Matter of Choice

by RM Alexander


Contemporary Romance: Clean & Wholesome

January 14, 2014

Available in: Paperback, Audio, e-Book

Matter of Choice
by RM Alexander

Some promises can't be kept.

Along with the steel, fiberglass and aluminum of her husband's car, Shannon Winters's life became irreversibly twisted and forever changed.

As her husband healed and continued to fight against memory loss, Shannon hides behind the beautiful boutique hotel she owns and operates on the Hudson River. Her husband's constant affairs and harsh treatment means Shannon must fight to find the love she lost.

Triston needs closure in the form of forgiveness of the woman he'd hurt in high school. On a business trip, he finds himself face to face with the very person living rent free in his heart and mind.

Shannon and Triston find the chemistry continues to haunt them both. More powerful than they remember and more tempting than they can fight, both must face fears, loss, and memories to choose the right path.

RM Alexander's Bio

From a young age, RM Alexander surrounded herself with books, loving the escape into worlds of all kinds, staying up until way past bed time to finish a good read. It didn't take long for that love of reading to grow into a captivation with writing. As an adult, RM lived in the real world in office jobs and a career in travel before taking her writing more seriously. The first release, Matter of Choice, was published in 2014. Since the release of this first book, her books have been nominated for a Reader's Choice Award, and recently became a Top 10 finalist in the prestigious Global Author Academy Award. As RM's list of romantic suspense novels grew, RM decided to begin writing fantasy and sci-fi under the name Melody Ash. When she's not writing, RM spends time with her husband and two children. She loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World, and is addicted to orange juice and Ghiradelli chocolate. She is often found on Twitter and Facebook chatting with other authors and readers.