4 No Repeat Offender Here, Until Now

I’ve decided there are two types of people in this world: those who enjoy watching favorite shows or movies, or reading beloved books, over and over . . . and those who don’t. From the title of this post you’ve probably already guessed I’ve always been one of the later. Oh, don’t get me wrong…. Read More

2 I’m a Reader Too!

Greetings, Fellow Readers; Yep, I’m a reader, too, and I’d like to address that today.  Some people forget that authors are usually still fellow readers.  Sometimes people think that, magically/instantaneously, an author suddenly stops reading books the moment they set pen to page, or fingers to keyboard—and for me, definitely the latter, you really, really… Read More

Keeping All The Balls in The Air

My debut novel, The Temporary Wife, is really a dream come true for me.  I’ve been writing for twelve years and have had so many “almost sold” close calls it was getting to be a cruel tease.  But it finally happened and when it did, boy, was that a roller coaster. I’m not going to… Read More


Intriguing title, yes? That’s not to say I am two-faced, as in being hypocritical or deceitful, but rather that I present two faces to the world. Creatively speaking. There’s the Beth Ciotta who write the Cupcake Lovers series—small town contemporary romance. And the Beth Ciotta who writes the Glorious Victorious Darcys series—steampunk paranormal romance.  I… Read More

1 Procrastination, Thy Name is Jaycie

I’m in no rush to write this blog: it’s just 10:30 the night before it’s due. And here I’ve already begun to think about my topic for discussion. Am I good or what? As sad as it is to admit, I am actually far better at taking care of business in a timely manner today… Read More

Multiples in Writing

Thanks to Writerspace for inviting me to blog! It’s delightful to be here… and I’ll be talking about my multiples in writing. This is a busy year for me. Of course, all years turn out busy for me. That’s partly because I write for a couple of publishers, and, yes, in different genres. And lots… Read More

Writing by the Numbers

This year I will debut 2 new series (Gluten For Punishment, a Baker’s Treat Mystery, Berkley Prime Crime, May 7; All Fudged UP, a Candy Coated Mystery under the pen name Nancy Coco, Kensington Mystery, Nov. 5) with series #3 to debut in 2014 (Her Hand In Murder, a Perfect Proposal Mystery, Berkley Prime Crime… Read More

The Mystery in the Mystery Novel

I know the killer when I plan a new Dead-End Job mystery. Always. But in BOARD STIFF, my latest Dead-End Job mystery, I had to solve a mystery I’d started some time ago and didn’t know how to finish. Helen Hawthorne and her new husband, Phil, have opened their own private eye agency, Coronado Investigations…. Read More

11 Murderous Bystanders

Do you ever see a pair of people with their heads together and wonder exactly what they’re up to? Overhear a snippet of conversation and think… “That’s weird. I wonder what that was about…” I’m not sure when this happened, but somewhere in the span of time since I began writing murder mysteries, I’ve begun… Read More

2 No Laughing Matter

I usually try to give my blog readers a reason to smile. I’m afraid I can’t do that today. As I write this, one of my dearest friends is wondering where her 10-year-old nephew is… or if he still is. You see, he and his family live—make that lived—in Moore, OK where today (I’m writing… Read More

19 Having an Affair…With a Fictional Hero!

I admit it, I’ve been having a love affair of sorts…with the BAD Boys from the Enslaved Trilogy! My husband is very understanding, bless his heart. He knows how many late nights I’ve spent thinking about these three Doms, writing these books. Dreaming about them. And…well, falling a little bit in love with each one…. Read More