Whatever the Price

#2181 Billionaires and Babies

by Jules Bennett

Harlequin Desire

Contemporary Romance, Sensual, Category Romance

September 4, 2012

ISBN-10: 0373731949

ISBN-13: 9780373731947

Available in: Paperback

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Whatever the Price
by Jules Bennett

As Hollywood’s hottest director, Anthony Price is used to getting what he wants. But life hands him a brand-new script when he gains custody of his orphaned niece. Now he needs his wife more than ever—only, Charlotte moved out three months ago. To win her back, he just has to prove he’s ready to put family before his career.

Charlotte doesn’t know if sudden fatherhood will change Anthony’s priorities, but she can’t turn her back on an innocent baby—or the husband she still desires. Is a happy ending too much to hope for?

Jules Bennett's Bio

We all have passions, right? I’m one of the lucky ones who turned my passion into a career. Writing has always been a nice escape from reality and, let’s face it, sometimes we all need to get away... even if the trip is in our own head.

My other passions? So glad you asked. I love my husband and girls more than anything, they’re the only things in my life I won’t sell for a good pair of shoes or a nice handbag.

Speaking of shoes and purses, they are two more passions of mine. I feel I can wear anything if I have the right accessories. And, yes, books are most definitely an accessory.

I love to hear from readers! Snail mail me at PO Box 396 Minford, Oh 45653 or e-mail me at my website.