Murder All Sewn Up

A Carom Seed Cozy Book 1

by Sheri Richey


Mystery: Cozy

January 1, 2024

Available in: Paperback, e-Book

Murder All Sewn Up
by Sheri Richey

When murder is the thread used to stitch up costumes for the community play, Peggy can't avoid the gossip or the orphaned pup under her feet.

Running the Carom Seed Craft Corner on Fennel Street in Spicetown should be enough for one person, but Peggy Cochran spends her spare time volunteering to make costumes for the town play at the Spicetown Community Center. When a costume she made over twenty years ago resurfaces, so do the details of the prior drama teacher's death and Police Chief Conrad Harris can't ignore the questions.

Finding a puppy in the alley behind the store, gets under her feet, and into her heart even before the murder is all sewn up.

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Sheri Richey's Bio

Sheri Richey is always moving around. The joy of writing is that it can be done anywhere you are! Her passion is sheltering those that have no one else and her house is filled with animals that found her at their last moments. Senior and/or special needs dogs & cats rule her household and her heart. Join her email list here: