Reincarnation Series Book 2

by Laura M. Baird

Indie Published

Paranormal Romance: Vampire

July 25, 2022

Available in: Paperback, e-Book

by Laura M. Baird

Reginald Cast and Charlotte Tremmington share forbidden love. He's a slave in 1860. She's a plantation owner's daughter. After one glorious night together, their world is ripped apart.

Charlotte is killed in a fit of rage by Julius Barclay, would-be suitor and Reginald's owner. He then blames Reginald and attempts to kill him as well. With Reginald's escape, an encounter with a vampire --- the beautiful Syre --- gives him a chance at eternity and a reunion with his love.

Renata Charles, a modern-day estate sales director, is enchanted by a vintage yellow dress that spurs vivid daydreams of another time. She soon learns the visions are glimpses of her life as Charlotte, and the mysterious and appealing Reggie was her lover.

When the past comes back to haunt them, their chance at forever is threatened.

Will Reginald save his beloved and finally put an end to the evil trying to keep them apart?

Can Renata come to terms with who she is and accept eternal love?


The Reincarnation Series consists of nine stories from award winning authors. Each can stand alone, but for those who love riveting vampire stories about second chances with a happily-ever-after, I invite you to read every story and enjoy!

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Vintage - Laura M. Baird
Blood Tears - Alyna Lochlan
Switch - Hannah Morse
Renaissance - Kristal Dawn Harris
Buccaneer - Kristal Dawn Harris
Eternity - April Hollingworth
Dreamcatcher - Marilyn Barr
Syre - Kyann Waters

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Laura M. Baird's Bio

I strive to bring readers thought-provoking stories filled with sexy romance, excitement and fun, laughter and emotion. Hubby and I are U. S. Army veterans and many of my stories include military themes or references. When not writing or reading, we're enjoying life and family in the Pacific Northwest. I love to engage with readers and writers, so visit my website for more.