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Hit the Hot Summer Reading Road

Wicked BurnFew things promise more hijinks and adventure than a good ole summer road trip, save for maybe a motorcycle outing.

June sees a flurry of novels offering the romance of the open road or wide-open spaces starting with New York Times Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti’s Wicked Burn, Book 3 in her Real of Enforcers Series. Publishers Weekly crowed about the book’s “unexpected twists” and “mix of intrigue, humor, and heat,” dubbing it both “action-packed and memorable.”

It is at first appearance a cautionary tale.

Irish witch Simone Brightson whose position on the high council has brought the daggers of her enemy out. Her cousins are telling her to hide out, and somehow they convince her to let her arch nemesis, Nikolaj Veis, play getaway driver. As desirable as he is dangerous, Nick pulls up on a roaring bike and Simone grabs a handful of jacket and holds on tight. Running from the law may not be the smartest of plans, but a blazing fast ride with the likes of Nick, well, there are worse ways to go.

UntamedMeanwhile, Diana Palmer tells a summer love story set under the big skies of Texas in Untamed, a reissue of her Long, Tall Texans hardcover that original was released in July 2015. If you missed its debut in hardcover, this is your chance to get the paperback.

Stanton Rourke may have been her childhood playmate, but Clarisse Carrington is under no delusions that the man is the same as the sweet boy she once knew. Then again, she’s no innocent girl anymore either. Sparks will fly, but it is danger that will give Clarisse no choice but to rely on Rourke.

June also welcomes a reissue of a 2015 bestseller by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Linda Lael Miller: At Home in Stone Creek, Book 6 in the western romance author’s Stone Creek Series. Bed-and-breakfast owner Ashley O’Ballivan sometimes feels a bit lonely—what with being the only one in her family not married or a mom. It doesn’t help that her B&B hasn’t had a booking in far too long. So when Jack McCall suddenly shows up—with no explanations or promises, Ashley’s determined to find a way to make him stick around, at least long enough for him to realize he’s at home only in Stone Creek—with her.

Here’s hoping June brings you open roads and wide-open spaces to explore.
We’d love to hear about your adventures, if you care to share!

—Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin

Jeanne Devlin is editor of The RoadRunner Press, an award-winning traditional publishing house based in the American West. An editor of newspapers, magazines, and books for more than thirty years, she has also worked on national marketing and publicity campaigns with such publishers as Simon and Schuster and St. Martin's and for a number of New York Times bestselling authors, including Robyn Carr, Sabrina Jeffries, Debbie Macomber, Linda Lael Miller, and Wendy Corsi Staub. A graduate of the Stanford University Publishing Course, Jeanne is a member of the Children's Book Council, the National Book Critics Circle, and the Oklahoma Center for the Book of the Library of Congress. She also consults with boutique publishers.

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