Keyed Up

by Laura M. Baird

Indie Published

Contemporary Romance

February 10, 2023

Available in: Audio, e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

Keyed Up
by Laura M. Baird

Pianist Penelope Dixon is stepping out of her father's shadow to embark on a solo career with the Seattle Symphony. An unexpected reunion with her first love rocks her world. Despite the heat still burning between them, she's determined to spare her heart any further agony and concentrate on herself for once.

Sebastian Mauer, once famed performer now reclusive composer, foolishly pushed aside his feelings for Penelope. Thinking it for the best at the time, he never imagined how the years would slip by, along with the chance to have Penelope in his life.

When Sebastian is called in to collaborate with the Symphony, he won't pass on the opportunity to rekindle their love. Penelope is reluctant to open herself up again even though she can't deny her desires for the only man to capture her heart.

Can Penelope allow herself this chance without sacrificing her goals? Will Sebastian prove himself worthy and show her what they have is a once-in-a-lifetime love?


This is a 2nd edition (Originally published in 2017). It's been revised to include a prologue and updated material. Enjoy!

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Laura M. Baird's Bio

I strive to bring readers thought-provoking stories filled with sexy romance, excitement and fun, laughter and emotion. Hubby and I are U. S. Army veterans and many of my stories include military themes or references. When not writing or reading, we're enjoying life and family in the Pacific Northwest. I love to engage with readers and writers, so visit my website for more.