Cons and Quinces

Spicetown Mystery Book 8

by Sheri Richey

Indie Published

Mystery: Cozy

August 31, 2021


ISBN-13: 9780578254562

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book

Cons and Quinces
by Sheri Richey

Although Mayor Cora Mae Bingham planned a peaceful summer of self-improvement while ensuring all the sidewalks in Spicetown were in tip top shape, the new Farmers Market presented special challenges that required her attention.

With her friend, Mavis Bell, embarking on a busy retirement plan; the original Farmers Market manager becoming a celebrity; and Police Chief Conrad Harris testing out a second career in teaching, Cora was focusing on others taking on a little more responsibility until an unidentified body turned up in Red River and mysterious guests started breaking into empty houses for sale in Spicetown.

Instead of a peaceful summer, Cora had to keep both eyes on the suspicious activity surrounding the new Farmers Market management and the neighboring towns to figure out how it was all connected.

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Sheri Richey's Bio

Sheri Richey is always moving around. The joy of writing is that it can be done anywhere you are! Her passion is sheltering those that have no one else and her house is filled with animals that found her at their last moments. Senior and/or special needs dogs & cats rule her household and her heart. Join her email list here: