine? Or am I just the odd woman out here? It’s okay, I’m used to being the weird one in the family.

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Jules Bennett

Jules Bennett

We all have passions, right? I’m one of the lucky ones who turned my passion into a career. Writing has always been a nice escape from reality and, let’s face it, sometimes we all need to get away... even if the trip is in our own head.

My other passions? So glad you asked. I love my husband and girls more than anything, they’re the only things in my life I won’t sell for a good pair of shoes or a nice handbag.

Speaking of shoes and purses, they are two more passions of mine. I feel I can wear anything if I have the right accessories. And, yes, books are most definitely an accessory.

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16 thoughts on “Funny Signs”

  1. The sign that said “Blind People Area” as a street sign. Two lane road, residential, no sidewalks. What?

    1. 0_0 Seriously?! I’m amazed…simply amazed.

  2. Avatar Joan says:

    Took my mom on a trip with my teenage daughters. At lunch time we passed an Italian restaurant sign, “Italians to go” Momma giggled and grinned and made a comment which escapes me at the moment. Later that night, when we were almost home we passed a Pizza restaurant “Large Cowboy $11” Momma once again comments, “Hmmm, I’ve never had a large cowboy”. My teenage daughters in the back seat lost the battle, “I love you, grandma!” was garbled with giggles. 😀 Happy memories!

    1. Italians to go AND a Large Cowboy for only $11? Sounds like a nice area to live:) I like your mom!

  3. Avatar Christine L. says:

    While leaving the parking lot of the famed Hotel del Coronado (San Diego, CA) last fall, I snapped a pic of a “PEDRESTRIAN [sic] CROSSING” warning. If you haven’t discovered the Typo Eradication Advancement League on Facebook, check them out! (Not my page, but others’ finds often are priceless.)

    1. Ooh! You mean there’s a whole FB page for this? I see another time suck in my future! LOL! Thanks for sharing;)

      1. Avatar Christine L. says:

        The TEAL guys even published a book on the subject (see The @PoorlyProofedNY Twitter account has a few goodies from time to time (there may be other active PoorlyProofed feeds). As to personal experiences: I work near the Capitol building in my state. A sign at one of the Capitol Park entrances contained an error. I think it was an “its” vs. “it’s” issue, but my memory of what occurred a decade ago may be faulty. In any event, the error was fixable … by a colleague wielding White-Out! He was lucky not to have been caught by the state police who patrol the grounds.

  4. Avatar Mary R says:

    A few years ago, we were in a Buffalo-area high school for a volleyball tournament. In the cafeteria, there were hand-lettered signs proudly celebrating the senior class. My instant favorite was the one that said:

    Class of 2008
    These are the times to remeber

    Oh, and you are not alone, Jules. I keep my photos of bad signage in my phone.

    1. Bwahahaha! Obviously they didn’t “remeber” grade school spelling words:)

  5. Avatar C-Jay M says:

    My daughter and I enjoy seeing them and laugh, while my husband and son are like yours – “whatever”. I don’t think to take pictures, but I’ve seen many. Of course, we also enjoy the wrongly-translated-from-another-language instruction sheets, menus, etc. 🙂

    1. Yeah, my husband tends to just give me that blank stare. I can’t help it if he has no sense of humor! Doesn’t slow me or my laughter down:)

  6. Avatar Catherine Crook says:

    There was a sign posted at a park in Mexico where the stick figures were clearly being intimate. They added a heart over the heads so you couldn’t mistake their actions. You could NOT do that at this park. 🙂

    1. Catherine, I love this! That’s too funny! Way to call out the “parkers.” Thanks for sharing;)

  7. I’m always noticing things like that and it drives me crazy. I always mention it to my husband too. The ones that really get my laughing at neon signs when a letter is burned out. Recently the local Pep Boys warehouse sign has been reading P P Boys. LOL!

    1. Haha! I love it! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. I took a picture in a local store of a 3 foot-tall box that read MICHIGAN APPLES; it was full of cantaloups.
    Another store had a sale on a line of “Carb Solutions” foods,only the sign maker put up 4 signs that read “CRAB Solutions”.
    As I type this, a local Chinese restaurant,”China Wall” has had the middle lights on its sign burned out; it reads “CHI LL”!

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